Disney Christmas Cruise Grand Cayman | Day 4

Good morning everybody, today we are at..what
is it again?..Grand Cayman..Grand Cayman..what she said so we’re going to Grand Cayman but
first we are going to get Breakfast. And also tomorrow is going to be Cozumel and
Pirate Night. Oh ya, I forgot about that Pirate Night is
tomorrow and Cozumel too so let’s go. So we decided to get breakfast at Cabana’s. We missed all the other breakfastes since
we slept in late so now we have like 15 minutes to get through breakfast. Ya I think it closes in like 15 minutes. Disney Bacon. The kids love the Disney Bacon here of just
Disney Bacon in general right? Oh look at all those interesting ones. They have all these eggs Benedict ones with
portabello mushrooms and regular and Hollandaise sauce and bacon. You’re gonna go for it huh? Op, are you gonna do Mickey Waffles this morning? No, no Mickey Waffles? Are we just doing strawberries itself, you’re
not doing anything with it? Just French Toast. Interesting..all righty. And then of course they have Krispy Kreme
donuts. I don’t know if you guys know this or not
but they actually make Krispy Kreme Donuts. They have the recipe so they are authentic
Krispy Kreme. All right since we’re in Grand Cayman, we
have to take a tender to the island which means we’re kinda hanging out in theatre until
they get a group of a hundred and I don’t know how many they have to get together. I think they said 75 right? So 75. And then we’re all gonna go down to the gangway
and get on a boat So the cool thing is we are at the …theatre and we have utopia on
and then we have a crew member that is coming up with some really really bad bad bad jokes. I am. Hunter, you soaking all these bad jokes up? You’re the queen of bad jokes. Can I tell you one more? Ya, Kelly learned a new joke. What do you call a deer with no eyes? I don’t know what? No idear…What do you call a deer with no
eyes and no legs? Still no I dea. What do you call a cake with three eyes? CAKE. What do you call a bear with no ears? Bee. what is it? A bear with no ears? Bee. All right we’re off to our tender boat. Hunter learned a bunch of really bad jokes
now, yup. Kelly did too. What do you call a pig with three eyes? What Piiiggg. We’re going to be hearing these bad jokes
all day. Piiiig. All day. I have no ideer still. Still no idear. Still no idear. So this is the tender boat. It’s just a little boat right next to the
ship. Mom…Disney Cruise, kinda like Disney World
has a whole section of mosquito repellent in case you feel like you need it. Oh look, we found a big old pirate. Look at this Pirate. And we all sit down. A pirate, a pirate and a parrot. did I call
him a Pirate. I called him a eirate too. So we found a Parrot and a Pirate. Tim is off at Margaritaville, not like we
haven’t been there eight thousand times but this one has a pool and a slide so we’re gonna
go check it out. Oh my gosh, that’s awesome. So no one is actually in the pool. No one would expect it, they didn’t wear a
swimsuit..ya. That is awesome. You’re in the pool, there you go. So we’re just kinda wandering Grand Cayman. We decided just to check out all the shopping,
check out a little bit of the Island. So it looks like you can walk all the way
around over to Harley Davidson’s way over there. The kids are finding some super cute plush. Look at the Ray. I either want to get this or this. So you can get a picture for your souvenir
or a Ray. Oh, look at that Ray’s face. Is that yummy? ha ha ha ha All right, Daddy’s had it before
so let’s see what he thinks. Tastes like coconut water. It tastes kind good. It tastes kind good, look at that face, that
doesn’t look kinda…it would be better if it were cold. I say it’s gonna be warm. You gonna try some more Hunter? Are you sure? Yes, I’m sure. Kelly is going to go for round two, let’s
see if it makes a difference. Going back for more. OK I’m good. Do you like it? Ya. Are you sure? Yes. What’s it taste like? I don’t know, tastes kinda sweet. ha ha ha on the way back to the ship, Kelly
thinks he’s gonna get some bug spray. Oh ya so it’s got bug spray. here’s the bug spray and also a wipe, gonna
get a wipe? All right, tender back. Look at all the fish right by the boat. There’s a bunch of them. There’s actually reef right out this way. That’s why I guess the ships can’t come close
to Grand Cayman. We actually did a snorkeling trip one time
when we were here, right over this way between all those boats right there and you can see
