Creating Custom Christmas Garland

Happy Holidays, everyone, and welcome to the
Hobby Lobby Creative Studio! Today we’ll be creating lush, beautiful
greenery for holiday home décor that will wow your friends and family. I’ve got lots of tips and tricks for you
from start to finish, so let’s rewind, grab some supplies and start DIYing! To start, you’ll want to organize all the
elements of your garland in order to make the whole process that much smoother. And as for attaching your garland, 3M Command
Hooks save the day — they’re strong enough to hold the garland up, but easy to remove
come January. Just put hooks on the top of the mantel at
each corner, which will compensate for the downward pull of the garland. Now, the easiest way to hang a garland evenly
is by finding its middle and lining that up with the center of the mantel. … Hold it there and tuck the ends into the
top hooks. Adjust as needed, and then wrap a sprig around
each hook to keep it all in place. Using a lighted garland removes that extra
step and lets you jump ahead to fluffing up the branches — we want greenery that’s
nice and full! And we’re going to make things even fuller
by cutting a separate garland into lots of smaller sprigs that can be added to the mix. Chenille stems are perfect for attaching the
sprigs to the garland since they twist and secure easily, and blend right into the greenery. Add as many as you need to achieve the look
you want, and move right along to pine needle picks. These add yet another element of color and
texture, which is part of the reason this garland is so stunning. Check out how life-like the garland becomes
by just adding that extra greenery! All right, time for some ribbon. We’re using a patterned accent ribbon, along
with a solid colored one to compliment it. Use the tuck and twist method to attach the
ribbon — if you need more instruction on how to do that, check out our Christmas tree
decorating videos. We’ve found that a more random ribbon arrangement
looks best, with loops appearing to come from within the garland instead of just wrapping
around. It’s not the holidays without some poinsettias,
right? The trick is trimming the stems and bending
each into a shepherd’s hook that can be slipped into and around the garland. Because these poinsettias are pretty big,
a few go a long way. Next is adding ornaments. If they’re large like these, spread just
three of four out over the whole garland. After securing all the bigger ornaments, you
can go back and fill in with smaller ones. There’s no right or wrong way to do it,
just think balance. One more trick to try with ornaments is nestling
them down into the greenery instead of simply setting them on top. OK, all that’s left now is adding the finishing
touches. First, berry picks, which look great spilling
out next to each poinsettia. You can use smaller berry clusters, too, to
sprinkle throughout the garland. To brighten things some more, I’m adding
gold magnolia leaf stems. Try alternating the direction that they point,
some facing up and some down. Extra sparkle is always a good idea, and these
glittered sprigs fit the bill. Tuck a few wherever your garland needs a little
pick me up. Remember that garland I cut up to use for
added greenery? These tiny buds came from that too and give
the garland that final bit of life-like texture. And last but not least, faux antlers provide
some unexpected personality. Once your garland is complete, you’ll have
a stunning décor piece and the skills to make additional projects.… …Think garlands for bannisters and side
tables, or a coordinating wreath, like this one. Thanks for joining us today at the Hobby Lobby
Creative Studio—*doorbell*—Oh, time to let the holidays in!

35 thoughts on “Creating Custom Christmas Garland”

  1. This is a very beautiful arrangement. I worry about the center draping down though? Our fireplace is electric/gas that does give of heat. Thanks you Hobby Lobby for the idea and tips. Have A Magical Day!♥

  2. Very pretty but you don't really do very well on demonstrating how you do things, like the ribbon for example.. I think if you slowed down a bit it would be a much better demonstration DIY video.. Other than that it looks stunning…

  3. I love this! Can you please tell me what you used to cut the stem of your picks? Can I purchase this cutter at HL? Thanks!

  4. hey tnk u enjoyed this video. yuh style was truly the best I saw online so far gd job and may god bless u lots for Xmas and the new yr ahead my dear

  5. hey tnk u enjoyed this video. yuh style was truly the best I saw online so far gd job and may god bless u lots for Xmas and the new yr ahead my dear

  6. hey tnk u enjoyed this video. yuh style was truly the best I saw online so far gd job and may god bless u lots for Xmas and the new yr ahead my dear

  7. Wow those sprigs add a lot of wow factor. Remember your supposed to wait -I think it's an hour b4 hanging anything from the hooks. That way the adhesive gets a good grip.

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