DIY CHRISTMAS EVE BOX 2016: Last Minute Ideas for Toddlers & Reeindeer Food Recipe | Ysis Lorenna

hi guys today i’m going to share with you what’s in James’ Christmas Eve Box. I made it myself. I got everything pretty much out of amazon prime so you can still get it done for your children if you left it to the last minute. For the box itself you can get anything that you have at home i chose a medium-sized wooden box that I just had lying around the house and I dressed it up with some Christmas wrapping paper that I had from last year it was so easy to do you can buy Christmas Eve boxes from places like not on the high street and other places but I didn’t have much time left to order and I still wanted to make something pretty and special for Jason will be filled with gifts and things so it’s not gonna matter whether or not it’s wrapped on the inside to make it look more festive inside i put in some green tinsel that I have left my Christmas decorations the first thing that seems Christmas Eve box is a new blanket in the sisters the red-and-white starry blanket like I said I’ve got everything of amazon prime but you can get it from any high street shops if you’re find it very last minute so just roll the blankets and wrapped around with a little red bow next time putting in a book and this is a gift set that came with the that’s not my snowman book and a cuddly snowman which are shown James loves i also got him a christmas coloring book because he’s really into coloring at the moment and he will love doing some activities on christmas eve but also wrap some last-minute presence and to go with the book I got him a pack of crayons this is a pack of 24 so there are plenty in there for him to create this masterpiece I got him some bath toys especially for his bedtime back from Christmas Eve and these are festive rubber dogs and I thought they were absolutely adorable just next I got him a pair of festive pajamas I didn’t want anything with too much of a pattern because I wanted to be able to wear this after Christmas so I got him this checkered pattern pajamas and a para festa socks i picked up this snow globe for him which I thought was plastic but it turns out its class so i’m not gonna let me play unsupervised with it but I still thought it was a nice touch then I have a sound of paper plate to put father Christmas mince pies on and a cup with a straw of our Christmases milk now it’s time to add some reindeer food which i made myself and I’m going to show you now how easy it was to put some cereal in a ziploc bag with some colorful sprinkles and a little bit of black chocolate chips and white chocolate chips then I seal the bag and give it a good match to mix all the ingredients together once it was ready I put everything in the middle plastic bag and close the bag with a gold ribbon that I got from my Christmas tree decorations and then added a little candy cane from the Christmas tree as well to make it more festive and that is that that is the reindeer food GUI next it’s time to put incense magic key so he can get in and deliver our presents on Christmas morning and i decided to jazz up our key little bit more so I got this decoration from the Christmas tree is just a little bell and i put it around the loose ball for quick key ring and it just made it look a little bit prettier and more festive Prison shine when the little cup for father Christmas’s milk didn’t fit in the box so it just suddenly out that but that is the book done i hope you guys found this video helpful or useful it was very quick and easy to do it wasn’t expensive after all and you can find all of these things on the high street or even on amazon prime if you’re doing this box late like I did then you’ll still be able to find all of these things this box is tailored for on 12 two-year-old and i hope you found this useful if you take pictures give this video a big thumbs up and don’t forget subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss any of my upcoming videos if you’d like to see more festive videos or DIY videos and leave your comments below your suggestions i hope you have a lovely Christmas whatever you’re doing and i’ll see you in my next video sigh

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  1. Here is JAMES' CHRISTMAS EVE BOX! Did you leave it last minute like me? This video might save your bacon! 🙂 Here's my DIY Christmas Eve Box, complete with Reindeer Food Recipe and ideas for young toddlers. Everything is still available for delivery before Christmas on Amazon Prime – HURRY! 🙂

  2. i like to make reindeer mix with stuff like flower seeds, bird seeds, fruit and veggies seeds, grass seeds, etc. so it benefits my yard and i add red and green sprinkles to make it look festive! 😉 🎄🎁🎅

  3. Hi i wanted to say great video! i'll appreciate if you check out my channel
    It will be cool if you make a what I got for Christmas video!

  4. Olá 🙂 pode pôr legendas em inglês por favor? Porque ao falar tão rápido, para quem está a aprender não entende bem. Muito obrigado, cumprimentos.

  5. I didn't even know about Christmas Eve boxes until Channel Mum! I loooove what you've done – totes going to pinch some ideas! xx

  6. great vlog. you put mine to shame. loved your ideas and I have wrapped a box to put my son's presents in but yours was lovely. xxx

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