Christmas Morning OPENING PRESENTS!! (christmas special with the game master)

– Mom, Santa bring me these. – [Jenny] Ahh! – Yay! (drum rolling) Yay! – [Shaun] (laughs) She’s
most excited about chocolate, of course.
– Look at this! (Niko cooing) (Jenny gasps)
♪ Ha ha ha ha ♪ ♪ Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ♪ – Merry Christmas!
– Christmas! – Eve, it’s the night before Christmas.
– Eve! – Alright, we’ve got stuff to do. Santa’s gonna be here soon. What do we gotta get ready? – Milk and cookies! – Milk and, oh, and what else? – A carrot for the reindeer. – Oh, yeah, I almost forgot
– Good idea. – about that. – Guys, we’re bringing
you along for Christmas. – Woo ah, heh. Woo ah, heh. (Niko giggles) – Mmm.
(Jenny smacking lips) Mmm.
– This is Niko’s first Christmas. – [Jenny] Woo ah. – [Shaun] Are you ready? – Yeah, he’s ready. – [Shaun] Let’s go, like
your guy’s matching pajamas. Mm-hmm, twinners all the way around. I even got red and green socks on. Okay, Adley’s been
working on some cookies. – [Jenny] Which cookie do you wanna give to Santa?
– I want this. – [Jenny] That one? – Yeah. – [Shaun] Which one did you make? – This one. – [Jenny] I made this one. – It’s cute.
– He’s pretty handsome. – [Shaun] This is Santa’s plate. Mom made a cookie for him and
Adley made a cookie for him. – And I made this cookie for him. – [Jenny] Good job. – Cute, we got this milk container here. – [Jenny] Do you think he wants white milk or chocolate milk? – I think he wants white milk. – [Jenny] White milk, okay, ready? – Yeah. – [Jenny] Hold it steady,
steady, steady. (laughs) – [Shaun] Careful with Santa’s milk!
– Steady! – Got Santa’s milk, careful! – [Jenny and Adley] Ooh! – [Shaun] Oh, there you go, Koopa. – Soup, sorry.
– Merry Christmas Eve. – Look, Dad, I got some
on my feet too, of course. – [Jenny] Of course. – [Shaun] Good job, you
look like Cindy Lou Ho. (Adley laughs)
– Alright– – We forgot the carrot! – [Jenny] (gasps) Oh, that’s right, cake.
– Oh, for his reindeer. – [Jenny] Put this by the fireplace. – [Shaun] And then we’ll
go get his carrot after. – [Jenny] There’s his milk. – Now for the carrot! – [Jenny] Now for the carrots. (Adley’s feet stomping) Do we have carrots? – [Shaun and Adley] Yeah. – [Jenny] Oh, good. – [Shaun] Take ’em out of the bag. – [Adley] Okay, let’s
get one out of the bag. Let’s get one. – No, he has lots of reindeers. Remember all the reindeer
from the reindeer song? ♪ Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer ♪ ♪ Reindeer ♪ ♪ Had a very shiny nose ♪ (Adley giggling) ♪ They never let poor Rudolph ♪ ♪ Rudolph ♪ ♪ Join in any reindeer games ♪ ♪ Like a Mario Party ♪ – Like Mario Party? ♪ As they shouted out with glee ♪ – [Jenny and Adley] Yippee! ♪ Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer ♪ ♪ You’ll go down in history ♪ – Like Adley! – Like Adley.
(Shaun laughs) ‘Kay, I think that’s enough. – Okay, ooh, what do we do now? – Go to sleep. – We gotta to sleep!
– Yes! – [Shaun] Good night. – [Jenny] Time for bed. – Let’s end the vlog, bye vlog. – Bye vlog.
