Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Husband : Christmas Gifts for Husbands: Game Day

Hi, I’m Karina Fraley for Expert Village and
today I’m giving you some gift ideas for a Christmas gift for your husband. If your husband
is a sports fan and has never splurged on season tickets, that might be a really great
idea to do for him. You might want to pick his favorite team and see if it is within
your budget to go ahead and buy him season tickets. Lots of guys out there just feel
a little guilty indulging, some don’t but many do. So if your budget allows it, it would
be a nice gift to give him. If for whatever reason you are not able to do that and want
to just buy tickets to a special game, that might be something to look into. You can look
up your husbands favorite team schedule and see when the most important games are. The
games against there greatest ravels. It is really is a very fun way to support your husbands
hobbies. If you have a son you may also want to buy a tickets for your son but at least
buy a couple of tickets so that he can take a friend or a family member of his choice.
It is fun way to let him go out and relax, get some r and r and he would remember how
much you love him. He would think he has the greatest wife in the world that actually encourages
him to spend some time watching a game.

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  1. expert village are alright most of the time but sometimes like this video its plain stupid. thanks for the advice, you're an expert lol

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