Disney Cruise Castaway Cay! | Castaway Cay 5K Disney Christmas Cruise

We are pumped ..well I’m not pumped I could
be sleeping in but I’m taking these guys. These guys are pumped, Castaway Key 5 K. He’s
going, he’s not too excited about it. Windy and rainy. She’s ready. ha ha ha. They’re excited, Tim is going to do the Castaway
Cay 5K with the kids. I would be doing it with them but I hurt my
knee in a random skate boarding incident..we won’t talk about it. Still hurting. And it’s still hurting so I’m out so I’m going
to be the photographer for today and they’re running and they’re excited. I’m going to run all the way. Are you going to run the whole thing? No, not the whole thing, I’m going to take
a few breaks and walk but I’m going to run most of the time. ha ha ha how’s Daddy? Is Daddy pumped? Oh ya, I’m pumped. Daddy got up like 6 o’clock this morning,
he’s so pumped ready to go. I got up at 2 this morning. You got up at 2, you were that pumped? Wow. Just do it! I was that pumped.Just do it. Make your dreams come true. Just do it!! We have to go to Fathoms this morning, we
have to go to Fathoms and go as a whole group down off the ship. Why? Castaway Cay i5k group gets to get off the
ship even before the guests so it’s kinda cool you get to the island before anybody
else. So that’s where we’re heading to Fathoms and
then leaving as a group to go to the 5K. They definitely,..I remember the days..do
you remember the days when this was just a run with the crew. It was just hey, the rest of the crew is going
to do a run this morning, you’re welcome to join us, and like that’s the way it used to
be. And now it’s an official run with the medals
at the end. A nice set up at the end, don’t you remember
the medals are really nice. The medals are really nice. We had the crazy eye stare off this morning. Let’s see, Hunter let’s see your crazy eyes. whoa. I don’t know Tim, let’s see your crazy eyes. I don’t know I think Tim’s got it,..whose
going to break first. How you feelin? Doing great. Hang in there. whoo hoo. Kelly and Tim. So the kids are in Edge and they want to stay
in Edge all day so that means..we get to go to Serenity Bay, the adult only beach on Castaway
Cay. This is Serenity Bay..oh look at the Pelican
hanging out. Last time we were here we saw a bunch of starfish
in the water..but i’ts really very relaxing, you can walk all the way down, all the way
to the other side over there, very relaxing. So we’re going to spend a little bit of time
here and then meet the kids over at Pelican Plunge when they’re over there with Edge. It was very windy and rainy over swing bay, we headed
back over to Pelican Plunge area. Sea Life, Sea Urchins, Sharks, All of this
could be part of your fun day at Castaway Cay. We’re going to lunch at Porky’s Zoo Bar b
Que. Look the sun is trying to come out. You can do it. They’re all grillin’ in the back Over here
we have potato salad, couscous and tomato onion salad and cole slaw. Then we hamburgers that you can smell on the
grill, oh my gosh that smells amazing. And this is the best part right here, the
banana bread is amazing. Tim’s favorite are the chocolate chip cookies
put those between ice cream…amazing. It’s freezing outside, I think I have three
of Tim’s shirts on but you know what we’re in Castaway Cay, gotta have ice cream even
when it’s cold. Thank goodness I have my Mickey Ears warming
my head too. They have a new roped off area for snorkeling
which is nice. Looks like a nice area to go snorkeling. You can always bring your own snorkeling equipment
but you still have to get one of these fluorescent yellow life vest things and use those cause
you can’t actually snorkel in the water unless you have those. Don’t see a lot of stuff snorkeling, there’s
a lot of white fish you see and then you see like Minnie Mouse and Mickey is under there
somewhere. Hit the water and realize how cold it is. There goes KellTOK. There goes Hunter. ha ha ha Even with the wind and rain the Disney
Magic still looks amazing. Such a cool view. I love it. We got back onto the ship and they have hot
chocolate right here which is perfect cause we’re all freezing. Our last night at the Walt Disney Theatre..Tonight’s
show is Dream. Tonight’s show is Tim’s favorite. Nope. We would only, we’re only going because Kelly
and Hunter really really really want to go. And I don’t know why…It’s a story about
a girl whose encouraged to jump off a building. ha ha ha That is true but with pixie dust
for Peter Pan..so that’s a nice, that’s a nice story. It’s a story about a girl who is encouraged
to jump off a buliding. Back to Animator’s Palace for dinner tonight. This is a fun one where we actually get to
animate and it comes to life. Kelly, you ready to do a drawing tonight? Oh, we’re doing a drawing tonight? Hunter, do you know what you’re gonna draw? Here is your art work where you draw your
own character right there and then sign your name and it’s gonna come to life later on
in the show. Hunter is done with her masterpiece. I love it Hunter. What was your inspiration? Nothing. I just thought of a hoodie..ok draw. Look I was going to make a onesie but it didn’t
work like I didn’t like how…Oh so that’s a hoodie not hair? oh gotcha. I decided to put a hoodie, cause I wanted
to do pajamas ones. Oh pajama onesies. Oh I like it. Here’s my little girl which I don’t know if
you guys can see, hidden Mickey watch. See Tim’s Just crazy eyes. He has crazy eyes just like Tim. There you go with your crazy eyes go. ha ha ha. Kelly is still working on his. Kelly it looks good. Kelly is really concentrating. Here’s Kelly’s final character which is really
