Christmas Gift Bag with Perfectly Plaid Stamp Set

okay good evening this is Monday August
19th I don’t know about y’all but it seems kind of crazy that it’s August
19th where in the world has August gone okay so we are makin a Christmas
project tonight and I know I’ve had a couple of people say I’m not ready for
Christmas I totally agree I’m not either I’m not wishing for winter or Christmas
yet but it’s a perfect opportunity to show you guys this is the project I made
today or I posted it on my website for the 12 weeks of Halloween this is week two
so I’m gonna make a Christmas version of this same gift bag so if you saw that
video and you loved it then you’re going to like tonight’s project we are using
the perfectly plaid bundle so it’s the stamp set and the pine tree punch and I
love it I love it oh goodness gracious I have ink on there hmm
oh well it’ll be fine I think I might better get my chamois out and clean it
though okay so the measurements for tonight this is the let it snow designer
series paper and I know this is more festive than this color but this is more
Angie style than this one I like this one but it’s a little busy for me so I
don’t even know which we would call one of these a side and the other the b-side
right okay so the size of this is 12 by 7 and then we’ve got some whisper white
that’s a quarter sheet five and a half by four and a quarter
we’ve got poppy parade just like a three by three or three and a half by three
and a half and then a scrap of pool party and then another piece of white
like what is this three and a half by three and a half so that’s the same size
as the poppy parade okay so we’ll start out scoring our bag first
now if the paper you decide to use makes a difference if it’s I can’t talk okay
so this paper you wanted you don’t want your
you don’t want it upside down you want it right-side up so I always like to
start the scoring on this bag on the bottom first okay so if if this was the
writing you’d want the writing the top of it to be up here so I’m going to
score at 1 and 3/4 and I’m turning it on the 12-inch side and I’m going to score
it at half an inch two and a quarter six and a quarter and eight and these
measurements will be on my website tomorrow I’m going to save this video
and edit it and post it on my blog okay so I’m going to fold it on the score
lines I do want to use my bone folder I love this paper too and we’re using the
lovely shimmer white stamping embossed powder tonight so if those of you that
have gotten your catalog I did get some emails from people saying they did get
it today so yay if you’re wondering what it’s going to look like you’re going to
get to see that tonight okay take my scissors and I’m going to remove this
little piece right here and then I’m going to cut up to the score line on the
rest of these okay I’m gonna add my tear and tape to
this half-inch section here there’s so much cuteness in the holiday catalog
like seriously it’s just like you’re gonna be in trouble because there’s just
so much cute stuff okay then fold this over this is the back of
my bag this is the front so I’m going to place my tear and tape here okay fold
that over so that’s the back there’s our little seam although it’s not very
noticeable thank goodness so I’m just going to squeeze the sides and I am
using retro where is it here it is in my drawer i’m using the crop-a-dile use
whatever circle punch you have like any punch you have on this one i used the
half inch circle but then i had to use this to kind of jazz it up because i
just kind of felt like that hole was way too big so I use the ornate frames guys
to give that little detail but I didn’t want to do that on this so use whatever
circle punch you have you can use the half inch circle if you want to but I’m
not okay so I’m gonna take this papi parade so this is how I chose I always
say I choose my paper and my how I’m gonna make something when I’m designing
I sometimes start with the ribbon because if I don’t have ribbon then it’s
like I can’t because I gotta have ribbon okay so I’m
just gonna take my whisper white Baker’s twine
and what am I doing here get that out of the way so I’m gonna tie a bow this is
my favorite way to close a bag I used to use Clips a lot when we had them or
close pans but yeah okay so I’m tying a bow I’m a little worried er tonight I
think than normal I don’t know y’all have to tell me Emma okay there’s that
part now I hope you are not in a hurry I think it’s gonna take me a little bit
longer than 30 minutes tonight because we gotta emboss okay so I’m using
Versamark granny apple green and puppy parade these colors are so beautiful
together and I have to tell you that if you wanted to use the granny apple green
ribbon up here you could I did it today when I created this project but then I
was like oh I don’t not sure that everyone is gonna like it but try it I
think it’s cute okay so I’m gonna start with is that the right one nope that’s
the granny apple green so we’re gonna take this one and we’re gonna stamp it
with Versamark but I first want to use the embossing buddy
to get the static off of here so if you’ve ever embossed before and then
you’ve had like this trace of powder somewhere this takes care of that it
removes the static I think that’s the proper terminology okay so I’m taking
