Hey guys! I’m in Shibuya! I’m with Kim, and we’re gonna do some very very last minute Christmas shopping It’s Christmas eve tonight, and it’s really crowded out here Christmas eve in Japan is like a date night So I guess lots of people are out here on dates Kim: We’re just single girls here, you know… Yeah, people are coming up to us asking why we’re by ourselves We’re having fun Christmas shopping, ok? So shut up! Kim: Shut up! Alright guys, so we’re gonna head to LOFT which is one of my favourite stores here so I’m gonna show you guys a bit of it They have the pencil eyeliner version of the Sailor Moon eyeliner now Aww~ Kim: I want to get that one, this is cute as Kim: I’m gonna get this, it’s only 200 yen Aww, this is really nice This is so cute Are these for my phone? Is that for the plus? I can’t tell… Kim: Um… oh yeah, six… no No, it’s just a regular 6S Kim: I want that so bad, though Right? Kim: I want it, but I don’t feel that it’s worth the price Aww, they’re so cute though Oh, it’s all on sale, yeah Hey, this is nice. This isn’t Christmassy Aw, it’s not on sale, damn! My favourite part about Christmas in Japan is the Christmas cards They have the cutest Christmas cards Literally every single card is pop-up, or does something fancy They don’t have plain cards here, they’re all super fancy The problem is choosing one Aww, cat! Kim: Aww~ Kim: Isn’t that cute? Aww~ Kim: Is that a card, or, it’s not really… Yeah, there’s not really anywhere to write in it Aww, that’s so cute Are there any more cat-themed ones? Kim: There’s reindeer Kim: Aw, there’s a Hello Kitty one Oh, that is so adorable Kim: This looks like Taylor’s dog Aww! I should get her that one Kim: You pull it, what happens when you pull it? Aww~ Kim: Oh, it plays music Kim: Oh my God, it plays music! Yeah… Look at this, this is crazy! Oh, this one’s nice. I feel like I’ve bought this one before It looks familiar I like this one Kim: That’s cute Yeah Hey guys, success! I got some stuff so we’re moving on to the next store Kim got some stuff too We’re doing well These stairs tell you how many calories you burn as you walk up them Yay! Ooh, two calories! We found the cat table This table is filled with cat goods Kim: Are these bowls for a cat? Those are cute, I don’t know Kim: So cute Aww, those are adorable. I like the rice bowls Kim: Aw, I want this one Look it! Aww, this one looks like Maro – it’s got folded ears! Apparently this whole floor is cat stuff Like everywhere, it’s all cat stuff! A crown! Can you clip it on? Oh my God… Oh my God… oh my God! The crown is cute It’s tempting So cute Kim: Is this for cats? No, I think it’s just a plushie We’re heading to Krispy Kreme now to get their Christmas special donuts I hope there’s some left, please be some left! Kim: We should go and sit down here Yeah, let’s do it So I got one to eat now And I got some of the Santa ones to bring home And I got… I forget what this is, it’s like cranberry apple cinnamon or something I don’t know… let’s try Mmm~ Wow, that’s really good! It’s really sweet It’s like apple cider – iced apple cider And I just got the original glazed donut – that one’s my favorite actually I’m finished shopping, and Kims gonna do a little bit more shopping without me I’m gonna head home and feed Maro I think he’s waiting for me – so, I’ll see you guys back home Kim: Look at the selfie sticks Are they really? Oh my God! Right, I just got home and I’m having my tea Tonight I am having a caramel black tea In my new cup, isn’t it cute? And I got this thing to put on top to keep it warm I don’t know… I don’t know if that’s the purpose of it But I’m hoping that it will keep the steam in And keep it warm longer, but isn’t it cute? What? Maro, whatcha doing? Come here Come here Maro, come here Do you want this? Oh, and I wanted to update you guys on my Neko Atsume game I’m kicking ass I have almost all the regular cats And I’ve got a couple of the special ones I named this one after my cat in Canada, Chanel, and then… This one is Maro They don’t have any Scottish Fold cats in here, which I thought was kinda weird But, this one was the closest to his coloring so… One more regular cat to go, and I’m not sure how to catch that one I don’t even know which one it is And then these are my special cats I missed a couple of them recently I just updated the app, and they added one more special cat to it So update your app if you haven’t yet Once I complete the game, I’m gonna make a video showing all the cats and everything, I think Right now it’s Christmas, so it’s snowing Alright, it’s already midnight, so I’m gonna edit this vlog and then go to sleep And I’ll see you guys on Christmas morning! It’s already Christmas eve here, so I guess it’s Christmas eve other places in the world So merry Christmas eve to everybody And I will see you tomorrow, good night!


