Christmas Party Games : How to Play Musical Chairs

Hi, I’m Jessica Cain with
I’m going to show you how to create fun Christmas party games with the things that you have
already to use wrap your presents and get ready for Christmas. Another game that you
can play at your Christmas party that requires nothing more then the things that you already
have for Christmas is Christmas musical chairs. All you have to do is get your cd of your
favorite Christmas music and a cd player of course. You want to have as many chairs as
you have guest. Take one chair away so you would have 15 guest you would want 14 chairs.
Sometime similar to this is a good chair idea. You want something sturdy not to heavy you
do not want anyone to hurt themselves while running around in a circle. While the music
plays you stand up walk around the chairs. When the music shuts off then you grab a sit
and whoever is left out of the circle is out for that round and you remove another chair
and it goes until you have 2 players left. And you remove one chair and you have one
player winner

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