– See ya in the morning. – In the morning. – [Shaun] Ooh, tell ’em who
comes in the morning time. – Santa Claus! (hand hitting camera) – Hi. – We got some wrapping to do. – Adley’s asleep, but Santa
Claus is gonna come soon, so we gotta wrap all the family presents, put ’em under the tree, then go to sleep. – Yeah, and I got really
cute Harry Potter paper. I love it, from the
dollar store, I love it. (jazzy Christmas music) – [Shaun] This is to Mom, from Niko. – Oh, I love it! – Niko loves blankeys, so we got him a little bear to snuggle. So cute. – [Shaun] To Mom, from Adley. – Is that what that says? – [Shaun] Yeah. – Okay, this one’s really cute. Shaun doesn’t even know
that I got it for Niko, and I want it to be a
surprise for Shaun too because it’s so cute, but look. It’s awesome, it’s a teether. – Alex dropped this off today, it’s from him and Riley to Jenny. – [Jenny] Aww. Are you reminding me that you’re a gift? – I’m your present. (Jenny laughing) – Roxy. – It’s really cool. Oh, my gosh. – Is it pretty much put together, or? – No, we should have opened
this like two days ago. – (exhales sharply) That is half a horse. – Shh! (Shaun laughing) – [Jenny] Quit showing them. – Welcome to the Best Day Ever! Oh, my gosh, there’s gonna be
so many holes in the walls. – She’s riding this outside. – At the skate park in the
summer. (imitates neighing) – Unscrew the bolt from the horse’s neck. – Oh, the bolt underneath his neck. (Jenny laughs) Doctor, we’re losing– – [Jenny] Stop. – Doctor, do you see it? Doctor, I need to know. – [Jenny] Stop. (laughs) – You done it. – [Jenny] We done it? – This horse has a head. (bell dinging) – Alright, let’s maybe put it over here. – On what side? – With the charger, yeah. – Yeah, we’re gonna hide
this horse, charge it, but you will see Adley’s
reaction in the morning. – My mom used to always
hide my Christmas present, like my big present, outside. – Same, I love (mumbles).
– It’ll be fine. Merry Christmas, Adley,
merry Christmas, Adley. This present’s for you. – Alright, we gotta got to bed
– This is (mumbles) you. because Santa’s gonna come, go to sleep. – Go to sleep. – Tomorrow’s gonna be
really fun, I’m excited. – It’s gonna be the best Christmas ever. – There really is–
– We got two kids this year, guys. – Adley’s at a perfect age
and I watched an old Christmas vlog of Adley and she was
Niko’s age her first Christmas, and it was was cute. She can barely grab paper and rip. (paper ripping) – I actually wrapped
Niko’s kinda like that so he can grab it and rip it, I’m excited. – Yeah! Okay, go to bed, Santa has to come. – Go to sleep, love you, good night. (magical Christmas music) (hooves trotting) (heavy object thudding) – [Santa] Merry Christmas,
ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho. – Santa came!
– It’s morning time! And Niko is sad, the baby. Let’s go get Adley. Adley. (whimsical flute music) – [Shaun and Jenny] Merry Christmas! – [Jenny] Smile! Hi, honey, you excited? – Guess what?
– Yeah. – [Shaun] We just went and
looked, guess who came. – Huh? – [Shaun] Santa Claus! – I’m gonna open some presents.
– Woo! You have to go potty first. – ‘Kay.
– Guess what? – Huh?
– I think you were a good girl ’cause there’s lots of presents. – [Jenny] (gasps) Aw! (laughing) – Potty break.
– I’m gonna do her hair too so you can take Niko. (laughs) – [Shaun] I’ll take this Santa baby. Mm.
(smacking lips) – I don’t know, to eat the cookies? – Yeah!
– Do you think he ate ’em all? Or left some? – I think he ate them all, and I think the reindeers
eat all the carrots. – All the carrots? – Oh, the carrots, we gotta check. ♪ Santa, baby ♪ ♪ Just the– ♪ – I’m so excited to go
see Christmas, you guys. I bet he brought Niko presents. (Niko cooing) – I hope so! (Shaun imitates cooing) – So the jammies that matched Niko with us doesn’t quite fit him, so. – Yeah, he’s a little
bit too fat for that, but thank you Papa for the jammies. – Hey.
– He’s Santa baby now. – [Shaun] Okay, are we almost ready? – Almost. – [Shaun] Oh, I’m so excited! What if he brought you a big present? – A big present for me? – [Shaun] Maybe, I saw
a big one down there. Do you think it was Adley’s or Niko’s? – Maybe Adley’s. – Oh, my gosh, I’m so
excited, I’m freaking out. – You’re all ready! – Let’s go!
