Christmas Gift Ideas For Deaf People ft. Rikki Poynter!

Hello, welcome back to my channel. If you’re new to here, I’m Jazzy the Deaf YouTuber who uses BSL (British Sign Language). For today video, I will be giving out some ideas for Christmas gifts for deaf people so you can maybe buy for your deaf friend, family or it can be anything. This video is also a collab video with Rikki Poynter, Deaf YouTuber I will introduce you to her quickly. Rikki: Hello, I’m Rikki Poynter. I’m really happy to be here today, collaborating with Jazzy. I’m also a deaf YouTuber, but I live in the US so I sign ASL. But I speak most of the time as I grew up mainstream. If you want to see another deaf YouTuber, but from the US and signing ASL, come to my channel! I also talk about deaf things and whatever else. Hopefully, I’ll see you there! Bye! Jazzy: I’m really excited to do collaborating with Rikki, it will be fantastic. Make sure you check out her video, she does a similar video but it’s different because she’s American so she will talk about American deaf gifts, and I talk about British deaf gifts it will be interesting to see the difference. Ready, let’s get on with the video woo! I made a list, I have realised that there isn’t many deaf gifts but I have researched lots of websites, and I have some on my own thing. I have roughly ten gift ideas for the deaf. Sorry if you hear me sniffing because I have a bad cold, I blame the Winter season, oh my god. The first one, I found this really cute necklace with this sign language, it means I love you because I..L..Y… I can’t do it. This sign is from ASL, but most deaf people in the world sign it anyway this is a bit like International Sign Language really. I think this necklace is really cute, it shows that you’re proud to be deaf and it looks pretty too I also love the colour of gold. If you want to buy your family, friend or your partner to let them know that you love them, this is a perfect gift then. It’s from Shein, there are lots of cheap stuff on it I have ordered a few things from there, I really like the website. So that’s where I got it from. The second is, this is my favourite thing ever I have a really cool hoodie from Deaf Identity, I’m not sure if I spelt it right. I want to say a big thank you for giving me this cool hoodie, I love it, it even has my name “Jazzy” spelt in BSL. Really cool isn’t it? You can create a personalised jumper, hoodie, t-shirt if you want to get your name spelt in BSL, you can just type it up and pick the colour you like there are various colours such as pink, blue, yellow etc and the letters, you can change the colour too. I picked grey because it’s a casual colour with white letters, I love it so much. The most comfortable thing ever, I wear it all the time at home, I love wearing them. I love an oversized hoodie, most girls love them. There is also a logo “Deaf Identity” in the back. You should check out their website, they’re amazing for British deaf, hearing people are welcome to get it. I will add their link below. Next up, this is a really well known for deaf people, as most of us have it I’m still going to mention it for those deaf people who don’t have it, it’s a sonic bomb alarm. It’s there, I have one, It’s a vibrating alarm to help deaf people to wake up because how would we hear the alarm. It’s such a powerful vibration alarm, oh my god. It makes me jump every time. I think this alarm is also good for deep sleepers, I recommend you get one. It also has a flashing light to wake us up more. Next up, we have a book for children it’s a good book for deaf children or hearing who wants to learn BSL. The book is called “What the Jackdaw Saw?” I was involved in this project, we were helping to draw pictures, pick some signs in the book it was a good experience. So this book was published in 2013, I think so? I’m not sure if this book is still publishing, but worth checking if it’s still available. She signed it because I worked with her. There are names of all students that helped her. There is a bird signing “Party”. This book is full of BSL, it’s worth getting for children wanting to practice their BSL I recommend this book to the children. Next up, this is one of the funniest presents, but I don’t have it, I’m not even sure if it exists. There’s a plate for the car, the back says “Keep honking… I am DEAF” it makes me laugh every time. Maybe you should google to see if it exists, this is a really good gift for deaf drivers so hearing people would get so annoyed. This is the funniest thing ever, this is a funny gift for deaf people. Another one is a WiFi Digital Doorbell this doorbell is suitable for deaf people, you would see a video on your phone connected from WiFi, to see who are they, or they might sign to the camera or you could lipread them. It’s a bit like CCTV, but it will show us on our phone so sign language from the camera can be clear this is worth for deaf people, I don’t have it myself. I think I should get myself one for Christmas. I found this really cute mug, it says “Best Teacher” in BSL alphabet I think this is a brilliant gift to give your teacher for Christmas, maybe some deaf children would want to give them. This is adorable, it’s from Esty There are lots of awesome gifts for deaf people on Esty, I will add the link below. Esty also have lots of good jewellery in sign language such as earring, necklace etc they all look interesting. It would be so cool to get one. So this is the idea of gift for deaf people, they’re all cool in their own ways. I think I’m going to get myself some. I really hope you think this video is useful, if you know some of cool deaf stuff that I haven’t mentioned, feel free to comment below. Again, don’t forget to check out Rikki’s recent video, it would be interesting to see the American deaf gift. I really hope you enjoyed it, if you did don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up! Thank you for watching byeee!

35 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Ideas For Deaf People ft. Rikki Poynter!”

  1. LMAO, we both say that it'll be an interesting collab because we live in different countries. We didn't even watch each others' videos yet. This is hilarious.

  2. The good thing is, im not deaf but i can understand her clearly, but i don't speak sign language….. BUT I STILL LOVE YOU JAZZY!! I'M ALWAYS HERE FOR YOU :))

  3. About plate of the car, "Keep Honking… I am Deaf" is not really good idea because I don't know if someone, bad people can do something easy like steal, hurt to Deaf people. Be Careful.

  4. love ur videos jazzy! i would be glad to learn BSL better, im not fully deaf but i have some hearing problems and docs recommended hearing aids. we ll see how those are gonna work haha. thanks for these great ideas^^

  5. I think deaf people MUSTN'T drive car because it's really dangerous and threatening for other people.I don't understand why they keep being persistent about driving a car.It's like their way of saying "we are not different.we are same with hearing people" but I don't find it true sorry

  6. First of all. Super Nice video.❤ i have a tip but it may be difficult for you because I think you can't hear it (maby your family can help) but I would really like a soft little music on the background. Just a tip. I like your video's anyways.❤😍

  7. Jazzy! I watch all of your videos and love learning about the deaf community as a hearing person who wants to start to learn ASL. Lots of love for being so positive and teaching us all about the deaf community and sign language 💜
    Are you still collaborating with Jessica Kellgren-Fozard?

  8. Great suggestions! 👌🏻 I do have the sonic boom! And yes, powerful vibration! 😦 But I only use the flashing lights. Way better! 😅

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  10. I've been wonderings.. it seems like you mouth every word, I thought in sign language you just mouthed maybe some words, but it's almost like you're "talking" without sound plus the BSL.. Also I realized I could turn off the sound so I don't have to hear lip smacking haha 😛

  11. I am a subscriber to both of you! And I’m an Auslan-user haha. This was great, but I would have loved if you interacted with each other. I know it’s challenging because your languages (and time zones!) are different and it’s over video chat, but that’s what makes it interesting. It helps show people that you can figure out how to communicate no matter the obstacles! When I was travelling in Italy, I realised a person who worked in a restaurant I visited was Deaf. We communicated with a combination of four different languages! Spoken/lip-read English, Auslan, Italian Sign Language, Spoken Italian. It was an amazing experience and we’re now friends on Facebook! ❤️ Sign language brings people from all over the world together. It’s a beautiful thing! Looking forward to more collabs from the two of you!

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