Cool Christmas Tech Gift Ideas (For Every Budget)

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  1. Can you recommend a windshield car mount for a canon g7 mark 2? I have been all over YouTube and Amazon but can't seem to find one that I trust will work but I trust your opinion. Please help!!!

  2. Am at 350 Enteries for the giveaway am referring alot of people to get to your videos i sent all my fans over to here watch and share 180Ppl Referred and signed up etc #Teamthinkmedia

  3. Great video. I Iike the podcast one. Is that Joby tripod as good as the new ones? It is built well. I've heard some bad reviews.

  4. Sean – do you know of any audio mixing boards that accept 3.5 mm stereo headphone jacks? I have 2-3 PC's or laptops that are sources and a desktop speaker system with a headphone jack. I want to feed all 3 sources to the speakers, but I need slider volume controls on each input. Sometimes I am listening to YouTube, Netflix, etc., while gaming so I want these to be louder. Sometimes I am chatting or doing intense gaming so I want the PC/Xbox volume louder. I have the "Hopewell" selector switch so I can cut things in/out, but no mixing board seems to accept stereo inputs without "Y" adaptors.

  5. What are your top tech gift ideas this year?

    The best top tech I dea I have and can suggest is:
    One with lots of lead lasts a very long, long, long time!

  6. Great list, I'd add one for people who use Apple products: the Airpods are an awesome gift in the same price range as your bose head phones. Almost a must have for people with the apple watch or iPhone with no headphone jack.

  7. I wish I could afford such cool cameras! But I'm a broke ass uni student with no money and big aspirations 😂😂😥😥

  8. I also really enjoy my pair of jaybird x3s great to workout in so if anyone has a new years resolution to get fit it can be a great motivator but also in general a great set of earphones

  9. Really hate putting this in the comments but newer to YouTube trying to get our name out there! Any support would be awesome will support back!

  10. Hi I love ur video. But could you maybe do a video with gift ideas and stuff for android/haiwei/Nokia or whatever phones that isn't iPhone. Thx

  11. Hey sean, I have $1200 to spend on a camera. I already have lights, microphones, and everything like that, so cameras are my only concern. I was wondering, should I get a G7X mark 11 AND a panasonic G7, OR should I just get an 80d. Thanks! loved the video!

  12. You are so animated in your videos. How do you do that. Also, I have a pretty monotone voice. Do you have any suggestions for that?

  13. Such a product could be attached to the phone related to the zooming of the remote images, I think your relatives may be a good gift, here it is×60-monocular-hd-prism-scope-w-tripod

  14. I have a Canon sl2, a GoPro hero 5 black and a smartphone. What is the best budget gimbal for me? I was thinking ikan ms pro or crane m. Which is best? Thanks!

  15. Hello Sean, I was watching videos from Video Influencers and from your channel, lighting is very important but I stuck on this level because I want to make videos about ballroom dancing and in this type of videos you not gonna be real close to the camera so that's my question, how to set lighting for this kind of videos?
    Thank you for everything what you doing, it's helps a lot
    Keep crushing it

  16. Hey bro, love your stuff, can you do a video about Facebook Watch? I heard Gary Vee talking about it recently and want to learn about how to get started.

  17. Alright man, I have been learning from you (and many others) for months now so to show my appreciation I just did 90% of my Christmas shopping through your Amazon Affiliate links. I bought 2 Canon SL2’s, 2 new lenses, 3 Joby tripods and some other odds and ends. Thanks for all of the valuable info you share and the proffessional way you do it! Merry Christmas brother!

  18. Hey Sean! Do you know any good cameras that capture movement very well without giving that blurred/smeared affect? If you know what I mean. Thanks 🙂

  19. Isn't Google taking YouTube off of all Amazon streaming devices? Amazon refuses to sell Google Cast and Google was not happy about it.

  20. A great over ear headphone is v-moda headphones. They have a Bluetooth headphone and if you forget to charge it you can actually connect a cord to the headphone to connect to your phone or music player. Best part is for free you can add a design on the plates of your headphone or even submit your own design like a personal logo or for a fee you can get 3D side plates. If y’all wanna check out the audio items they have check out

  21. Can you please please please do a comparison about the 200d/sl2 and the m100. these are 2 camera's priced at the same price point, but i am sure there are differences. I'm thinking about getting a camera and deciding to get the sl2 or m100, but no one has done a comparison vid and you got them both. Greetings from holland keep up the good work!
    i am sure there are more people looking at this price point

  22. Hot damn I really want to try out that Canon M100, looks amazing I bet it would really help with vlogging while I create some artwork.

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