Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Husband : Christmas Gifts for Husbands: Golf Putters

Hi, I’m Karina Fraley for Expert Village,
and today I’m giving you some gift ideas for your husband for Christmas. If your husband
likes to golf, or he’s always worried wanted to, but just doesn’t have the time, this is
actually a cute little set to get him, a little putting set. It comes very compactly in this
case. The club comes in four pieces that you basically unscrew and screw together when
you’re using it, like that. It has two golf balls in here, and you really aren’t going
to need obviously more that two golf balls because this is a auto return putter, and
it’s battery operated. So whenever the ball goes in it actually will shoot it back out
and return it. That goes in there. Again, this is very compact, it’s very efficient.
Everything that he needs to take a little break, a little putting break at the office,
when he’s done he can just unscrew the pieces, and they all fit nicely into the case like
that. This is one of those things that nobody needs to have, but most men love to have it
if they like to golf. So then when he’s done, he just puts it away like this, flip it around
like that, and then this case is nice, it closes up and it’s all ready to go. It’s very
economical gift. Again they come in very many different price brackets. You can go to the
higher end stores and they have much more expensive versions, I opted for the most economical
ones, because that’s how I like to keep everything in a very manageable budget. So this is a
great gift for any husband who likes to golf.

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