Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Husband : Christmas Gifts for Husbands: Pedometer

Hi, I’m Karina Fraley for Expert Village and
today I’m giving you some gift ideas for a Christmas gift for your husband. Well if your
husband is athletic and he likes to stay in shape by walking or running a really great
little stocking stuffer is a pedometer. This particular one is a talking pedometer so it
basically announces how many steps he is taking. It records up to a 999,999. This one has a
LCD clock with a alarm and it plays little melodies with counting. It is very user friendly;
you can just push a button and see how much you have walked. Then you flip it over you
can see that it has the clip so he can clip it onto his belt or his waistband or if he
carries an armband on his arm with any music, he can clip it on there as well. It is very
light weight, it is very portable. If your husband is going to start the new year with
a New Year’s resolution to stay in shape, this is actually a great way to encourage
him and help him. Again it is very very inexpensive and it is a cute little stocking stuffer.

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