– Jenny, should we go? – Let’s go, let’s go! – [Adley] Yeah! – Oh, my gosh! Holy cow, Adley! – And look, he left– – [Jenny] Oh, he couldn’t finish ’em all. – And he.
– Did you check the milk? – And the carrots are gone. – The reindeer must really love them. – And I think the reindeers
got in our house too. – [Jenny] You think so? – [Jenny and Shaun] Oh, my gosh! – [Shaun] Look at all these presents! – [Jenny] Should we open one? – I want to open this one. – [Shaun] Whoa, that one’s huge! Holy cow, let’s see,
this one says to Mommy, but there’s other one, let’s see, let’s find another big one. – [Adley] The elf! – [Jenny] (gasps) Who’s that to? – [Jenny and Shaun]
That one’s to the dogs! – Can I open it for the dogs? – Yeah!
– Olive, Koopa, come here. – Here Koopa. (elf toy squeaking) (Jenny growling)
– The dogs get the first present of Christmas morning?
– I know. – You’re so nice, Adley.
– They got dog treats. – [Jenny] Dog! – [Shaun] Jenny, let’s get these lights on and do some serious Christmas
morning present opening. How do we wanna open all these? – I wanna do mommy, and daddy, and Adley, and Niko.
– You wanna take turns? – Yeah. – [Shaun] Okay, let’s take turns. Which one do you wanna open first? – I don’t know. – This one. – Is this one for me? – [Jenny] To Adley, from Santa. (Shaun gasps)
(Adley gasps) – What? – [Shaun] Holy cow! – He brought me a Slinky? – Yeah! – [Shaun] That’s a big Slinky, I bet it’ll go down the stairs. Whoa! – Get out, Slinky. (Slinky rattling) (Shaun laughing) – [Jenny] Hey, look at these bones! They’re candy canes. – [Shaun] Oh, let’s give ’em to the dogs! Merry Christmas, Koopa! – Olive, come here, Olive!
– Merry Christmas, Olive! That’s bigger than your mouth. (Jenny laughing) Let’s open one for Niko,
let’s find one for Niko Bear. Look, this one says To Niko, from Santa. – [Jenny] Here Niko, pull that part. – [Adley] Aww! – Oop, don’t put the
wrapper in your mouth. Oh, my goodness!
– Don’t eat the wrapper, Niko! He got a little teething mitt, let’s put it on him right now.
– Aww! – Oh, my gosh! – [Shaun] Good job, Santa
Claus, Niko’s gonna love this. – [Jenny] Okay, there you go. (Jenny laughing) – [Shaun] It works! – He likes it! – [Jenny] He does like it. – [Shaun] Okay, where are we
going next, whose turn is it? – [Adley] Mom’s turn. – You wanna do this one? – Yeah. – [Shaun] This one’s from Niko. – Oh, my gosh! – [Adley] Some moneys. – Adley, it’s not just any
money, it’s Harry Potter money! – It’s so cool!
– Remember the goo, he like the take that shiny stuff. – [Jenny] Yeah, he does! – [Shaun] The Niffler
might steal Mom’s money! (dramatic drum rolling) – (sighs) Really? (chimes tinkling) – (gasps) Oh, my gosh, it’s a Time-Turner! Oh, my gosh! That’s so cool. And you spin it this way.
– You trying to travel back – Yeah! (laughing)
– in time? – [Shaun] Good job, Niko,
that was a good present. – Good job, Niko! Okay, film Daddy.
– Come to see, we’re opening all of Niko’s gifts first. It’s a video? Jumanji! That’s a funny one. – [Adley] Yeah. – Thank you, Niko. Okay, it’s Adley’s turn again. – To Adley, from Santa. – [Shaun] Whoa, hold on, pause. Adley.
– Huh? – Guess what?
– Huh? – [Shaun] We didn’t
even open our stockings. – Oh, shoot, let’s do that! – [Shaun] We forgot! – We have–
– Okay Adley, you deliver ’em. This one’s for Mommy. – Okay, I’ll give it to Mom. – [Shaun] This one’s for
Daddy, set it down for me. – Woo!
