Christmas tree shopping and old attic finds

today we’re going christmas tree shopping but first breakfast I guess we’re getting donuts alright let’s go so we’re getting donuts what my baby wants my baby gets so much construction so techincally we’re not going christmas tree shopping it’s more like Christmas tree picking up my parents have an old tree that they don’t want so I’m gonna go and claim it yes it is artificial but I don’t care it’s free i’m all about free especially this time of season its property tax season don’t even get me started recording video tape i’m making a little show just finished a home-cooked meal made by my madre i’m so full I forgot why we’re here oh yeah Christmas tree so if everything goes according to plan the tree should be right up there you ever watch that movie where that family moved into a new house new old house and they find those videotapes and video projector in their attic this is the current tree that my parents use record player packard bell the 90s got a croquet set over there I don’t know where that came from it’s just old so therefore it’s probably haunted oh look at that a projector not today satan i’m assuming it’s this one here of course it’s all dilapidated and falling apart so this christmas tree hand-me-down is not looking so good right now however i’m gonna i’m gonna bring it down and take a look at it but there’s a point were you just got to say you know what a loss is a loss all right let’s see what we got everything seems to be here this box is definitely seen better days but as far as the tree everything’s here this tree’s over 20 years old what do you expect excuse the mess but before the wife and I decided to take this tree home we got to see what it looks like there you go it’s a it’s a little sickly but at least it’s not a Charlie Brown tree so i promised my wife with that we would at least pretend to go Christmas shopping so I’m going to do that oh gee wife this place it’s kind of a kind of we empty should have gotten here sooner oh look there’s one tree left it’s not too bad it’s a it needs some love but I think once we decorate it with some ornaments and lights it’ll look really good what do you think wife now before we leave my parents today there is a one more thing that I want to i do say good sir, so would you care for a game of croquet. i’m going to be honest with you i have no idea how to play this game so croquet can be played up to two to four players side has to ….. throughout the game either not gonna you know what, i’m gonna make this up as ago there’s a set of hoops one two i lost the other one I don’t know where it is anyways first one to go through all the hoops hit the center spike wins let’s go I don’t know how to play we’re making our own rules let’s go on your mark get set go so now we’re on the road heading back home all in all today was a very successful we got the tree, got some home cooked meal sort of pretended to try to play some croquet I’ll get you next time wife.. argh. so there’s the tree it’s not much it’s a little small there’s no lights on it but who needs lights when you have lasers uh huh huh

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