Christmas Gift Ideas for Co-Workers : Christmas Gifts for Co-Workers: Dinner

Hi, my name is Ashley Charlton on behalf of
Expert Village. I’m going to be talking about different gift ideas for a co-worker. A good
gift to give your co-worker would be actually just to buy them lunch or dinner. You could
place a certificate on there desk or even a coupon, now the way you can give them this
free meal would be to place a coupon on the certificate on the desk saying “you can redeem
this coupon that you like for lunch or dinner” or you can even place a date on there and
make it as much creative as you can. But make sure if you have a little crush on this person
that they won’t reject you or if they think they are coming on to anything just make sure
you make it clear its just there Christmas present to them. This is Ashley for Expert
Village and a free meal for your co-worker to a restaurant would be a perfect gift.

1 thought on “Christmas Gift Ideas for Co-Workers : Christmas Gifts for Co-Workers: Dinner”

  1. I'd say no to that "dinner". I'd think they were coming onto me even if they said it was "just a dinner", or something. KEEPIN' IT PROFESSIONAL!

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