Cocoa and Carols

[applause] Three things: Yes, there really is hot chocolate in the lower lobby afterwards, it’s not just part of a clever title. So, yes, you can go enjoy that. Number two: it says on your program page, please withhold your applause until the very end of the entire program. You may want to applaud, and don’t. *laughter* It goes faster, and there’s a lot of pieces that are linked, so we’re just gonna go straight through it. And third: there are places in our second carol, First Noel, where we’d like you to sing. And so I’m gonna be turning around and I’m gonna be watching you, and if you’re not back there singin’, if you’re not back there singin’, I’m gonna have you up here on stage with me, right here. *more laughter* So, the first verse of First Noel and then the second and third verses of O Come, Emmanuel. They’ll bring up the house lights, so kinda you can see what you’re singin’ about, but please join us and very importantly, all you parents out there, thank you so much for your sons and daughters. They’re just terrific. It’s been awesome to work with them, and thank you, in starting this wonderful holiday season with the spirit of hope and peace and joy. Thank you very much. [applause] [programing information available in description] [music] This next piece will stretch a little bit, certainly stretches, us, our USingers. Uh, this is a new composition by a, very talented, young Latvian composer, but it’s talking about the Northern Lights, and you can hear it originally sung in original Latvian, and then we sing parts of it also then in English. You’re also going to hear it accompanied by some unusual, and kind of some new, wonderful sounding tuned, tuned wine glasses, so to speak. This is really an unbelievable sound that you’re going to be hearing. [music] [applause] [transcribed by Hannah Bell]

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