Christmas Trivia Game! (Jaiden shot us)

[Adam] WHAT ARE YOU BABIES CRYING ABOUT? I GOT SHOT FOUR- *gunshot* *James screams* [Tim] I asked Jaiden to come up with some Christmas Trivia questions. Adam, James and I will write our answers down, and if only one person gets it right, the game will get harder for everyone else. and everyone who answers a question wrong will get shot with this airsoft gun. [James] You guys can’t see my eyes right? [James] You can’t see me crying? [Jaiden] I’m nervous FOR you guys. *Laughter* [Jaiden] What colour was the ornament that Charlie Brown put on his pathetic, little tree? [Tim] I DON’T KNOW IT 🙁 Jaiden: Tim you’re going to have A LOT of trouble. Tim: I can’t even think about colours ’cause everything’s yellow right now! One… Two… Three! Jaiden: Make your things like, bigger. *Tim cheats and the others laugh at his misery for being so awful at remembering a classic Christmas story which, in all seriousness, isn’t as good as ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’* Jaiden: So I have this gun here. Tim: I mean what do I do? I feel I’m gonna get executed! 🙁 *gunshot* *Jaiden laughs at Tim’s pain while Adam and James hide from Jaiden who they realise has just now gotten a taste for blood* Jaiden: Ohhhh my gawd are you ok?
Tim: You hit my shirt but… Tim: I’m OK!
:/ Adam: YEAH! Are Spangler candies – Christmas candy canes gluten free? Three, two, one… *Adam questions James’ ‘Ye’*
Adam: Is that a ‘Yes’? Jaiden: That was an easy one see?
James: I mean like…
Jaiden: You guys can trust me. Tim: Can we? Jaiden: I think you should always trust the person with the gun. What Pokémon holds presents in its hollow tail? [Jaiden] I could’ve done a multiple choice… But I figured this was too easy. Tim: What are you talking about?! Jaiden: I’ll give the point to James. James: I was going to say ‘Am I the closest?’ Tim: Can Adam go first? Since I went last time? Jaiden: Now you both have to go up there! Adam: I’d like a little sick break now.
*James laughs* Jaiden: I have the saftey on.>:) *Bangs and screams* Jaiden: James is the only one that got the right answer.
Tim: OH NO! James: OK
Jaiden: Just get one James: Choose a player to take off their shirt for the next round. 😉 James: Tim take off your shirt. Tim: You… *Laughter* Does traditional eggnog actually have raw eggs, or is it just a myth? Jaiden: Go! Adam: Wait what did you put down? *Adam laughs at his friends pain* Tim: So whose idea was this? *Bangs and screams*
*Jaiden laughs* Jaiden: I think I got the side of-
(Adam interupts) Shoot him again! James: No! *Adam noises* *Jaiden threatens to shoot Adam and then laughs at him* Jaiden: OH MY GAWD! Adam and James: OH! Adam: You drew blood!
Jaiden: Oh my gawd… James: You’re – like, Tim’s first shot where it like, hit the side I think that’s what happened.. What is not a name for Santa? A) Kris Kringle B) St Nicholas
C) Kris Kindle D) Pelsnickle Jaiden: Oh wait Adam you were the only one who got the thing…
Adam: Oh yeah. Adam: Blindfold a player for the next round. Jaiden: Oh we’re going to do that for the next round then. HEH HEH HEH! ONE TWO THREE GO. The answer is ‘C’! James: Oh hoo-hoo-hoooo… James: You got it wrong. Tim: I think you should take your hoodie off!
>:( Adam (In defiance of the Timothy): NO! *Bang, shout and laughter* Jaiden: Choose someone to blindfold
Adam: Oh yeah… Adam: JAMES!!!
Tim: YES!!! Which night in Hannukkah do you recite a third blessing? A) The first night B) The third night
C) The eighth night D) The twenty-fourth night Jaiden: So, only one of you got it right, James! James: YES! Adam: I’m ready just do me fast…
*Jaiden shoots him* *Screams and laughter as Adam punches the table and wall* *Then she shoots Tim* *All the while Jaiden laughs and James hides* Tim: What is wrong with you!??!!? Jaiden: He said go quick! This is a two-parter. How do you say ‘Merry Christmas’ in Spanish? Jaiden: You all get to go onto the next round. How do you say ‘Merry Christmas’ in German? Adam: Mine is-uh…”Ze merry Christmas Jah” *nailed it Adam* xD *Bang* Adam: NO! Adam: Point it the other way! *Laughter* *unintelligble* Jaiden: Oh I’m out now 🙁 How many lights are in a 68 and a half foot string of Christmas lights? Jaiden: One of you is actually correct! Adam: Who is it? Jaiden: Put down your whiteboards.