this image and I’m gonna ink it up with Versamark I cut this piece way too big okay so now
I’m going to take this is the shimmer white Stampin emboss powder look how
interesting it looks in there even it it even looks really pretty I always like
to put the powder on two times and then shake off the extra hopefully the the
heat tool will not mess up the quality of my video I can’t wait for you guys to see this
it’s so pretty and don’t forget though if you heat you heat this one too much
you’re gonna burn it it says it on the instructions yes I actually read the
instructions but look how beautiful that is
so pretty I’m gonna be using this stuff again okay so now I’m going to take the
punch and of course I didn’t give myself enough room over here so let me grab a
post-it note if you ever do that if you don’t have it short enough to hold on to
just get yourself a post-it note that will help I have an abundance of post-it
notes in this house okay just trying to line it up hopefully I’m not putting my
hair in the camera there we go look so pretty oh there’s that green ink that
was on there I said it wouldn’t affect anything oh well now we need to clean
this where’s it at right here because now we want to stamp it again with
granny apple green so I’m going to set this aside and we are going to do some
more stamping here so we’re gonna stamp this one with granny apple green so
that’s the plaid one and I’m gonna get out my what is this I’m using the stamp
aratus deluxe foam pad because it’s got the squishy on it so when you’re using
photopolymer and especially when you’re using images that’s really solid like
this one has it’s not solid but this one’s solid if that makes sense so I’m
just gonna add some ink and then stamp down here at the bottom one two three
don’t think your stamp is defective that’s exactly how it’s supposed to look
if you look at the samples in the catalogue this is perfect okay now I’m
going to take the papi parade and I’m gonna stamp the greeting both of all of
these images are in the same stamp set isn’t that beautiful okay we’re gonna leave the granny apple
green oh well no we’re not we’re gonna close
it will reopen it in a minute because I’m gonna get the big shot now so we are
using three framelits hopefully you like framelits we’re going to be using the
stitched rectangle to cut out the greeting we’re going to take the
stitched shapes and cut out a circle and then we’re going to take the layering
circles and cut out the puppy parade so I’m going to move these over here and
I’m going to get the big shot cut out the puppy parade and I’m gonna try to do
two of these at one time yeah over here and now we’re going to cut out the
greeting now this is a tight fit and it wants to jump around so I’m just going
to reposition it so I want the same amount of distance on the left and the
right okay let’s get all of our pieces back in
here there’s our circle our scalloped circle our greeting which is really
beautiful put my framelits back in their pocket okay let’s cut this one out pine
tree punch okay now we’re going to take the granny apple green and we’re gonna
stamp this beautiful tree again so this is the same one that we embossed so I
cleaned it with the simply rut row look at this hmm grrrrrr I have that little
thingy I think that might be too much ink to remove though is it actually no
it’s not yay okay so this is contraband because
we don’t sell it but look at that if you don’t have it whoever sent this to me
love you it’s a sand eraser it just erased most of think okay so back to
this I’m going to stamp it to the left and close to the top if that makes sense okay so this one’s going to get added about there so I’m just gonna turn it
over and add some liquid glue these colors are so beautiful together now you
know why I didn’t use the other side because these colors don’t really work
I’m going to take a Stampin dimensional and add that and this is going to get
added right about there and then I’m going to turn that over add some liquid
glue okay we’re going to be adding some of these snowflake sequins and it’s
going to look like I’m doing surgery here
I’m gonna take my silicone craft sheet and I’m gonna add just a smear of liquid
glue and then I’m gonna pick up three I already took the end of okay I don’t
know where it went so I’m going to pick up three of these and put some blue on
the bottom and then place it right row on it so there’s the first one this glue
dries clear so if you see evidence of it right now it should these little
snowflakes I have to tell you they stick to you but they’re so pretty retro come on I always feel like I’m doing surgery
when I do this okay that one goes in there this one goes over here we’re done
with that okay so we’re gonna add three dimensionals to the back and the reason
is because the middle of our bag is somewhat collapsed because we squeezed
it so I’m going to add three so that it it definitely sticks okay so that’s
gonna go right about there and then this one’s gonna get added with a dimensional
just to the right side because we don’t want it to pop up a whole lot if that
makes sense okay what do you think pretty cute right so here’s the one I
made this morning and then here’s the one we just made I didn’t mess up super
cute right I love it okay so you guys have a great night thank you so much for
joining me

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