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Hey guys and welcome to day number 6 in the 12 DIYs of Christmas series here on my channel today I’ll be doing a video that is highly requested every single year, and it is DIY gifts for your Boyfriend / girlfriend / Significant other, basically DIY gifts that are a bit romantic Also, if you didn’t know I’m giving away a polaroid camera you can check out the first video and leave a comment if you’d like to win that. I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial. Let’s get started The first project is this waveform wall art You’ll need to record your voice saying, “I love you” or, you could really say any sentence you want but keep it short Basically you want to get a waveform, which looks something like this Next you’ll need a photo frame, and I’m just quickly using the photo frame to reference how large the drawing needs to be Then I’m using some watercolor paints to copy up the wave form of the sentence that I said Originally I was going to print this, but I thought it looked a little bit nicer with the black paint This is optional, but at the bottom, I wrote out what it said. Then you just need to cut it out to size Put it inside the frame, and you have a minimalist looking piece of wall art to give to your significant other The second project is this memory journal To begin with you’ll need to print out some photos There’s a company called Print And they were kind enough to send me this machine called a Print Pocket which is kind of an on-the-go photo printer It’s really great. You can take it anywhere with you because it’s wireless And you just plug your phone into it and print photos from the app So I printed out about six photos with this, which I’ll be using for this project If you want to see a little bit more about them and check out their website. I’ll have it linked in the description box below Next you’ll need to take a sketchbook Sketchbooks are a bit nicer than regular notebooks because the paper is thicker and it has a nice texture You can make the title page say whatever you like I decided to make it say our adventures and make it adventure themed Next is the fun part, you get to arrange all the photos however you’d like Once you’re happy with the arrangement stick them down The photos from the print machine prints onto this adhesive back paper, which means you can just peel it and stick it down You can also include ticket stubs to movies or concerts or any other little mementos that you may have that relate to the experiences Once you’ve done that take some colored pens and write out some sweet thoughts or memories or sentiments into the journal Here is where you can write literally whatever you want You can also draw some little drawings and doodles along the side of the page And this is how the book turned out, you can add as many pages as you want and you can leave some blank pages to keep adding to throughout the years to come The last project is this StarGazing kit for the cutest date idea ever to begin with do a quick google search and find out some common constellations for whichever part of the world you live in I live in the southern hemisphere so the constellations I chose will be for the southern hemisphere Next on some blue paper, I took a gold and white paint marker and began drawing out these constellations This is going to be a little map for you and your partner to reference So that you can pick out the constellations in the night sky If you want you can also include a lantern with a candle and some matches Then just grab a basket and fill it with as many pillows and blankets as you’d like the more the better Add in your lantern and an inflatable kids pool You guys can then blow up the kids pool and sit inside it with all your blankets and pillows to stargaze It’s the perfect size for two people to fit in and get squishy If you’re worried about a fire you can of course use some battery-operated LED candles Thanks for watching, make sure to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it, and if you’re new here This is part of a series that is 12 days of DIY videos every single day leading up to Christmas So if you’d like to see the rest of the videos you can see them linked in the description box below And if you’re watching this from the future you’ll be able to jump straight into tomorrow’s video Thanks for sticking around, I hope you have a lovely day, and I’ll see you tomorrow

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  1. I'm making a photo journal for my fiance right now for Valentine's day. It's such a lovely idea. It's kind of like a long love letter to them, for them to have for ever.

  2. Hey guys my channel is new it would mean the world if anyone subscribed or at least support 🌹🌹🌹…. enjoy your day 🙂

  3. A rlly cool idea would be to paint the star constellations with glow in the dark paint so u could see it in the dark and not have to use a flashlight

  4. I hope I win the camera or if I don’t I hope that someone who actually loves your videos as much as I do win it

  5. I really love your diy projects. My fiance and I are outdoor lovers and your videos are completely in sync with our lives. Thank you

  6. Tash, great ideas for the fellas! Love the idea of a constellation kit! The blow up pool puts it over the top. How cozy and clever!

  7. Genius ideas…a must try for my hubby. Oh I so love the Prynt Pocket, it is perfect for scrapbooking and journaling, you are blessed to have one. As always, thanks for sharing x

  8. if you want accuracy, just photoshop the wave form to give the wanted colour, then print out. It would make it way better and allow you to "hear" it using an app or something.

  9. Where can i buy that mini printer?
    So cute😍
    Btw Im actually doing a diy gift for my boyfriend😊
    Thanks for ideas

  10. I was desperately looking for a little gift for my boyfriend und you just gave me the perfect idea. He is very into music and electronic sound work so the wave form picture is just perfect. Thank you so much

  11. Awesome, thanks for the video. I book marked it so I can come back when it gets closer to Christmas. I like the black frame with art and that photo printer is the stuff!

  12. Hey Thank you so mush i USE the memori book and insted a memory box to my boyfriend brithday and he loved it 😍 It was so wonderful see he that happy about our old memorys

  13. My name is Natasha Rose Van Greunen that’s so cool that we have the same name 😀

    Oh and I’m definitely trying this on my boyfriend

  14. Hmm I'm not sure if I should make a scratch of advent calendar for my boyfriend or a jar full of reasons why I love him next winter

  15. How do you call the device that prints your photos right from your iPhone? Does it work for Galaxy too? Do you have a link for a purchase?

  16. Thanks for the video u given me good ideas for surprised my hubby and I have a question I love the way you Use your phone to print out the pictures where do you get from. That would be great to surprised to hubby for his birthday.

  17. i really want to do this but since my boyfriend is way better than me in DIY I feel not confident 😹😹😹

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