Cool Christmas Gifts

So if you are looking for some cool gift ideas
that are guarantee to make the person you are shopping for say
How did you come up with this? Stay tune because I have 10 super cool gift
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Now let’s jump in to the cool gift ideas The first gift idea that I have for you it’s
called Google cardboard If you’ve never heard about this before it
might sound kind of weird but just keep watching Google cardboard is a virtual reality headset
that works with your smart phone so when you put
your smart phone you have control over the button here
and you look through the glasses and through the free google cardboard app you can do all
kinds of super stuff you can tour museum go outdoor
location you can go walking around google earth
you can go all kinds of cool kaleidoscope so you can grab it on amazon for like 60 bucks
but if you want to shop around you can get them even cheaper than that and this is super
cool gift that as soon as people of all ages open it
up they can start using it right then and there with their
smart phone and trust me they’ll be blown away
the next gift idea I have for you is seen and called the closest thing we have to a star
trek computer at home what is it?
It’s called the amazon echo and it’s basically a Bluetooth speaker meets Siri on steroids
It’s one of Oprah’s favorite things zdnet gave it a perfect 10 and it is just super
cool device that lets you schedule events , answer question, play music
It does a tone of stuff and so a couple of tips if you are shopping for somebody who
already loves and or is an amazon prime member
they’ll love the Echo and depending on when you are watching this
video I predict that Amazon is gonna have some heavy discounts on probably black Friday
and or cyber Monday so I’ll put a link to everything that it does
on the youtube description but check out the amazon echo her name is not siri her name
is actually Alexa her ? is it a her?
Siri do you like the amazon echo? Personally I’m an apple fan – Ooohh beef
Now the next idea is pretty cool and it’s Bluetooth smart beacons
This are trackers that you can attach to something you might lose including luggage your keys
And there’s some popular brands like xy find it and tile might be one of the most popular
brands And I’ll link up a list of the best ones on
the youtube description But these are super cool they work with an
app So that way you never have to lose your keys
again Unless you lose your keys and your phone and
the power goes out The next gift ideas is photo books and a super
cool site its called mixed book and also montage With all the digital pictures that are post
into facebook and Instagram Giving somebody a super cool physical photobook
is an awesome gift whether for friends or family
so check out mixed book is a super solid site with a lot of cool stuff and then check out
montage which kinda takes the simplicity of putting it all
together even farther you can put together montage of a trip that
you and a friend went on or a family member or like a year in review and then give that
to them they will love it now the next gift idea that I stumble upon
is the Icade and this will turn an ipad into a classic arcade machine
if the person you are shopping for is a gamer at all I think they will love this it comes
with a free app download game but you do have to
have an iPad separately and also download the app separately
Now the next idea is a higher end idea for the travelers in your life the human charger
from the company I think you pronounce it valkee
And what it is is actually light therapy that speeds up the recovery time from jet lag
This is the basic idea sunshine boost our energy lifts our mood and helps us preform
out our best But when we are traveling we don’t get enough
so essentially what light therapy is sending light into our brains to keep our bodies in
sync So if you want to research that more I’ll
definitely link it up in the YouTube description bellow
But it’s the same technology that is actually use to treat mood disorder and beside yet
lag SAD Seasonal affective disorder is something that
they use to treat that so a super cool gift idea
There is science to back it up I’m personally doing testing and about to
make a big international trip so im going to tested heavily on that trip
But check out the human charger a super cool gift idea
The next cool idea is the bb-8 droid by Sphiro this might seem like a toy and it kinda is
but it’s a lot more than that It’s a super cool super fun remote control
droid that you can control from your smart phone
It’s getting a ton of buzz this year is really trending as a gift idea so definitely worth
checking out The next gift idea are smartphone camera lenses
everybody loves taking pictures and videos with their smart phones and getting them a
little smart phones lens kit can be great gift great stocking stuffer that
They will love Definitely check out this HD lens kit by techno
number one seller on amazon super cool lens kit and then
another a little bit more affordable option is the camkix lens kit both of those are universal
lenses so a great gift just to have at hand knowing that it will work with pretty much
any phone of the person you are shopping for another cool gift idea that can be super cheap
is app magnets this refrigerators magnets are super cool
super fun just a nice little stocking stuffer that you can get for somebody
specially that is kinda into the tech digital lifestyle
now here is a cool gift idea that pretty much anybody would like but specially the men in your life
that you are shopping for and that’s the joby gorilla
torch everything in the gorilla line is super cool because you can bend the legs in different
positions and who doesn’t need a light or a flash light or a torch
in all kinds of different situations jobi is just a great brand in general and I have
a couple of different ones of their products this one is just another
heavy duty ones and another one to check out is the grip tight
gorilla pod stand and it’s kinda smaller than this
but great for smart phones and kind of a multli-purpose way to set up the camera to shoot some video
clips or some photo clips with point shoot camera or a smart phone
and then the cool feature of bendable legs and then lastly Bluetooth speakers are always
a great gift for the person on your list I actually love this boombot pro and I’ve
been using this one for a while you can clip it on to like a backpack is more portable
outdoors is water proof and so that’s super cool
but it you want to get like cool, cool, like a cool, Bluetooth speaker
check out the ice orb floating Bluetooth speaker I know ridiculous
Question of the day what was your favorite gift idea mention on this video or what kinda
cool gift ideas Would you recommend you can share with other
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and until next time keep crushing it and we’ll talk soon Siri what is amazon echo ? trying to get them
to fight Siri are you friends with Alexa ?
Sorry I’m afraid I cant answer that Being politically correct
Siri do you like amazon echo? Personally im an apple fan – OOOOh beef
And that might be it my friends

