Where’s my vitamins at Yeah, I don’t have a santa hat So this is the next best thing give me a break Christmas Eve like I’m doing that yeah same old stuff I mean this is boring so we’re gonna get going like I always liked Christmas Eve But I always hate it the day before like nighttime because when we got our Grandpop’s. I I just do nothing Thank God wait around until like 5 o’clock Oh, I was looking for a Christmas story, and I found dr. Seuss’s. Yeah, yeah, hey Sake to me I know Christmas has started when they do a Christmas story 24-hour marathon We always watch the 24-hour marathon when we open gifts and all that stuff My favorite Christmas movie, but some other people say it’s not good although in their stupid Air catches The promise come here was trending. He’s trending. He said it Pulled over yeah, I’m pretty close yeah Too much work That’s the same as the left that I gave you you said you put it in the dryer, it’s a dry sense of humor right? Kringle hat oh it’s great, I’m Gonna call a bad one for what? Good that call for what? Oh. Where’d you get that? Money for dreaming right ahead Put it back good milk. Whoa I know much This is probably the best I ever had oh, yeah Ida murphy pipeline Zatoichi Recorded live by freak war Yeah, we wouldn’t have seen the pepper told me Morty Where are you sending these? Never know what they burger what you’re not even moving Oh God these are like the softest oxide Massage you where I’m walking around the house Okay guys coffees in there sir through here alright. This is my favorite movie though Yeah this data stream stuff My Fair Park story Password Your shoes on I got a call When your shoes hook I got a call you are dry A little makeup ordering I know you’re good All right, well bye or end of the blog and everything. Oh my god. Shit is coming. I gotta go back

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