Christmas Party Games : How to Play the Christmas Lyrics Game

Hi, I’m Jessica Cain with
I’m going to show you how to create fun Christmas party games with the things that you have
already to use wrap your presents and get ready for Christmas. Another fun game that
you can play at a Christmas party that requires nothing more then a pen and a piece of paper
is to have one facilitator name a Christmas carol and just resit the first few lines.
For example if you want to do Jingle Bells and you say “Dashing through the snow”. Then
everyone would have to write down a number 1 the remaining line to the Christmas carol
which would be in a “One horse open slay”. Then you give them another line say you know
you do 5-10 songs the First Noel, the blank, blank and however completes the most sentences
of each song wins the game. You be surprised how many people think they know Christmas
carols till they are force to write them down.

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