*Laughs maniacally as her friends scream* James: I like this game as one of us isn’t going to get hurt. *Bang* *Screams* Jaiden: You drew on yourself, why’d you do that? Tim: I thought it might *bird-de-durd*
(Jaiden’s laughter makes it difficult to hear Tim) James: I think this game’s great. Jaiden: Yeah! Jaiden: Here you can pull from the hat, don’t look. James: Get a piece of gum! :O What’s the date of 2018 Thanksgiving? Jaiden: So you all have different answers…
Adam: NO! *gunshot and screams* Tim: Oh you got it in the same place! Jaiden: Don’t turn that way! Jaiden: This next one is going to be timed, you have three seconds to answer it. What’s the seventh letter in ‘Christmas’? Three, two, one – Now! James: A-A-A
Adam: That’s a ‘C’! *Bang*
James: OW! *Bang*
Adam: OW! Tim: NO!
Tim: OW! Tim continues: OWowowowowwwwwowww Adam: Woah! James: I was one off! What animal doesn’t live in the north pole? A) Arctic Fox B) Ringed Seal
C) Gentoo Penguin D) Black-Legged Kidowaki Adam: James, can I just say that you are a fantastic teacher.
Tim: Oh no… Tim: (Oh no)X2 Tim: NO, NO WHAT DO I DOOO!! Tim: I DON’T LIKE THIS!!! *casual bang and screams* *Jaiden laughs* Tim: It actually hurts… Jaiden: James? James: Oh yeah, I had a story where- Tim (Interupting): Why – did you not tell me that story? Tim: You tell- YOU TELL EVERYBODY BUT ME!>:( How many feet of snow did Southern California get this hol-holiday season? Jaiden: ‘Pillow’ is not an answer. Jaiden: California is on fire. James: Ohhhhhhhhhh *scared laughter* *General assortment of banging, screaming and laughter* What’s the 8,642nd digit in ‘Pi’? Jaiden: Go!
Adam: Oh f- Jaiden: So one of you is correct!
*Tim gasps* *Jaiden clears throat* Tim: I don’t like this game. Tim: I DON’T LIKE THIS GAME AT ALL! Jaiden: Everyone do what James is doing please. *another round of gunshot and screams and stuff* James: Why’d we all get hit! Jaiden: It’s 8. *laughters* How tall is Santa Claus? A) 5ft 7 B) 5ft 10
C) 6ft 1 D) 6ft 4 Jaiden: Answers. Jaiden: Like show these people the answer… Jaiden: They’re like “Aughhhh”
*moar gunshot and pain* Jaiden: He’s 5ft 7!
James: WHAT? Jaiden: I’m as tall as Santa Claus! What colour was Jack Frost’s undersuit-
vest in Tim Allen’s ‘The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause’? Tim: Oh yeah, yeah-eah I know exactly what she’s on about! Tim: It’s all coming back to me! Jaiden: Answers. Jaiden: One of you got it-
James: Wait-ai-ai-ai Adam: One of us got it right, OH TIM GOT IT RIGHT! *you get the idea* Tim: YES! Tim: I remember! James: Ohh…
Tim: Yeah! I remember that! Jaiden: The rights. So only choose one!
Tim: Extra life. Tim: I don’t have to get shot anymore! What does Santa give to naughty children? Tim: This’d better be a trick question or I’m going to be real mad. Jaiden: Turn around and show your whiteboards. James: What’s wrong, WHAT’S WRONG WITH THAT ANSWER?! Jaiden: Nah the answer is coal. What did Donald Trump tweet for Christmas in 2013? Jaiden: Turn around and show your answers BUT DON’T SHOW IT TO EACH OTHER, DON’T LOOK! Jaiden: So… Adam: I’m going to get shot… I’M GOING TO GET SHOT! James: Don’t go!
Jaiden: Hey!
Adam: …GET SHOT! James: Tim, I just wanna say I love you man… James: Adam get back here and play the game!
Adam (Defiantly): No! Jaiden: I mean, we’re just going to wait and draw it out longer…
Adam: You’re right. *Many shots fired, much screaming* *even more screaming and gunshots* Jaiden: James and Tim got it right so-
James and Tim (Interupting): WHAT!
Jaiden: You only got shot once! Adam: WHAT ARE YOU BABIES CRYING ABOUT? Adam: I GOT SHOT FOUR- *gunshots and scream and laughter and stuff* Adam: Can I shoot him?
Jaiden: No.
*shoots Adam* *outro music start playing* *shoots James* James: That was like, not painful at all. Jaiden: Ah. *shoot James* James: OW!! *Laughter* ♪ Hark how the bells ♪
(Captions Made By: Evilcookies, MEHISCAT, and OrangeToadBro_1) ♪ Sweet silver bells ♪
(Captions Made By: Evilcookies, MEHISCAT, and OrangeToadBro_1) ♪ All seem to say ♪
(Captions Made By: Evilcookies, MEHISCAT, and OrangeToadBro_1) ♪ Throw cares away! ♪
(Captions Made By: Evilcookies, MEHISCAT, and OrangeToadBro_1) ♪ Christmas is here! ♪
(Captions Made By: Evilcookies, MEHISCAT, and OrangeToadBro_1) *unintelligible* *clap sync* *Jaiden shoot James* *screaming* James (High Pitched): What was that for!!
Adam: YES! Jaiden: It’s syncing the mics! *laughter* Jaiden: Oh my gawd…it’s like, it’s like bumps…
Adam: Wow…