– Okay. – [Shaun] Whoa, Adley’s
has so much stuff in it. (Adley laughing) Holy cow. And this one’s Niko’s. – [Jenny] Niko got a sock? I wonder what he got. – I’m gonna open my present. – (gasping) It’s a reindeer popper! – Yeah! (Shaun laughing)
– You could shoot us, oh! – [Shaun] You like poppers. (Adley laughing) Adley. Bong. (laughing) – [Jenny] Oh, this is so fun. – [Shaun] I got lots of candy in my sock. And chocolate Santas. Adley. – Mom, Santa bring me these! – [Jenny] Ah! Yay! – [Shaun] She’s most
excited about chocolate, of course.
– Look at this. I got a coin purse. – [Shaun] Oh, my gosh! – Oh, my gosh, and there’s
a Harry Potter LEGO inside. – [Shaun] (gasps) I got beef
jerky, there’s something else. (gasps) A Harry Potter LEGO? – He must know we like Harry Potter. I got another Harry Potter LEGO! Nice.
– Yeah, we got lots of Harry Potter LEGOs. – We need to see if we got the whole set. – (laughing) That’s awesome. Me and Jenny, great minds think alike. – Every year we have LEGOs from Santa. He puts ’em in our stocking. – [Shaun] Koopa, how’s your
Christmas morning going? You good, bro? Yeah, he’s having a good time. You good? Yeah, he’s having a good time. You and Koopa doing the same thing. Oop, that’s Mom’s hand, you got confused. (magical chanting)
– Oh, my gosh. Big chocolate! – [Jenny] Oh, my gosh. – Gosh!
– What did Niko get? – He got oatmeal!
– Baby food! More baby food.
– Green beans. – Hey! Hey!
– That’s so awesome. – Hi, are you chewing on that? (laughs) He’s funny. – They’re so cute on Christmas morning. – They are.
– They’re always cute, but especially Christmas morning. – This is so sweet. – I hope Santa, I think Santa,
I love have lots of presents. – Huh?
– What? – I don’t know! – [Jenny] Okay! – Daddy’s turn! – Daddy’s turn.
– My turn. – [Jenny] That’s from Mommy. It’s for your office. – The History of Skateboarding and Art. These are the skateboards I remember from when I was a little,
little, little kid. Oh, my gosh! – [Adley] Oh, look at this skate. – Yeah, I remember that one,
I wanted it when I was little. Yeah, it’s a good present, that’s cool. – [Jenny] Do this one for Niko. This is from Mama and Dad. – Wha, what did he get? – He got a fluffy blanket. – [Jenny] Aww. – [Shaun] What one
should we have Mom open? – [Adley] This one. – [Shaun] That one’s yours! Oh, that’s a big one. – [Adley] Can I open it, Mom? – [Shaun] You need Mom’s help. (Niko cooing) – Oh, my, a baby bed! For my babies. – [Jenny] Aww, and it comes with a little thingy.
– Oh, my gosh! – And there’s stuff right
here, look, there’s doors, you can put all your
baby stuff right here. – (screams) Oh, my gosh, this is awesome!
– That’s to make cookies. – [Adley] Mom, that looks like mine! – Yes, we have twinner mixers! Hugs. Cheers.
– Aww! To Niko, from Mom and Dad. Let’s open him another one. A Zelda teether, I haven’t even
seen this, this is so cute. – [Jenny] Isn’t that cool? – It’s for you, Dad! – [Shaun and Jenny] No, it’s for Niko. – To chew on. Holy cow, hey, no, not
this part, this part. You want some hearts? (Shaun laughing) – [Jenny] That’s so cool. – That’s so cute! What’s that? – We can’t, we can’t tell you. (Jenny laughing)
– Oh, it’s a surprise? – [Adley] You vacuum up your desk. – [Shaun] What? – I got you lasers, and one
for me, and one for you. – [Shaun] And we can play? – Yeah! – Oh, I like lasers.