cool looking. So they have a somewhat interesting menu tonight
and the only appetizer option is their appetizer sampler that has a couple shrimp, that’s duck
breast and a smoked salmon tar tar, which we had earlier in the week. I think they do this for expediency to get
things out because of animation magic tonight but it’s a little unusual that you have only
one option for your appetizer. I’ll be back later but right now sit back
and relax as the dining room presents your dish. Tim got the macaroni and cheese potato soup. Right? So how does that taste..is it good? He thought that would be a strange combination. It’s like a liquid version of the kids macaroni
and cheese. Oh that sounds good, This is the last night
of the cruise and Hunter doesn’t get mac and cheese. She gets a burger. What’s going on. Tragic, It is tragic Tonight I kinda got something
on the lighter side. I know that is shocking that this is on the
lighter side But I got the steak and potatoes. I got the chicken schnitzel which is a chicken
breast which is pounded flat and breaded and fried. All right do that three times fast. Chicken breast pounded flat, no chicken schnitzel,
yea that’s not for a family channel. You got a big surprise, ha ha ha All right..1,2,3
Got a Happy Birthday Button too. Cool. Disney Cruise button. Mom’s right here, oh and mine too. Kelly’s Elf on a shelf, oh that’s cute. Ice Skating. mine again. What was your favorite part? My favorite part was with the characters but
and like your drawings dancing with the characters. That was cool..I saw Dad’s, Oh Dad’s was with
a character? I didn;t see mine. I didn’t see mine either. What character? I can’t remember. So at the end of the show we get them back
and have a little seal on them now so now we’re official animators. Tonight was a Crab…look at that. That’s a cool one. That is a cool one. I like that. Tonight is to put all our luggage out, we’ve
already put out two of our bags. This one is nuts. I don’ t think I told you guys or showed you
that but this one, like the porter’s crack the bottom, There literally is a big hole
at the bottom of our suitcase. but this is all the suitcase we have. Op no roller it..see. No roller, no roller, big hole so um ya you
can see it kind slants so we have no choice though This is the only luggage we have besides
the other two suitcases and we need it so we borrowed duct tape from guest services
to see that we added duct tape to it. So hopefully it will last. But tonight is the night that we have to get
all of our luggage out so we already got two of the suitcases out, I gotta get this third
one out and housekeeping will take it to custom’s for us tomorrow and Ya. so that’s the fun
and excitement of the day before you debark. Debark? disembark, disembark! Suitcases are packed. We gotta get this out to the hall but Hunter
did you want to remind everyone of something? Yes, always take extra clothes before you
give your suitcase the day before you disembark, grab clothes, because you’ll have to give
them your bag and you’ll be wearing pajamas all day. You don’t want to wear pajamas off the ship. Did you pack your clothes for tomorrow? No, but did you? No,, you had a birthday, you’re a tween now. I’m already a tween. You should be packing your own stuff. twelve? Eleven. Hiding away from responsibility. That was pretty good but I know you can do
better. How are we doing tonight? Welcome everybody one last time through the
lobby atrium both on behalf of Captain and all the crew here aboard the Disney Magic. We hope you had an absolutely fantastic cruise
and you are taking home memories that will last a lifetime. But I got to know is it just me or did this
cruise go way to fast? So you know what instead of saying farewell,
I thought we’d hold off a little bit longer and say hello instead. I’ve got a bunch of my Disney Friends that
want to come out and see you one last time. Would you like to see em? Yes…No no no you gotta do better than that..would
you like to see em? Yes. All right, that’s what we’re looking for. Charmed, Hook, Mickey good to see you Mickey. Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto and of
course Belle, Cinderella and Rapunzel. It’s Minnie All right you ready? awesome thank you Minnie. All right, you’re up kid. Happy Birthday..thank you. Hey Pluto!! How old are you today? um eleven. Hey Pluto. Big Hug. ha ha ha. I hope you guys enjoyed this video, give it
a like, subscribe and I’ll see you guys later. Bye

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  1. Hey! Are you guys going on a cruise sometime next August? I'm going on my fourth Disney cruise in August on the Fantasy, and would be awesome to see you guys!

  2. I would like to ask when your going on your next fantasy cruise it might not be for a while but we are going on our 7th Disney cruise in march my parents 8th

  3. What time does the Castaway Cay run begin and approx end? Wondering if it conflicts with my morning port excursion I have booked on the Jan 11 cruise coming up. Thanks!!

  4. why i shy away from hard case luggage. had a former coworker have a nice steel case, andshe said looked like an airport worker just threw it on the corner of a cart, as there was a huge hole in the middle of the case.

  5. By the way, if they do indeed break your luggage or suitcase you can take it to customer services and they will do their best to fix it. Something similar happened to my luggage and they fixed it! Just a little heads up!

  6. In November I went on the Fantasy and was going to run it, but I ended up breaking my toe on the first day. Great video.

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