100 thoughts on “Christmas Trivia Game! (Jaiden shot us)”

  1. me: i am impressed by jaiden actually shooting them I FEED OFF OF THE BOYS PAIN YESSSSSSS JAIDEN SHOOT THEM TO DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO MEAN!!! BUT I LIKE IT!!!

  2. jaiden: shoots james
    james: screams so loud everyone watching this goes deaf
    jaiden: shoots adam
    adam: screams louder than a baby
    jaiden: shoots tim
    tim: screams louder than a baby as well
    adam james and tim: cowering in fear

    jaiden: laughs like a mainiac
    me: i can see her being the real life PENNYWISE of Youtube
    people watching: dying of laughter of how these GROWN MEN screaming LOUDER THAN BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jaiden! I thought you were sweet! What happened to you?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! (Jk luv ur vids) I LOVE IT WHEN YOU SHOOT THEM WITH AN AIRSOFT GUN! (I'm not a hater it's just funny to me)

    Edit: I'm one of the worst fans ever that loves watching all 4 of u guys.
    Edit 2: sometimes I watch tabbes

    Yesterday morning: as soon as I woke up. Tabbes highlights almost all morning.

  4. 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 I HATE THIS VIDEO!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  5. Jaiden is like a pscopath here
    P.S. yes, i know what a psycopath is, its not always violent but lets pretend that it always were for this time please?

  6. I listened to this with out headphones….

    I was getting some weird looks.
    -gun shots
    -grown men screaming
    -jaidens sadistic laugh

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