– And I got you this. (Niko cooing) – This old video game, oh, that’s so cool. – You never seen this before. – [Shaun] Not even on the vlog? – I want one for me and one for Daddy. – [Shaun] And a video game candy? Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch. – Yeah. – [Shaun] Oh, my gosh, I love these. Thank you, guys, high fives. (cheerful Christmas music)
Mom, me and Adley picked this out for you. – It’s new. – Oh, my goodness. This one is to Crosswalk
Boy from Car Girl. – This one’s to Daddy from Mommy. Holy cow, a black leather case, and it says Space Station Gaming. – Oh, my gosh, a whale popper! – You got a whale popper! – You got it, Niko. – That’s so awesome. Look at him, he’s so excited. (laughs) To Adley, from Santa, you must
share with Mommy and Daddy. – [Shaun] Are you gonna share? – Yeah, what’s it say? – [Shaun] Holy cow, oh, it’s so heavy. – [Jenny] And it’s bigger than you, Adley. – Aww, it’s a heart
container from my family. Look how cute. Oh, I love it. – I got baby stuff, so I
can put it in there now. – Oh, that’s baby stuff? – Yeah.
– Got Niko set, taking a quick milk break,
and back to Christmas morning. We still have some big presents, guys. Adley has now tricked us into
letting her have chocolate. – One bite. Okay, put that away.
– Bye, chocolate thing. Ooh, this is a big one, Mom. From the game we went to, the
World Series champions now! That one’s Adley’s, oh, boy. – [Jenny] Adley, from Santa. – [Shaun] That one’s so big. – A baby doll. – What?
– Oh, my gosh! – Can I open it? – Wait, she just opened up her eyes, and then she just closed them. – [Shaun] She sleeps, she
can go in her new crib. – [Jenny And Adley] Yeah! – [Shaun] You gonna name her. – Maybe Bunny Baby. – [Shaun] Bunny Baby? – Yeah. – [Jenny] There she goes! – Okay! – This is for you, Niko! Whoa!
– Holy cow! – Look at this.
– Look at all those toys. – Wow! – Are these bath bombs? – They’re bath bombs with toys inside. (Adley shrieking) – Ah!
– Thank you, Santa! – He’s so nice! Should we do Mommy’s big present? – [Adley] Yeah! – [Shaun] Pause, what do you think it is? – Okay, I have no idea,
like the top of a tank. (Niko shrieking) – Do you think it’s a tank?
– I don’t know. No. – [Shaun] Adley, what do you think it is? – I don’t know. – [Jenny] Will you help me open it? – Yeah. – Is this is to trick me? An empty bump rail. And a table, thanks, babe! – [Shaun] I thought you might want one little box and a table. – You’re so sweet. – [Shaun] Jenny’s confused. – I am confused. – You get off my present. What could it be? This is creepy. (Shaun laughing) Adley! You have been picked by the Game Master. Check in the dog kennel!
(Shaun laughing) – [Shaun] Oh, man, that Game Master, tricking you on Christmas. – That is so creepy. Adley, come to the dog kennel, hurry! To Car Girl. Love X Walk Boy. – When we first met, she was in the car and I was on the crosswalk. – Adley, I got a giant envelope. How many times did you wrap this? Oh, my gosh! Thank you, babe! Oh! Thank you so much!
(Shaun groaning) – You’ve been wanting one.
