Christmas Vacation (2/10) Movie CLIP – The Griswold Family Christmas Tree (1989) HD

Made pretty good time. [wolf howls] Russ: Dad, didn’t they
invent christmas tree lots So people wouldn’t have to drive
all the way out to nowhere And waste a whole Saturday? They invented them,
russ, Because people
forgot how to have A fun, old-fashioned
family christmas And are satisfied With scrawny, dead
overpriced trees That have
no special meaning. Audrey:
My toes are numb. You see, kids, this is
what our forefathers did. Audrey:
I can’t feel my leg. They walked
into the woods, They picked out
that special tree, And they cut it down
with their bare hands. Audrey: Mom,
I can’t feel my hips! Yes, honey?
Clark? Audrey’s frozen
from the waist down. It’s all part of
the experience, honey. There it is. [choir singing] The griswold family
christmas tree. Isn’t it
a little big? It’s not big.
It’s just…Full. Dad, that thing wouldn’t
fit in our yard. It’s not going
in our yard, russ. It’s going
in our living room. [teeth chattering] Ah. Look at it. It really is
beautiful, clark. Something else,
huh, russ? Yeah, dad. Isn’t it a beaut, audrey? She’ll see it
later, honey. Her eyes are frozen. The most enduring traditions
of the season are best enjoyed In the warm embrace
of kith and kin.

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  1. @fdandrea13 I don't know how many times I have seen this movie. I'm a huge fan of Big Bang, and just never put the two together lol. I always thought Johnny got his start on Rosanne.

  2. When I first saw Big Bang Theory, I was surprised that it was Johnny Galecki playing Leonard, this is the only other thing I've seen him in.

  3. I have watched this film virtually every christmas since I was 8 (so about 10 years!). I have only recently started to watch The Big Bang Theory & my word, do I love it. It is now my favorite tv show! I never realised that Johnny is both Leornard & Russ. On top of that, I watched the film 'In Time' & never thought one of the actors in that film was Johnny either! He seems to get everywhere! 😀

  4. You know before Johnny took the role of Leonard on The Big Bang Theory he was best known for his role on Roseanne as David Healy (Darlenes boyfriend) he said that the show itself made him into the great actor he is today. It is just kind of funny because his character on Roseanne was an awkward/passive aggressive guy like Leonard but his personality wasn't as geeky as on the big bang just a little fun fact for the ppl who dont know what role really made Johnny into the great actor he is today

  5. The Church said it was ok for Viking's to keep the tree for the Yule festival which is fused to the Christmas festival………>>(Birth of Spring!/Birth of Jesus!)…………And we all get to eat all that Viking party food! And drink!! ……………Arr! get me a ship!!

  6. "Where do you think you're gonna put a tree that big?"
    "Bend over and I'll show you."
    "You got a lot of nerves talking to me like that, Griswold."
    "I wasn't talking to you." XD

  7. Has anyone noticed on the back of the special edition dvd box there is a picture of Clark and the family standing in a Christmas tree lot looking down at the owner of the lot, who is seated on a lawn chair surrounded by a bunch of scrawny and various colored trees? This must be from a deleted scene that was supposed to take place before Clark goes out to dig up his own tree. Has anyone seen any deleted scenes from Christmas Vacation? Thanks for sharing this clip!

  8. "Shut Up God! We love Christmas!"

  9. Hey movie clips! You didn't show them driving off with that huge fucking tree tied to their car with the roots still intact!

  10. CV has got to be the most reflective movie of family dysfunction in America and also the funniest. Annual Christmas movie none the less LOL

  11. "She'll see it later honey, her eyes are frozen."

    Nearly 25 years I have never forgotten that line.

    Always makes me laugh!

  12. – Dad, didnt they develop working red offroad car in middle of nowhere to not waste whole saturday by walking in snow?
    – They invented it Russ because crew and director must drive here in something that big, that it is quite noticeable behind me.
    – Can we drive with them home to not suffer this winter walking again?
    – No, that is part of the experience.

  13. One year, my dad actually did forget the saw and we didn't quote that "boom" at the end (Ironic since we can quote this movie word for word). Luckily, we live in a New York suburb with plenty of tree farmers who have their own saws.

  14. That sure is a beautiful tree. I have a tee shirt that has that tree and it's roots hanging off their car and the shirt says "Griswold's Family Christmas."


  16. It sounds like when it does the dad did you bring a saw part the noise after he says it it sounds like barn almost

  17. Its refreshing to see realistic looking snow in Hollywood movies. I guess shooting it in Illinois has something to do with it as opposed to California.

  18. I m so happy cuz I never cheat any girls n who c me what I do is not shame for me I just want my 👶 wife to believe me it's enough for me

  19. This movie along with Home Alone 1&2 are always great to watch . Not understand why some people like my uncle hate movies like that he says that's it is stupid without originality and for kids under 10 ….shrugs…. To me this movie as Home Alone are movies for all ages and mainly for people being alone at Christmas it brings some happiness and warmth .

  20. 1:52 Trying to find this sound effect on YouTube is driving me crazy. The only other thing I know is that it was used in Spongebob. Does anyone know the name please?

  21. I think its wired seeing Johnny Galecki in this movie when your so used to seeing him as Leonard Hofstadter in The Big Bang Theory. Best Christmas movie ever hands down.

  22. Miss the best part where they show the tree being hauled from the roots and all while playing sad Christmas song lol

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