Christmas Traditions Around the World : Dutch Christmas Traditions

Today we’re talking about different Christmas
traditions from around the world. Now we’re going to the Netherlands where they actually
celebrate on December 5th, and it’s called Sinterklass Vond, or Saint Nicholas’ Eve,
and St. Nicholas is known to be a very kind and generous being. The children are told
that he actually sails from Spain on December 5th, which is his feast day, and so they busily
leave hay and sugar in their shoes for his horse, and in return they find candy and nuts
and fruit in their shoes. And after that, on the 6th, they actually gather for some
family time and everything sort of settles down until December 25th, which is Christmas.
In East Holland, they actually have a tradition of a special Advent ceremony, in which special
horns are blown to cast away evil spirits and to announce the birth of Jesus Christ.
These horns are usually homemade. They are about three or four feet long and they blow
them over wells so it actually has a sound very similar to that of a foghorn.

5 thoughts on “Christmas Traditions Around the World : Dutch Christmas Traditions”

  1. The Dutch celebrate Christmas on the 24th of Decemeber, like most of mainland Europe. What she is talking about is St. Nicholas which is a different occasion. This is because she is a dumb American and thinks Christmas is about Santa Claus.

  2. omg hahaha i'm dutch but this woman don't know what she is talking about we have Sinterklaas and Christmas and they are different . i laugh so hard this woman is really dumb  

  3. ''candy, nuts and fruit'' wtf? Err, maybe 100rds of years ago. Candy remains, nuts have transformed into a PS4 and fruit is an electric guitar.

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