Christmas Party – SNL

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  1. Am I the only one who thinks leslie Jones has a dry sense of humor? She's sooooo unfunny probably wrote this skit😩.

  2. I noticed the laughter was missing here. Either they thought they could make domestic assault a joke…. or they were trying to show the side when guys are the victim to domestic problems. Either way that was sad. A lot of men end up like him because they can't stand up for themselves because the law is always on a woman's side (not always but a significant amount of time)

  3. I thought the awkwardness of this skit was so funny I was dyinnn
    Kevin put his whole being into this regardless 😂😂😂

  4. This was the worst skit ever…and why is Leslie Jones even on SNL!? She's never funny and brings nothing to the table! I feel like she has something on somebody!

  5. Okaaaay so many people don't find this funny they say it's cringing but when the skit of men tonguing down men and women with all them transferring food out each other mouth came out it was ok….GET OUT OF HERE!!! This skit was about a public dominating relationship…

  6. Take that bear's Christmas overalls off, Gene!

    Seems like most of the comments here are negative, but I thought this skit was effin hilarious.

  7. omg I've never laughed so hard! 🤣! now I remember why I started day drinking lol! 'what do you mean he ! crystal baby dont make me undress the teddy bear !'

  8. My brother’s wife looks like a white version of Leslie and she is as bossy as her. It escapes me that my brother ever was interested in that greedy, bossy, ungrateful, stingy, chubby, white trashy, arrogant, lazy, ugly lady! She is beneath him and our whole family by a lot and the same with the rest of her white trashy dumb and crazy white trashy family.

  9. For those who didnt find the humor in this are lame AF! 😝🤣. Kevin whole look was just hilarious and Leslie held her role also. Kevin had me dying 💀💀💀😂🤣😂🤣. That forehead, omgoodness. 💀🤣

  10. Leslie jones, that guy actually looks better as a woman. He is one ugly dude, but…well he still makes for an ugly woman but still. He needs to consider becoming a woman.

  11. Felt like there should have been more of a build up from not kissing under the Misseltoe to fucking the teddy bear

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