Cutting Down Our Own Real Christmas Tree in Canada Plus A Visit in Giant Tiger

Good morning everyone. Today is December 15, 2018.
We are going to Yuletide Christmas tree park Christmas tree Farm farm I mean not park we are going to buy a Christmas Tree, live Christmas tree though we have a Christmas Tree already, the plastic but we want to experience the real Christmas tree yeah we are going to brother Chuck sugar it’s just your feeling she doesn’t recognize us. There’s a lot of people why you cut the video we should have a picture at the wreath so we are already here in the
Yuletide Christmas tree farm there’s a sunshine today and the temperature is 5C it’s not so cold unlike on the previous days that it drops to – 15 -16 there’s a chicken chickens here wear winter coat, they are not cold there are ducks in the side chickens can do it why not us shiny shiny what? The wagon left that’s the Christmas trees others go directly at their trees because they came over here oops, there’s a car, Sunshine others came over last month to reserve their trees already the trees here are already tag(reserve)? or no there’s a price 50
maybe if you don’t want to cut your own trees if you don’t want to cut your own tree there’s a pre cut here that’s Nancy where’s Chuck? we will wait first the wagon, it already left they said this is quite it looks like a moose look at the head of Llama What happen to the head of llama? we’re gonna show you the chicken on a winter coat Doc Kim what kind of chicken is this? it looks like a dog we will wait for them Blithe please hold my gloves can you carry this do not swing it
you may hit Iya and Sunshine That one
Where? that’s big not that one, nobody chooses that
we will go on the other side let us feel the moment this one has tag already it looks like a plastic okay I’m not wearing winter boots Why you didn’t wear your winter boots? it’s not even Blithe be careful this one any tree on this side We are confused on which tree to pick the one I pick earlier is looks nice already. This is not a fake tree that is perfectly shape that’s what I like, wide I’ll show you that’s what I like
Blithe be careful you may hit Sunshine how about that we don’t know what tree we will cut I’ve found a perfect one you said earlier that we will only get a 3 feet tree and now you want a 6 feet tree Ok, we will get a smaller tree
maybe we can get a discount so where? that one it’s so small the other one this one I’ve found the perfect one it’s small but fluff Dad look there’s a snow angel Shine move in the other side you didn’t inform us. If you want to snow angel on that side this is what you said that is perfect this is okay how about this one that one can I cut? that tree, it’s small maybe it’s only 20 there are no leaves in the other side we found the tree we like it may be difficult for you, I’ll cut it he wants to try
that’s the reason why we’re here I’ll help you be careful okay almost there Blithe here you go again it smells good it’s your turn Blithe that way Shine hold it Iya hold it in the other side Mom help them, pull it a little bit and and there you go careful ha yeah shine help she’s holding only one leaf try to lift it Oh we are really in Canada because our tree is real one No, we are in a farm Dad, we are in the farm not in Canada Where are we? in the farm you may put it at the front okay another tree so we pick our tree already and we are going back. But we will stop here to pick up another tree yeah there are other people on that side we pick that tree instead, so small because we have a small house the car besides us already left Where’s the rope? I don’t know these are the saw used in cutting the Christmas tree they have rope available music was turned off they have free hot chocolate so good so this is the real purpose why
we celebrate Christmas the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ chickens with winter coat the hot chocolate has mint there are many people we are going home it’s a great experience for us
it’s our first time to have a live Chirstmas tree we already put our tree at the top
it won’t fit here inside what happen to her we are going home we plan to pay but we expect also that they will give it to us for free because they are our close friend When I asked the price they said that it will be their Christmas present to us we are grateful they are one of the people who help us when we are still new here they said that we should come back after the busy season last time we went to their house to eat before we are hesitant to take a video How’s your experience? What did you do earlier? Blithe cuts the Christmas tree We highly recommend if you’re new here If the kids haven’t seen a chicken, they chickens here. there are many chickens in the Philippines, it’s Alpaca we are going home, she will decorate it later we are going to buy a Christmas tree stand
you cannot just put it anywhere, it has a plastic base from time to time you need to put water in the based
because if the tree is dried it may cause fire so you need put water How much is the based? $2 $5 dollars the base?
No, it’s $15 Earlier they even offered Christmas lights let’s drop by at the Giant Tiger we are going home we are going inside the Giant Tiger here because we will look if they base of the Christmas tree Where are you going? let’s go directly to the stand How much?
$3.50 only let’s buy this it’s cheaper here we will do this on Christmas time there are winter coats here
$30 only, the regular price is 59 35 now What is that? What is that?
How much? ice cream
$3.99 yes we have strawberry in the house we are already here in our house
we bought a stand for the Christmas tree I was not able to take a video earlier
here it is the stand that we bought is
nineteen, almost $20 plus tax our other Christmas tree is here this is our Christmas tree in the Philippines Sunshine will put the star Who is our star? not you. Who is the reason why we celebrate Christmas?

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  1. sir' bgo n car nyo ah' hm po?
    congratz po s inyo'
    subscrver hir po fr japan'
    pgblik q po ng pnas sna mkaaply din ppunta jan' ngiipon p po'
    more power po s inyo'👌

  2. Giant tiger store dito lang sa harap nang place namin mas mura talaga jan lalo na yong sa mga pang bata at mga kitchen ware nila

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