DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Gift Ideas People Actually Want 2018!

I’ll be home for a couple of days hey guys and welcome to my channel today I have Jacob here and we’re gonna be doing a video all about Dollar Tree gift ideas that are super easy that people would actually want Jacob went to Dollar Tree with me today and we picked out some gifts for people who do you think they’re like oh yeah we got tree and I want to also introduce you to my girlfriend Cassandra from clutter bug you guys if you have not been on her channel before you definitely need to pop on over there and subscribe she is amazing she’s hilarious she tells it like it is she’s so fun she’s written too killer books about organization she has lots of decorating videos organizing videos how to get your house in order cleaning videos she’s an incredible person she has a heart of gold and you guys are going to love her if you’ve never seen her content before when absolutely fall in love so after you’re done watching this video be sure to pop on over to her channel and check out her gift ideas at all of olive casas video information listed down below and let’s get started with the video are you ready yeah for the very first gift idea we have for you only cost two dollars and you can make an absolutely adorable Christmas tree ornament first grab a small frame from the Dollar Tree and some ribbon and print out a special photo maybe it’s a photo for Grandma and Grandpa or maybe it’s a photo for a friend of you and your girlfriend a really special photo that you can’t wait to share and then print it off on your printer you can use printer paper if you have it if you don’t have that you can use regular paper whatever you have go ahead and use we had printer paper which was perfect we just went ahead and printed it off cut it down to the perfect size so it fits just right and then slide it in make sure it’s snug and then it ends in the perfect spot then grab your hot glue gun and then cut a ribbon about four inches long and glue down the ribbon so that it can hang perfectly on the tree when I hung the ribbon this specific time I wanted to make sure that if the person receiving this gift wanted to change the photo every year that they had the opportunity to but if you wanted to you could even super glue the frame in if you wanted it just to be this specific photo only you could do that as well and then you have the perfect gift that is absolutely priceless and only costs two dollars I think this is perfect you could wrap up in tissue paper and in some Christmas paper and a big pretty bow and it’s a nice little gift to receive we got all these treats from the Dollar Tree and I was really surprised to see some treats that are really healthy and some that were just a classic or a favorite and you can stuff it any way you want and then just make it look presentable and then used to find back to the movie theater a long time ago is it perfect if somebody gave this to you for a Christmas gift would you be excited okay perfect let’s do the next one you ready okay for the third gift idea Jake and I decided to do was a spa mug I feel like this would be perfect for preteen or a teen honestly anybody would appreciate it but I think it would be especially perfect for them the very first thing we grabbed is clear wrap from the Dollar Tree cut it into a square and stuffed it into the mug and then we added things like wet and wild makeup brushes I’ve used their brushes before and they’re actually really nice quality for only a dollar so I went ahead and filled the mug with makeup brushes and nail filer a little manicure kit lots of things that I think would be perfect to open up and then I also added a little makeup bag to the back folded it all up and then tied it with one of the bows from the Dollar Tree and I feel like this is honestly just a perfect gift that absolutely anyone could appreciate [Music] our next gift this is like a perfect gift for somebody who likes baking or somebody likes to cook in the kitchen specifically people who like baking we got a really pretty Christmas towel which I love receiving towels my grandma gives me a dollar tree towels all the time and I get really excited oven mitts that are festive and earth pot holders and then a big oven mitt and then we got a couple Betty Crocker really nice quality spatula and teaspoon measures and then we also got a cookie and brownie mix so we’re gonna try to wrap this and make it look really nice super inexpensive but I feel like this is the perfect gift for somebody who would appreciate it and just get excited something a little doesn’t have to be over-the-top just something little to say Merry Christmas [Music] I can either wrap it with the towel like have you ever been to one of those baby showers where they kind of wrap it together do one of those and then I can actually put some of the utensils in the glove it will be perfect and then use the paper to wrap it up then I got some ribbon to wrap it up I think in the future I would actually grab a little basket for this because there was so much stuff in there that it made it a little hard but I learned that the hard way girlfriend gift for you to get [Music] I hope you guys like your Christmas yes I do

100 thoughts on “DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Gift Ideas People Actually Want 2018!”

  1. Great ideas and I love Cas too. A friend gave me a movie theater gift in the popcorn bucket last year and I loved it!!! She included snacks and a couple movies. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great video love these ideas Myka! Jaka is getting so big. I was wondering the other day in your insta story you said you weren’t sure if you were going to do pregnancy updates this time around, and was wondering why are you not sure if you’re going to do pregnancy updates.

  3. "Gift of time" – Perfect gift for all busy ladies in the world! So they really can do what they want to do, spend time to play, laugh or love 😊

  4. Thanks for all the great ideas. All your kids are special, but Jaka is my favorite. There is just something really special about her. Happy holidays to your family! 💗

  5. Myka your voice is so soothing, i could fall asleep listening to you ( a bit weird? ok sorry lol) but no this gifts are awesome thank you for this ideas 😊

  6. A kid's apron and some cookie dough would be a cute Kids gift & it doubles as an activity. And if you got a plain apron and craft supplies twice as much fun

  7. Your daughter is so adorable! 😘 I'm subscribed to both you and Cassandra on Clutterbug! Both of you had awesome Christmas Present ideas! 🎄🎅. Loved your ideas

  8. So enjoy your family, love the way you love and give. Thanks for sharing some kindness and inspiration. Love the clutter bug!

  9. Aw, Jaka is such a sweetheart! Loved these ideas, and I loved hearing Jaka sing! Melt my heart! ❄️ ❤️ God bless❣️

  10. these are perfect for my 10 year old crafty girl to make for her grandma. She says you should make one for manly men so she can make one for Grampy and Pop because "men are impossible". Except Daddy.

    check out THRIFT-A-BAG subscription box! A great gift idea!!

  12. I love that you did this video with Jaka!! So sweet, these are great ideas. The best question was, "if you got this present, would you be excited about it?" because that fosters so much genuine generosity in our hearts!

  13. New sub and I plan on using a few of you're Christmas ideas to go along with the skillets I already have Pot holders and towels and Jaka did a great job well spoken


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