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Hello Friends, I Anu Singhal Welcomes you to my channel If you have still not Subscribed to my channel then please SUBSCRIBE and press bell icon so that all my videos reach you at the earliest. Today I bring a Valentine special luck game for you which will be played with 2 dice For this put numbers from 1 to 10 as shown and place 10 images on any theme you like Since this is valentine special So I have taken heart shape images and written 10 names from valentines week Rose Day, Teddy Day, Chocolate Day, Hug day Confession day, Slap Day Propose Day Breakup Day, Promise Day, Kiss Day If there is any other theme or any other festival like Holi Special you can take balloon images For Teej, you can takes jewelry related images or of any makeup item. So you can adapt this game to any theme of your liking Number these images from 1 to 10 and take two dices. Call members one by one and ask them to roll these dices 10 times But how will someone roll 1 with two dices But after 10, two more numbers can be rolled, 11 and 12 11 will be treated as 1 and 12 will be a lost chance or 0 In 10 chances, you have to pick maximum no. of images of hearts in your hand So let us start playing Every time you need a different number to maximise your score Since 3 is repeated, so this chance goes waste. 6th image has already been gone. So chance lost. Four already gone Now we count picked up images So the score is 7 The game continues with other members The member with maximum picked up images will be the WINNER The twist is the image already picked up makes the chance lost rolling 12 is a lost chance You can hos this game in a kitty or in parties If you LIKE this game please press LIKE and give your comments

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