– Oh, my gosh! – Do you know what that is? – No. – [Shaun] A computer for Mommy. – (gasps) I got a computer
and this is what it goes in. – [Jenny] You ready for your big present? – [Shaun] Yeah. – [Jenny] It’s in the tree. – They’re in the computer. – In the tree? – [Jenny] In the tree, Adley. – They’re in the computer? – You see it? – Yeah. – You found it already? – It’s so simple. – First off, you’re the hardest person in the world to shop for, for realsies. I know you work hard every single day to provide for our family that you need something extra special this year. This gift includes overnight
babysitting for the kids, a day for just you and
me, and a staycation. Ooh! A massage, a 90 to 98 degree swim, wow, that’s very specific. – [Jenny] A crater. – Oh, that cave with
the water in the middle. And snowshoeing at night, wow. You’re the best, I love you. – Oh, thank you. Adley, guess what, Mom and
Dad got you one more present. – (gasps) Can I open it? – Yeah, it’s in this room,
do you think you can find it? You see it? (Adley gasps) – [Shaun] Holy cow, that’s for you? – [Adley] Oh, my gosh. My horsey! – [Jenny] Uh huh! (gasps) You got a horse! – [Shaun] Holy cow! – This is so awesome. Right here Adley, do you
feel that button right there? – [Shaun] Whoa! (screams) That’s where you can put your stuff. (Shaun gasps) – Im’ma brush him. (toy horse neighing) – [Jenny] He likes that, Adley. – [Shaun] Oh, his ears
are moving, he likes it. (toy horse neighing) – [Jenny] Look, you can
pet him and he likes it. An apple? (toy horse neighing) (toy horse chomping) What the? – [Shaun] He likes it. (toy horse playing country music) – Dance! (Jenny and Adley laughing) This is so cool! – I love it. – For reals, this is so cool! – [Shaun] Should we try
and ride him for a second? (electronic whirring) (toy horse neighing) – [Jenny] (laughs) He’s so funny. (electronic whirring) (Jenny screaming) – [Shaun] Woo hoo! – [Jenny] You are cruising! – (gasp) Should Niko go for a ride? – [Jenny] Hi, Niko. – [Shaun] Woo. – Niko, see me brush his hair. Yeah. ‘Kay. (Jenny laughing) – Is that so fun? – [Older Man] What did you get? – [Shaun] Oh, boy, we got some surprises. – Wowie! – We got a horse! (toy horse playing country music) – Whoa!
(Shaun laughing) You gonna brush his hair? – [Jenny] He likes this, honey. – Oh, my goodness, so pretty. – [Jenny] Hello, handsome boy! Hi! You are so cute. (laughs) What are you watching,
sister play with her horse? (orchestral Christmas music)
– Yay! – [Jenny] Yay, look at you! – He’s gonna get me, ah! – Ready, horsey, come get the carrot. C’mon, go get the carrot, c’mon. (man imitating neighing) – [Shaun] Look alive, come get– – He likes the apple. [Man in Sweatpants] Oh, like
the apple. (imitates crunching) – [Shaun] How’s that? Oh, my goodness! – [Man in Sweatpants]
Here, and I’ll race ya. – [Shaun] On your mark. – [Man in Sweatpants
and Shaun] Get set, go! – [Man in Sweatpants]
C’mon, I’m gonna beat you. I’m gonna beat you. – [Shaun] Woo, one hand! Turn! Woo hoo! – Daddy! (toy horse neighing) – [Shaun] Woo! – [Jenny] Yee haw! (toy horse neighing) – [Shaun] Hmm, good boy. – [Jenny] Here, pet him. (toy horse neighing) (Niko cooing) – [Woman] Mm! (Niko cooing) – [Woman] I love you. (Niko cooing) – [Shaun] Koopa, you enjoying your toy? – [Woman] For Christmas,
Jenny, we all expect to be– – [Shaun] Nana brought
a present for Adley. Aww, it’s a book.
– Aww, that’s so cute! – [Jenny] That is so cute! – It’s The Nutcracker. – Okay, Niko, let’s get
– I think he trying to get– – your present open.
– I was like so excited! – I think you got a book too, Niko. – A cook toy, Nutcracker.
– Geez, I can’t even get this open. – A real live one.
– Oh! – And then the mice.
♪ Rudolph ♪ – Oh!
♪ The Red-Nosed Reindeer ♪ ♪ Had a very shiny nose ♪ – But then the real spirits come.
– Oh, he loves it. – Oh, there we go! – Aww!
– Oh, I just love you. – Oh, my gosh! – [Shaun] What, holy cow,
that’s the real deal. – So it’s like a picture
book, The Sorcerer Stone. – Illustrated.
– The first book. – [Shaun] The entire book? – [Nana] The first three outright named. – Oh, my gosh! – [Shaun] That’s way cool, geez, I didn’t even know about that. – I didn’t either! I ran into it and went ♪ Ah ♪ – I got chills, aw. ♪ Ah ♪ ♪ Ah ♪ – Can I get some.
