Christmas Medley – 27 On The Road (De Warmste Week 2019)

Hi guys, we are 27 On The Road and like every year we try to do something special with Christmas. This year we made an awesome Christmas Medley together with all our previous singers and musicians to help the people of ” ‘t Zwart Goor” ‘T Zwart Goor is an organisation in Antwerp that guide people with disabilities. After the videoshoot we went to visit our friends of ‘t Zwart Goor to show them this videoclip. This resulted in the following reactions: All revenues that this video will generate will be donated to ‘t Zwart Goor (Charity) So keep watching until the end. And for those who’d like to give an extra support we put a link in the description to donate. Enjoy the video and remember: “love & music” I’ll start the song so you can play along [Muziek] [Applaus]
Whatsup guys, we are 27 On The Road and we hope you liked our Christmas Medley together with all our talented friends, huge shout out to all of you guys! Don’t forget to donate via the link in the description and as always: like subscribe and leave some comments down below Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
See you guys soon!!

32 thoughts on “Christmas Medley – 27 On The Road (De Warmste Week 2019)”

  1. Yesssss😍 a 27 on the road Christmas vibe😆 that's why I like you guys 😘 may this Christmas brings you more success, happiness and subscribers 🎊 stay blessed and be awesome 😘

  2. Show 't Zwart Goor some love by commenting down below ⤵️ Which songs do you recognize? Don't forget that you can buy our medley via: ❤️

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