Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom : Christmas Gifts for Mom: Homemade Album

Hello my name is Ashley Charlton on behalf
of Expert Village. Today I’ll be talking about different gift ideas for a mother. Another
kind of low budget gift for a mom would be a memory photo album and you can just put
different pictures of you as a kid growing up or even her and her siblings or her parents
when she was younger. It would be very special. I remember that my sister and I actually did
that for my mom for her 50th birthday and that was her favorite gift out of all the
gifts even if they were expensive. Good places to buy a cheap affordable photo albums would
be Michaels, craft stores of course Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby the most important thing is actually
the pictures, not the photo album. So make sure that the pictures have very great meanings.
You can also just put different little things that you’ve collected over the years. Say
a fortune cookie insert or just anything special maybe a concert with the whole family.

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