  1. You should have told those people that you were a Lesbian couple just to fuck with their minds. And see their reactions. It would have been hilarious!

  2. Sharla if you want the new cat put a snow cushion out (idk if it works with the other ones) ~ it will bring the newest one out .

  3. Which store in Shibuya did you go to to find those Sailor Moon eyeliners? And where in Japan can you get Sailor Moon merchandise in general? 🙂

  4. Hi Sharla!! Merry Christmasss!! Im in Tokyo at the moment now, and I wanna ask where to get those character onesies around Shibuya or Harajuku?? Im trying to find info in google but no luck ;-; hope you can reply fast >_< Merry Christmas again :3

  5. I never used to watch Vlogs and this week I discovered them and I'm kinda in a Life in Japan type Vlogs marathon. I used to watch Anime and listen to J-Rock when much younger and that's how I got interested on the Japanese culture. I'm Spanish, married to an American and living in the USA. You're such a pretty young girl and seem so down to earth. Thanks for sharing with us your life in Japan! ^_^ Soooo many kawaii things there! hugs from Florida

  6. Sharla I like how Maro was just under the table watching you haha too cute!! ^^
    6:45 would make a great screenshot of him 😀

  7. And suddenly… Maro's face! Haha so adorable =^_^=
    Where is that store with all of those cute pokemon items, by the way? I'm in serious need of more cuteness in my life 😉

  8. I was just watching Shark Tank recently where some guys had gone to Japan and saw the awesome pop up cards and they were designers so they tried to bring the idea to America and make their own pop up cards. They sell them at

  9. Is the cat a pure breed? i always wanted a cat with folded ears, but if i want one of those in Denmark, i pretty much haver to travel very far to buy an expensive pure breed.

  10. What store were you in with all that cute pokemon stuff? Also the kitty place? I WANNA GO ALL THE PLACES when I'm in Japan!

  11. I think my neko atsume is being unfair. I unlocked everything except cream-san's gift. But he visited sooooo many times already. boo, I've been trying for six months to get his gift. -.-

  12. oh my god that store with the pokemon nail polish and sailormoon eyeliner is the cutest shit! please tell me where it is so i can hopefully go one day!!

  13. In Hungary the 24th is actually Christmas for us. For the little children not Santa brings to presents instead of him baby Jesus. 🙂

  14. Merry Christmas and happy New Year to the canadian vlogger with the most nice and beautiful smile in Japan (well that should narrow things a little bit… jajajaja XD)

  15. I almost collect all the cat in nekoatsume, but just left the cowboy cat and the new updated one. =3 I always missed cowboy cat all the time, it's not easy to capture him. >=(

  16. Sharla :3 can you please do a apartment tour? Also can you like tell us where you work and what you do? By the way i love your channel!!!! when i finish school i want to live in japan! ilysm !!!!!! <3

  17. hey there just wantes to say your videos are amazing i watch them everyday 🙂 keep the great work 😀 ( also i find it funny that your cat back home is named chanel, my name is Shanell as well bit as you can see its spelt differently)

  18. I've been subscribed to you for a long while, but I'll be honest – I never really endeavoured to watch your videos (no particular reason why). However, since I decided to watch a few of your videos consecutively (mostly after the whole spiders in Australia thing), I've come to love your videos. Keep up the good work.

    Now time for me to scour your videos in search of any filmed in Kyoto. Please be so.

  19. Just wanna ask something 'bout having a pet abroad, what if you're away travelling for like a week, then who's gonna take care of your pet at your apartment? Then what if you're gonna go home to your country, then what will you gonna do to your pets abroad? thanks just curious

  20. Glad I stumbled across your videos, really enjoying them even though they make me want to visit Japan really badly 😊 and those christmas cards look amazing! L xx

  21. Could I know what the name of the cards shop is? And how those stores are called in Japan? I tried googling it but all I got was cards from anime and manga

  22. Wow, so much has changed for you in one year! But your videos were just as amazing last year as they are now! I remember always enjoying watching them.
    ねこあつめ!なつかし!I also love of Japan's Christmas items & cats good…it's all too cute >,< I miss Japan so much!

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