it’s super close to shore. So there must be a reef right around here. Look at the pretty changes in color like greens
here and turquoise out a little farther, it’s just beautiful. We’re back on the boat and what’s gonna happen
is we’re gonna go to the pool to do the Aqua Duck or Aqua Dunk and we’re also gonna eat. Ya so Ya. Oh ya. Everyone’s in Grand Cayman still so the pool’s
looking a little empty. Look at that I don’t think anybody is in line
for the Aqua Dunk. Sweet. So Hunter and Tim are gonna go up and ride. Look there’s nobody in line. This is definitely the time to do it. Hunter’s up first. Here goes Hunter. Whew hoo Hunter. Tim’s up next. Whoo hoo. What did you think of the Aqua Dunk? It was awesome. Was it awesome? I was scared, I like stopped at the top saying
I didn’t want to but then I decided to go in and I was like think of puppies, think
of puppies. ha ha ha, And I thought about the Pug that
sticks his tongue out, that was super cute. And that made you feel better and then you
did it? High Five! Way to go kid. It doesn’t scare you just when you go down. So that initial drop huh? Hunter’s up in a minute, you can see her at
the very top of the slide in TV. Little girl goes and the next Hunter’s turn. There she goes. Whoo hoo. We’re grabbin lunch by the pool at the boiler
bites. Which has hamburger, cheeseburger, hot dogs,
the guys got Pizza at the other side so I’m gonna grab something here. There’s my cheeseburger. Let’s go get some toppins. all kinds of Toppings. I do want some ketchup for my fries. Do you want bar b que sauce. No thank you but I do want ketchup for my
fries and a little bit of mustard for my hamburger. That is perfect. Thank you. Masterpiece. All right let’s go eat. Kelly and Tim got Pizza from Pinocchio’s Pizzaria
which is right by the pool. So here’s all the pizza’s you can get. Chip and Dale! Over and Under..The kids came back from children’s
programming. What did you make? I made this because I made. root beer float, well I didn’t make it. Oh so that’s like a car hop hat? Oh ya so you put your name on it. OK let’s see it on. Chef Hunter. I like it. Pretty flowers. So Kelly and Tim went where? The Buena Vista Theatre to watch the Queen
of Cataway. the Queen of Cataway? Did you like that movie? Ya. I heard it was really good. You thought it was good? Yes, very motivational. Did you cry? A little bit yes. Did you cry? Oh ya. And Moana is playing at the Buena Vista Theatre
and at the Walt Disney Theatre. We’re gonna do this one because we don’t want
to watch 3D right? huh uh. So we’re gonna watch Moana in the Walt Disney
Theatre versus the Walt Disney Theatre. This one is not going to be as crowded too. Isn’t that cool,Moana just came out in Theatres.Moana
kida reminds me of .of I can’t remember her name, she’s from Island of the Blue Dolphin. Oh ya, I don’t know her name. I know who you’re talking about though. I know what her name means, it means long
brown hair or black hair. Hunter and Kelly decided they wanted to sit
way up close in the very front row. That’s a little too close so we sent them
down there and we’re sitting way up here. All right we are off to put our fish extenders
stuff. Hunter’s first, she’s got a stack of Mickey
ears and some plush, so many decorated rooms. You found um? Can you get it in? Be very gentle with them. Gonna stay in, I think it’s gonna fall..oh
oh. Mater’s gonna fall out. Next, Oh look at that, 6130. We’ll find Kelly’s Oh I like theirs. All right that one is done, where to next? I have an eight, Hunter..you have seven right? Eight and seven so ..all right let’s go to
deck seven and then to deck eight. That’s a new one for us..so I’m not really
sure what that is. ha ha ha..It looks like a duck but it’s very
tall, with wings..well ducks have wings but it’s very tall. Penguin..is it a Penguin? I think it’s a Penguin. Maybe it’s a Penguin waddling it’s way across
our bed. ha ha ha. I think it’s a Penguin. What do you think it is? Penguin? Some kind of hybrid duck? I don’t know. That was really cute the story telling with
Mrs Claus, super cute and then have the surprise with all the characters at the end. That was really fun. So I’m going to pick up the kids in children’s
programming and we are going to bed cause tomorrow we ‘re in Cozumel and we have lots
to do tomorrow. So good night, we’ll see you guys tomorrow,
keep on dreamin and Love you all. Bye

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