Dangerous Christmas Laser Show Upgrade – 1000x Stronger

now I’m not one to decorate for holidays
when I saw this laser star projector in the Christmas decorations aisle I
figured that this would be a decoration that I could probably enjoy but I have a
feeling it’s going to need some heavy modification before it’s acceptable so I
powered up this is a laser show here and as you can tell it’s very disappointing.
like is this thing even on? I can barely see anything! it needs to be at
least a thousand times stronger I mean come on it’s the 21st century this thing
should at least be able to light some things on fire so I guess I’m gonna have
to tear this thing down and see if I can make it much stronger the construction
on this laser show is fairly simple so you have two laser modules here, a red
and a green one, then up front you have some diffraction gratings. in fact
there’s two on each side here and then one of these on each side is connected
to some gears that’s hooked up to a motor so once the motor turns on it
starts rotating one of those diffraction gratings and then you get all those
changing patterns on the wall diffraction gratings are cool little
optics that can be used to split up laser beams as well as decompose light
into its constituent colors and in fact it relies on the wave properties of
light to cause that interference and by changing the distance between the slits
on the grating as well its geometry you can get a ton of different patterns by
shining laser beams through them. I have this five watt blue laser diode that I
want to shove inside that laser show but this is going to bring a few issues. for
one this little dinky driver board is way too weak to power a a 5 watt blue
laser and also because this the power output is going to be a thousand times
stronger the optics inside this thing are likely going to fail so I’m gonna
have to do a few modifications to this thing in order to get it running. so I’m
gonna go ahead and state the obvious and say that a device that shines a 5 watt
laser all over the place is extremely dangerous. in fact it’s getting hit by
one of those tiny stray beams would give you permanent eye damage so I do
not recommend you do this one at home now to give you an idea on the power of
this new laser here’s a laser safety chart. so the original product had a
power of five milliwatts it’s that second line there. so it’s just barely
off the beginning. there now anything in this range between about 5 and 500
milliwatts eh that’s about the range we’re getting a direct hit in the eye is
going to cause permanent eye damage or even just a reflection off of a shiny
surface now the highest danger rating imposed by the fda is at a half watt
and that’s the class 4 designation now anything above here can give you eye damage just from looking at the spot on the wall and my five watt laser is ten
times over this highest danger safety rating here so it’s like way way way way
over here. so yeah this thing could really mess you up if you took a hit so
yeah I’m definitely gonna wear laser goggles. now before I throw this laser
inside that projector I feel like we should screw around with it just a
little bit so let me fire this thing up okay that’s a very intense beam here’s a
match yeah that’s much stronger than the original laser. here’s the casing of that
laser projector yeah shot right through it crazy a little of nitrocellulose and a little ferrocerium powder. I’m gonna
see if this little plastic diffraction grating will survive in the beam. alright
here we go… so far it’s doing pretty well and it is awesome how splits
up those beams. all right that’s enough screwing around it’s time to stick the
laser inside of this projector. so this laser diode module does fit inside the
heatsink of the old laser module that came with a unit but it’s a little bit
loose and considering how strong this laser diode is I feel like it’s gonna
overheat in just a few seconds if I don’t do anything about that so I’m
gonna try replacing the heatsink. here’s what I’ve come out with so far
now this laser module in here that has the five watt laser diode did not fit
snugly in that original heatsink so I put it in that a new heatsink and then
put a fan next to it to keep it cool and then also I built a laser diode driver
to power up that blue laser and now you can’t just simply hook up a laser diode
directly to a power supply because you’ll blow it so I had to build this
nice current regulated driver here and I think it should work pretty well here’s
the finished product so yes that’s contained is the original thing but my
device is a lot smaller so the heart of the device is right here it contains the
the laser the diffraction gratings as well as the motor and here’s the
original power board that I have still controlling the motor there now here’s
my own driver here that powers the laser diode
and I have two switches here one for the laser as well as one for the fan here
and then I have this beefy DC power supply that powers up the whole thing so
yeah that’s it and without further ado let’s get this thing running. all right
moment of truth does it work? that’s ridiculous
so yeah I may be able to blend you instantly but it is a lot cooler than the original
product. this laser has only been on for a few seconds but it’s already starting
to burn a hole through that diffraction grating you can see that a blemish there
on the left I’m gonna see if sandwich in this diffraction grating in between a
couple planes of glass will help mitigate this burning effect I’m hoping
that the glass will act as a weak heat sink or at least keep out the oxygen for
when it gets hot so we’ll give this thing a try. now in my opinion I feel
that Christmas decorations are only worth putting up if they at least carry
some risk of a burn or electrocution. so let’s see if this thing can do that to
me oh ouch Oh burns so good apparently this thing is strong enough
to engrave black plastic I’m gonna leave it on for about an hour see what kind of
pattern it leaves. so it’s been about an hour let’s see what it looks like now
huh that is not what I was expecting that’s really really cool must be some
sort of Easter egg put in by the manufacturer. I fogged up this bathroom a bunch to see what the effect looks like Wow his awesome absurdly powerful oh and
for the record those are not my hair products over there. I wish I could point
the camera into the lasers but I’m scared of a nuke sensor on this thing
so I’m not gonna do that but I bet you it would be very very cool. if it
wasn’t for that whole permanent blindness thing I’d love to put a mirror
on every surface of the room and then shine this thing around
around. it would give a crazy crazy effect I really really wish I could take off my
goggles and experience this in person but that would likely be the last thing
I ever see. although it would be a pretty cool last thing to see to be
honest. here I’ve stuck a jar of fluorescein solution in the beam path
wow that is so cool incredibly bright here I’ve zoomed in so
you can see the details of that changing beam pattern it’s super super awesome so
that’s about it for this video I hope you all enjoyed it and I apologize if I
sound kind of hoarse. I got some stupid respiratory infection for awhile
it just won’t go away in fact I was going to wait till after I got better to
post this video but it’s been so long I might as well just get something out
there. I guess I’d like to give you a few channel updates for one I got my laser
bazooka video back so that is super awesome because I thought it’s gonna be
gone for good because YouTube said it was misleading but I guess somebody
reviewed it and agreed that it was not a misleading title so I’m super thankful
about that and then also I’d like to thank all my patreons. I’m getting a ton
of support from that website recently and I just can’t thank you enough all
that funding is going to go to some awesome projects and I’m planning I’m
really stepping up my game here so yeah until next time stay safe and happy lasing!!

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