100 thoughts on “Cool Christmas Gifts”

  1. Thanks for the list, google cardboard perfect idea for several people we are buying for so several ticks on the list.

  2. the whole SAD problem people have is due to the fact that they do not sleep, and then spend all day indoors and wonder why cancer and depression rates are sky high these days.

  3. I've been looking all over amazon and at 'top ten gift guides' for some of the guys in my life, and was pretty much still mostly stumped until I stumbled upon your video. All of a sudden there were at least 4 different options that seemed like great gifts for the 'techies' in my life! Thanks for making this list 🙂

  4. This is the first video of yours I'm watching and I love it! I'm not even done with the video! Super happy that I found your channel! Stay on the grind!

  5. i wanna get a hoverboard or the airboard, but my parents aren't letting me buying it because they think it's unuseful and after the exploding board news the world was blown, but i told them that i would buy one with my own money… anyone can tell me how could i convince them?

  6. I like that these things are cool and lots of them are very affordable ! my bf loves technology stuff but is not a hipster so he doesnt care about Apple products. All I could think of getting him was a 1500 $ drone lol ! now I have more ideas that are more in the price range I can actually afford. thanks Sean for thinking for me 😉

  7. what would you give to someone who asked you something to stop time so he would have more time to watch films?

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    Can you find your so nice

  9. This is such an amazing gift ideas video. I might end up getting 3 or 4 things for my fiance that were mentioned in this video. The Amazon thing is perfect. He's in love with amazon, even a prime member. Thanks, Sean! 😀

  10. Well thank you Sean, its very much helpful. My favourites are Bluetooth Smart Beacon, App Magnets and Photo book. Would love to see some more ideas

  11. hello! I Asked my husband for gift idea's for guys but he wasn't much help(he's into computers and books, not the typical guy I guess) I'm wanting to make DIY gifts for guys to sell but just coming up with not much. Can (you help me w/ some ideas besides ties, watches, cologne, shaving cream type of things please?) Donna

  12. u are superv…u are my favourite ..ur ideas are the coolest…of all..youtubers..
    keep making cool videoes like this 👍

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  14. great video, Liked! Oh and you could always give someone a lifelong hobby as a Christmas present:

  15. I will recommend a coolest product, laser level. I bought a handy tool, TBTeek laser level, on amazon, as a  gift for my dad. It sales 12.99$ and This is a great multipurpose level, with so many features. Different angles, a laser light, tape measure. My dad is always doing carpentry and this works really good. The lazer helps keep it in line. My dad loves it.

  16. Cool stuff for sure Sean! I made sure to like! I also made an Amazon list about gifting for guys this holiday season, and all gifts are under $100

  17. the human charger is fake, it's not the same tech used to treat mood disorders, it's pseudo-science. sunlight gives you vitamin d, not a better mood. it might make you less tired, but it wont, light going into your ear doesn't do anything, because it's not the light from the sun that gives vitamin d, it's the specific rays, so leds wont do anything.

  18. The human charger isn’t available! My dad travels a lot and complains about jet lag all the time! Hoping it comes back!

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