Disney World Christmas 2016 – Mickey’s very merry christmas party

Mickeys very merry Christmas party it’s the best time of year Walt Disney World and I know a lot of people are going to say I much prefer the halloween party if you get so much more candy and stuff like this can walk out with bags of candy way to go but when you go to the Christmas party yet hot chocolate and cookies and that’s it let me explain to you why you’re completely wrong your tickets may say seven o’clock but the part that you get in a 4 so make sure you show up as early as possible to make sure you get to enjoy all the magic disney has to offer it’s like licking on a light switch for the holiday spirit the first thing you’re going to want to do is grab your exclusive sorcerers card for the very merry christmas party and then look around for some hot chocolate and some holiday cookies when the kiosks are opening all over the place it’s a great way to start the night off I know you’ll be tempted to stake out a spot for the christmas parade but the second parade is much less crowded you get a much better view so take that time to explore the rest of the park like the jingle cruise set up exclusively for the holidays which goes on for niles and niles and niles if you don’t believe that you are in disbelief believe jokes to me guys i am actually very dangerous river to navigate this time of year in this because of the high Yuletide yes I know the jokes are as corny as ever but isn’t that the charm of the jungle cruise after all now it’s time to explore more parts of the park like into moral and last year they had voice play performing singing all your Christmas favorites next maybe do a character Greek and I know a lot of people say to kids really care about disney like they did when we were children will look at the smiles on these children’s faces is proof that they shared you I’ll tell you nothing brings a smile to a parents face or a tier sometimes for that matter and watching this place is light up of the children when they get to meet their favorite characters and they interact with them in person it’s absolutely the best thing a parent can do now it’s time to get ready for the stage show in front of Castle this year stage show is all new it’s called Mickey’s most merius celebration he had try saying that three times fast it’s going to feature the Fab five Mickey Minnie Donald doc pluto and goofy but expect some of your other favorite characters to show up as well like Cinderella LAN or snow white ensure the after the stage performance it’s time for the amazing celebrate the magic projections show if it’s one thing that disney has perfected over the years i believe it’s the projection shows they are absolutely amazing whether it be magic kingdom or animal kingdom vs now it’s time to stake out that spot for the best Parade that disney has to offer Mickey’s very merry christmas parade where you get to see the Big Cheese Mickey and Minnie celebrating the holidays in their finest holiday year not to mention Daisy and Donald you’re going to see beast you’re going to see the princess’s you’re going to see everybody tons of characters from all your favorite shows not only that the thing that really gets me going is when I see the march of the wooden soldiers from babes in toyland from my childhood this brings that movie readout of the pages and I get to see it live and shortly after that usually is followed by the big guy himself the only other guy who could upstage disney’s mickey mouse had magic kingdom Santa Claus yes Mickey is very merry christmas parade is truly spectacular you can take hundreds of photos during this diamond cherish every single one so capping off tonight for the parade Santa Claus leaves and this is when most of the locals tend to start filing out because they’ve seen the fireworks before and a lot of them just want to get ahead of the traffic so if you’re visiting and staying on property or at the hotel’s this is the perfect time to enjoy the snowfall yes it’s going to snow on main street in florida and then take a look at the fireworks disney spares no expense whatsoever on the Christmas fireworks they will light up the skies and light up your christmas spirit all at the same time so if you’re looking for holiday cheer there’s no better place in the most magical place on earth come on down and visit with Disney and all their friends i am gone garden valley vacations and i hope you enjoyed today’s video if you did please give it a thumbs up if you like to see more videos about vacation destinations or travel tips please click the subscribe button until then have a good day and a great vacation

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