Christmas Gifts for Missionaries

Our missionaries work in the most unreached areas. There are places where there is no proper road for them to reach to a certain village. No cars no motorbikes can go there. A bicycle really helps the pastor reach to those villages where people haven’t heard the gospel, and the bicycle often becomes the cheapest mode of travel for the pastor. So the pastor goes to the most unreached village, and then when he reaches there, he finds that people cannot read or write. So the projector, the audiovisual equipment becomes a blessing for him. He shows them a Jesus film or a movie that speaks about Christ. And when people see Jesus turning water into wine, or feeding 5,000 with five loaves and two fishes, those images capture their imagination, and they get to know about Christ. So these are some of the gifts that really help our pastors. So the gift of a bicycle, or giving out gospel tracts, or showing a Jesus film becomes means for us to show the love of Christ, and these become very important tools in the hand of our missionaries. When they go out, these tools help them to do their work efficiently, to share God’s love.

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