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Okay, it’s that time of year, it’s Christmas
and that means it’s not only the best time of year, but very possible the most stressful
time of year. So I have put together a whole load of tips, cheats, hacks, shortcuts, that
can help you make this Christmas the best one ever. Cranberry sauce making your own is a joy. I always use frozen cranberries, in my book
I’ve got the most fantastic cranberry sauce recipe with maple syrup and cinnamon and it’s
gorgeous but many of you, yes many of you get jarred cranberry sauce and it’s good,
it’s really good but what I want to show you is how you can cheat and really pimp up this
cranberry sauce to be even better then ever before but unbelievably simple. So think about
some fruits that are in season, apples, pears, quinces, slice them up. Get rid of the core
and just lightly fry them in a little butter and a few bay leaves, a little cinnamon in
there and a tiny bit of sugar and you can start to caramelise those fruits. Those chunks
and those flavours will really really lift the flavour of any standard cranberry sauce.
In a matter of minutes you can take shop bought cranberry sauce that’s very convenient and
make it super super exciting. That my friends is a brilliant little tip. Pigs in blankets are loved by people so much but they can be way more exciting. The original
pigs in blankets is a really good chipolata wrapped in smoky bacon. What I want to do
is embellish it by putting some sage on. I love sage. And then the next one, black pudding.
Just break it out the skin and then you can remould it almost like the same shape as the
sausage, so so good. And last but not least, fantastic brie or camembar cheese. You know
that that’s gonna cook up really really good. Take a little thyme and I also like to take
just a little bit of walnut. Look at that combo. So there in a oiled tray, they can go in a fridge for two days, you can put them in a freezer, you can cook them from frozen
till golden and crisp, about 20 minutes at 190 degrees celsius, 375 farenheight and there
you go that is a beautiful pigs in blankets and there cousins and friends and if you want
more ideas have a look in the book there’s loads. Another great little tip is to make a get ahead gravy. There’s a lot of things going
on on Christmas day so what I do, is simply roast of a load of veggies and chicken wings,
add some port, some flour, some stock. Simmer it out. I’ve got a beautiful recipe I can
give you but then most importantly, weeks in advance you can bag up incredible gravy
and then with this, I freeze it flat and when you put it in a freezer flat like this, it
will become like a little booklet and you can put that efficiently into the freezer waiting
for the big day. Now when it is the big day, no matter what you’re roasting, whether it’s
a turkey, a joint of beef, pork or whatever. You take that meat off to rest and then you
skim the fat off your roasting tray and then you can add a little water and then crack
open your get a head gravy. There’s nothing better then to make gravy with another gravy.
Double gravy double pleasure, what are you waiting for? Make this Christmas gravy the
best one yet. Go for it. Let me give you a tip, a hack that absolutely
rocks the world of the best roast potato. We have very agreeable looking roast potatoes,
they’ve been par boiled, they’ve then been tossed in a little butter and olive oil. They’ve
been roasted and now they are golden. Get something flat, like a masher, accentuate
this roast potato by just lightly squashing it. Making more surface area for the crispiness
and we’re letting the kind of inside just puff out. Once you’ve done this you will never
ever ever look back. Put the sage on the top like this. They go back in the oven for 10
minutes and these herbs will become delicious. Then there’s one last tip – vinegar. Get down
the chemist, buy one of those empty little spritzers, basically put vinegar in there
and as the potatoes come out you give them a little spritz like that, and it immediately
evaporates, and puts a kind of tang on your roast potatoes like you can’t believe. Beautiful
what you waiting for? Get roasting and get squashing. Good luck, I hope you have the
best Christmas ever without too much stress, take care.

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  1. Destress Christmas: make a list and a timeline when to prep and what to buy like a week ahead. The planning takes like 15 Minutes but saves time through out the entire christmas days.

  2. Thanks for the tips Jamie! I can't wait to try them. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your family. xoxo 🙂

  3. A nebulizer for the potatoes?? … What a fawesome idea! A half dozen other uses popped into my head after seeing that. Thanks, Jamie! Whoohoo!

  4. Holy Freakin' crap Jamie? I can cheat with the Gravy???? how have I never done this!!! thank you! – Also, Im stealing the bigs in blankets ideas, many to try! cheers!

  5. I am moroccan muslim but i love this season so much because of you hhh … this year i am making youre turkey gravy and roasted potatos… for the first time ever wish me luck😉

  6. My Mum has just broken her ankle. I’m doing everything from paying bills to buying presents for 3 people to food shops, cooking and cleaning for 7. Definitely stressful doing it solo.

  7. Love the cranberry sauce hack, definitely giving that a go this Christmas. Sending Lots of love to you and your family and all your amazing team, from jade in Auckland New Zealand

  8. What a brilliant idea, putting vinegar in a spray bottle… and misting the spuds. I'm gonna try this!! Thanks Jamie

  9. for me, it's just strange to see western christmas recipes which most of them are sweet, while in my hometown (fusion between central & north sulawesi at Indonesia, which have plenty of christian people who celebrate christmas) celebrate it with total spiciness.

    "Tabasco" level? nope. far too's like vinegar instead

  10. Thanks, Jamie. I let same comments under each video, hoping, you will read one. Have you heard about Georgian (Caucasian) cuisine and wine? You have to taste. Believe me, you will never ever forget them both! Just ask google before preparing the suitcase 🙂

  11. Hello Jamie! I'm from Brazil and let me tell you that your channel with tons of recipes, hacks and tips has changed my way of cooking with my two daughters. You rock. Merry Christmas and a happy New year with tons of new recipes. Congrats.

  12. Thank you for the tips Jamie! Just wanted to ask what kind of potatoes should I buy in order to make them crispy yet fluffy on the inside? Many thanks! ☺️✌🏽

  13. I just watched the pass the pad Episode where you and Ksi are in it lol that’s why I subbed and why I am here

  14. Вырос на твоих рецептах и до сих пор ими пользуюсь!

  15. Jamie, I have one question. Is there any food you dont like?
    Please let me know. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas with your family as well 🙂

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