♪ Ahs ♪ – In the comments, please?
♪ Ah ♪ ♪ Ah ♪ – [Shaun] Adley, should we start reading you Harry Potter before bed? – [Adley] Yeah. – Good job, Mama, you’ve always been a good Christmas giver.
– It’s so good! – Papa, thank you. Okay, can you see it? – [Adley] Yeah. – What is it? (tube pops) Ooh, you love to travel, scratch it. An entire world map,
scratch away the graphics at the base of the map to
reveal where you’ve been and incredible facts
and valuable information as you travel the world. Wow!
– So when you go somewhere, you scratch it off the map,
you know where you’ve been, and then when you’ve
been all around the world ♪ You’re happy, la ♪ – I love it, Mama, thank you. – Think about the places
you’ve already been. – I know, let’s scratch this map already. Ooh, that’d be cool to
put it in my office, too. It’s a little puppy bunny, thingy animal. – Adley, what did you get? – It’s a Rescue Runt. – Oh, my gosh!
– Ooh, it’s a puppy? Let me see.
– Yeah, but he has nobody to take care of him and he’s sad. – [Shaun] Are you gonna
take care of him, Adley? – [Jenny] You’re a new mom. – Yeah. – [Shaun] Good (laughing) job. – Baby.
– S’mores Troll, the dog whisperer. They missed you, S’mores
Troll, they really did. – Here, I’ll get you–
– Oh, you gotta take the bugs out! Oh, good job.
– Good job. – [Shaun] Get the bugs out. (gasps) He’s getting happier, aww! Did you get all the bugs? Oh, we gotta clean his paws. (Niko crying) – [Shaun] Yeah, that’s
probably, okay, it looks better. – Yeah!
– Okay, you gotta brush his hair now. – [Nana] Look, he’s
already starting to smile! – [Shaun] Good job, Adley. – [Nana] There’s my boy. – [Shaun] You’re rescuing him, good job. Niko, what’s going on? Whoa! – Wha! Wha! Wha!
(Shaun laughing) Ah! Ah! – Oh, ah!
(Shaun laughing) – [Shaun] Shoot her again! – [Adley] Okay! – I don’t know why it scares me so much. – [Women in Pajamas] Whoa! – Christmas morning, toys, and
family, and fun. (laughing) It’s the best, thanks for
joining us for Christmas morning. Love your cousins. – No, Christmas not over yet! – Christmas isn’t over yet
’cause we still gotta go play at the Space Station with all the cousins! Are you guys ready? – Yeah, maybe. – [Shaun] This is our first
time at the new Space Station. Step number one of hanging
out at the Space Station, we gotta put your name on the cereal wall. Noice. Beautiful, Beckham. – Dad, look, I did my name! – You did your name? Good job, Cruz, where’d you go? I like it, you see, me
and Cru are twinners here because we have the same hair cut. (Christmas piano music)
Aw, yeah! A large one of this? – I Like this one. – [Man Holding Shirt] Is that a large? – So there’s gray with blue masks, or there’s ones with tie-dye, or there’s. Update, everybody got their stuff and Adley turned into a mermaid. Ah, it’s a mermaid! One time me and Parker
did a skateboard contest wearing those mermaid towels,
that was actually really fun. You know what, I’ll link that
video at the end of this one. That’ll be the video you guys should go watch right after this. – I like drift cars! – [Shaun] You wanna ride drift cars? – Yeah!
– Okay, let’s do it. Oh, here we go! – Make it stop! – [Shaun] Wow! – [Girl] Woo! – He’s doing it all by himself. Wow, Cruzy. Yeah! – Oh, great job!
(Shaun laughing) So yummy. (Adley laughing) So yummy.
– You like that, huh? – Pretty good, huh? – Oh, I love it, he actually
loves it, he’s like, (panting) more, more, more, nom nom. – This guy.
– Okay, watch his eyes, guys. – [Jenny] Okay, ready? (Jenny laughing) – [Shaun] What a good Christmas.

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