Christmas gifts from South Cambridgeshire District Council to Fulbourn Hospital

Amazing, beautiful and heartwarming
and encouraging, because kindness is what it all comes down to. Kindness and
kinship they’re the same word. We’re all connected and we have a responsibility
to give and to share with that in our hearts I think. And in our minds
because you need to be kind rather than just doing it
individually. It sometimes helps to connect together people who want to be
kind together. This very clever idea here really is very
effective at doing that. Being in hospital at Christmas is a bit of a
strange experience. I’ve hardly ever been in any hospital so to be in a mental
hospital at Christmas was a first and unusual. I wasn’t very well and woke up
Christmas morning not feeling at all Christmassy. Ward wasn’t as busy as usual
because a number of people had gone home. But there were a number of us.
So I went for breakfast not feeling Christmassy. I had no expectations and
there was this pile of presents. They were all beautifully wrapped up and
I was a bit suspicious because when you’re not very well your emotions are
all over the place but I was told that they had come through friends of Fulbourn Hospital and from South Cambs District Council staff and so I could have one. So
yeah it’s a little bit suspicious but I started to feel them and I was drawn to
one that was soft. I don’t know why and so I picked this one and then I opened
it up and it was a scarf. In fact it’s this scarf that I’m wearing and
although I still didn’t feel great it was something about the softness,
and it’s got butterflies on it and there was something about butterflies. I just
felt that this was kind of right. But I didn’t feel great so I didn’t wear it
that day but as I began to feel a bit better I did start to wear it and
it became a sort of symbol of hope. Because I hadn’t believed I could get
better and now it was like somehow the butterflies, there was something about
flying, flying away, that maybe I could get better. And then really when I was
much closer to recovery I really thought about the person who had chosen
this and the kindness, the thoughtfulness. And for me, a stranger and
I was just really grateful. It really made a huge difference. It’s a gift
relationship I mean the Friends are the mechanism by which the staff of South
Cambs District Council are enabled thoughtfully to choose a gift, knowing
the nature of the recipient, and then that recipient who isn’t known to them
and the donor isn’t known to the recipient is able to receive a
thoughtful gift that they can cherish. And they not just get the gift they get
the understanding that somebody cares about them and is rooting for them,
however anonymously, however remotely,
helping them to recover from their own

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