CHRISTMAS IN PARIS 2019 | A Paris Christmas Market, Lights & Activities Guide (That You Can’t Miss!)

There’s no place in the world like Paris
but come Christmas time the famed City of Lights takes its nickname pretty
literally with the entire city decked out and lights Christmas markets popping
up all over and plenty of excuses to eat your weight in chocolate here are some
of the best things you need to do in Paris at Christmastime stay till the end
because we’re saving the best for last and I’ll even be giving you a free
checklist and map with all these spots so the number one thing to do in Paris
at Christmas is to frolic your way through the city’s Christmas market
while most Christmas markets wait until after Advent to make their grand
appearance a few are usually open earlier during my visit I had the chance
to visit the Christmas market at the Jardin des Tuileries and the Christmas
market at La Défense Ssandwiched between the Louvre Museum and Place de la Concorde, the Jardin des Tuileries offers a centrally located Christmas
wonderland with over 100 wooden chalets selling everything from gluttonous
munchies to handcrafted gifts for thrill-seekers you’ll find fairground
rides and games on site as well as a giant Ferris wheel overlooking the city
and hey if you play your cards right you might even make a few new friends on the outskirts of Paris at the end of
the metro line one you’ll find La Défense a sprawling business centre that
showcases a ho ho whole new modern side to Paris while there’s not usually
a reason to visit the spot as a tourist Christmas is the perfect time to go
because the district is home to Paris’s largest Christmas market with over 300
different stalls a variety of beautiful light installations and of course plenty
of caloric goodness I even spotted a Canadian food stall so
if you want to add some poutine to your routine that’s something you can do
sure it’s a little out of the way but if you want a great Christmas market
experience in Paris be sure to stop by this one your second Christmas must do
in Paris is to enjoy all the Christmas magic at Galeries Lafayette, a luxurious
department store with a show-stopping Christmas tree that dazzles the masses
every year and if that’s not sparkly enough as is there’s even a light show
every 30 minutes that you can enjoy as well as a variety of Christmas Day
course scattered around the stores multiple floors and for the first time
ever the Galeries Lafayette have also unveiled a new rooftop skating rink this
year which is 100% free including use of the rink and rentals this of course
means you can glamorously glide around with Eiffel tower views for free if you
lack coordination like me though you might not break the bank but you will
probably break your hips next up don’t forget to enjoy the
different Christmas shops and displays around the city Paris at Christmas is
like the city of lights on glittery steroids. storefronts are decked out
restaurants are twinkling and countless streets will be lined with dazzling
lights including the iconic Champs Elysées. A few spots you can’t miss for lights include the Village Royal, this year home to
giant glittery bears and balloons Place Vendôme, home to big towering Christmas
trees surrounded by some of the most luxurious brands in the world and of
course the quintessentially Parisian Rue Montorgueil
a charming market street lined with bakeries cheese shops and cafes you’ll
even find the oldest patisserie in Paris lurking on the street in operation since
the year 1730. The fourth must do during Christmas in Paris is to stop by the
incredible covered passages of the city one of my favorite quirky gems in Paris
these covered shopping arcades date back to the early 19th century and a few
dozen remain today offering an intimate setting for all sorts of beautiful shops
cafes and restaurants while already a delightful step in time on any given day
these passages become especially wonderful at Christmas time when twinkly
lights and Yuletide decor crank the magic meter to over 9,000. Galeries Vivienne is probably the most famous of these passageways and for good reason with
ornate mosaic tiling and a bright glass roof top this visage becomes only
during Christmas time with all its amazing lights my personal favorite for
Christmas though is a little boutique tucked away inside Passage Jouffroy, the
Maison du Roy, a baroque shop showcasing all kinds of wonders reminiscent of the 18th
century. At Christmastime too, the displays here are pretty tough to beat. Next up
another incredible must do in Paris during Christmas is of course to drink
your weight in hot chocolate I mean sure there’s no bad time to be
enjoying hot chocolate in Paris but there’s something very very special
about the Christmas spirit engulfing the city that seems to give you a free pass
to not count calories and to indulge indulge indulge. Angelina is a Parisian
institution that many love for their thick drinking chocolate and elegant tea
room but if I can be honest my taste buds far prefer the delicious hot
chocolate at the Lindt Cafe. Is it the most Parisian experience?
Not exactly but trust me when I say I would take a bullet for this hot
chocolate if I could. Try one with whipped cream and your life will be
changed. And while hot chocolate does truly course through my veins at
Christmastime there’s good news if you’re looking for something a little
bit stronger. That brings me to number 6 which is to grab a drink at one of
Paris’s many Christmasy terraces and bars. A little known Christmas secret of
Paris is that many of the city’s fanciest hotels and terraces will be
rolling out Christmas pop-ups where you can booze up in a festive and enchanting
atmosphere from an igloo bar on the Eiffel Tower to cosy chalets at the Ritz
and Park Hyatt. One of the best ways to warm up after a long day of sightseeing
is a scenic drink in a sparkly a festive venue. My personal recommendation: Le Perchoir at the BHV Marais, a rooftop bar on top of one of Paris’s most famous
department stores this is one of the top hot spots in the city during the summer
but it’s also open in the wintertime with beautiful lights and of course one
of the top views in town and perhaps the most dazzling light show
that Paris has to offer

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