Christmas Evil 1980 full movie

33 thoughts on “Christmas Evil 1980 full movie”

  1. Love that the widow who’s husband has just been murdered says “How am I ever gonna pay the bills?” Hahahahahahaha! Priorities are right there

  2. 3:00 Where the song "I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus" originated. And the stupid boy couldn't hack it. Any other boy would've enjoyed what he saw.

  3. Wow,that escalated slowly.James Brown on the record player.A better movie at Christmas than the Will Ferrell/Sherlock Holmes turd.

  4. I owned this movie many years ago on VHS and I found it to be a cult classic in its own…not too scary just weird but the ending always confused me…was it real or did Harry really go nuts to believe he was flying in the sky on reindeer?

  5. I'd nvr seen this before but just realized it's the Christmas horror film the good-bad movie guy roasted in his channel

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