Christmas Tiramisu | Jamie & River Oliver

River, do you want to make a Christmas
tiramisu? Hmmm. No. One last edible present. A very decadent festive tiramisu. River do you like chocolate? Can you bash this up for me? Smash it. I’m gonna get a pan on and I’m gonna put it on a little heat. Dad, I don’t know how to smash it up. Take the wrapper off, just give it a good old smash! Let me show you. I’ll do one like this.
Can you do it? So just smash it up. And then in here we’re gonna add 200
milliliters of double cream. So as the cream heats up, we’ll add 100 grams
of chocolate. Very gently. Slowly, slowly. So we’ll let that melt. I’ll put a little
pinch of salt in here as well. Just give that a little stir every now and again. We’ve got these Genoise sponge fingers. What is sponge fingers? That’s a sponge finger. Tiramisu is literally the easiest dessert you can make. I’m taking this one to the next level because we’re making that incredible chocolate ganache. I love.. You love what? Credible chocolate mm-nash. Ga-nache. Can you say ganache? Nash. Ganache. I think we’re short of one
biscuit? Where’s the missing biscuit? Well put it in then!
Otherwise grandad won’t have a bit of tiramisu when it’s Christmas. Good quality coffee in one of these, 150 millilitres lightly sweetened. Pour that
in. You want it to be enough so that the sponge soaks it up beautifully like that.
Then we’re gonna add vin santo which is a classic Italian sweet wine. Just a couple of little drizzles and of course if you want to make it non-alcoholic you can. So then we’re gonna go in with the chocolate sauce. I love chocolate. Can you help me pour that in? And that will be a layer that surrounds our beautiful tiramisu biscuits. Look! Oh this is gonna be amazing River! Look at this! Traditionally now we’d have the creamy layer, right? Mascarpone cheese, which is delicious you
can get it in all the supermarkets so I’m gonna put 250 grams into a food
processor, and then ricotta. So I’m gonna put 500 grams into the machine. Three
tablespoons of honey, then a nice heaped teaspoon of vanilla paste. And the reason
I’m putting it in the food processor is because I want to wazz it up so it’s
silky, silky smooth and it’s going to be amazing. So, get that lovely creamy layer
into the tiramisu and then we’re just going to spoon it around. There is our nice
layer. No dad, mix it all. I don’t want to mix it all, I want layers River. Look at that! Take some
chocolate and then just scrape towards you like this. You see that River, look.
Can you just shake that over the top? Yay! And then the ultimate taste of Christmas
is a little bit of Clementine. You just put a tiny bit of zest on top. It’s a really good, easy dessert to do on the day, or even in advance. So there you go guys, There you go guys. Christmas tiramisu.

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