Christmas Visitations

19 thoughts on “Christmas Visitations”

  1. So proud to have been such a big part of this – thank you Paul for the opportunity, and thank you to everyone involved!

  2. Visually striking, Wonderful fully committed performances, Editing was on-point and had a melodic flow, the score was very fitting and went perfectly! Annnnnd yet the story was refreshing. Ha usually the story will be tad bit off if all of these elements are perfect.. not this time. Oh and the art dept. rocked it as well… Loved it!

  3. Beautiful work! I really enjoyed every piece of it! btw, the credit are an absolute wonder for the eyes 🙂

  4. This is truly a work of art. Your cinematographer/ DP created a living, breathing antique Christmas card and did a stunning job with such rich, warm tones. As always the actors were brilliant and the direction was focused. Bravo my friend!! I'm quite serious- you need to expand this into a feature- I've never seen the story from jacob's perspective……I really can't say enough about how wonderful I think this is. xoxoxo

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