Delicious Treats from Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party in 2018

my name is Amy GoodPaster and I am the
pastry sous chef for Magic Kingdom welcome to Mickey’s very Merry Christmas
party so we have some desserts and some savory items feature for you tonight we
have these Scrooge McDuck eggnog cup layers of chocolate cake
eggnog custard and meringue with our McDuck dollar on top this is a gluten
friendly option that you can find it’s storybook treats party nights only we
have our spicy chocolate Yule Log featuring the three kava arrows well
police Navidad its chocolate mousse chocolate cake with spicy chocolate
ganache this can be found all day every day at Pecos Bill’s via mobile ordering
only or on the regular menu boards party nights at Pecos Bill cafe we have our
zero Red Bull today this can be found at Sleepy Hollow
currently party nights only what’s starting December 1st you’ll be able to
find it all day every day through the month it is our zero
red velvet waffles Vanel ice cream chocolate sauce whipped cream and
sprinkles to honor the Nightmare Before Christmas
25th anniversary our vanellope Eclair this one you know we
have a new record Ralph Ralph breaks the internet coming out Thanksgiving week so
we wanted to add a little tribute to that movie and we have a fruity cereal
pastry cream inside of a freshly baked Eclair rolled in icing and fruity cereal
with our vanellope white chocolate pieces this can be found at Gaston
tavern party nights only our sugar rush cupcake featuring wreck-it Ralph one of
our favorite scenes in the first movie when he gets stuck in the debate cupcake
it’s going to be vanilla and red Velvets world cake with buttercream peppermint
and then we have her sweet treats that are dipped in chocolate to represent his
hands our Christmas cookie milkshake that you can find at the antigravity ‘zv
all day every day this is going to be a Christmas cookie milkshake with green
cotton candy and our Mickey marshmallow strong we have our ugly sweater brownie
that you can find at Casey’s corner all day every day it takes the perfect
selfie with your ugly sweater we move on to our lease navidad nachos
you can find these at Pecos Bill cafe there are red and green tortilla chips
with a house-made turkey chili queso and then you kind of make sure to hit that
topping bar load up everything you can think that we have on that topping bar
and really it makes them delicious this is our holiday burger that you can find
at cosmic rays cafe currently you can find this all day every day via mobile
ordering only and then on our party nights you will find it on the regular
menu boards it is Texas toast with burger patty monster cheese turkey gravy
stuffing and cranberry sauce I would have to say that the three comedy arrows
spiced chocolate Yule Log is personally my favorite it’s enough of sweet and
just give that little hint of spice perfect

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