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Hello everybody so since I’m a huge fan of Harry Potter, which I think most of you know by now I’ve decided to make a video dedicated to Harry Potter Christmas DIYs including some room decor, some gifts and some organization ideas so let’s get started so The first DIY that I want to show you is a snitch ornament, which I think you’ve seen over the internet by now but essentially all you need to do is take a golden bauble and make the wings I used this decoration from the craft store But you could also use some paper or anything that you can find that you think is appropriate for the wings I think this looks really cute, but it’s really cheap and easy to make The next project that I want to show you is this Deathly Hallows tree which you could put on a shelf like a decoration or you could also make it bigger as a wreath or something So first of all I took some thick wire and I molded it into the shape of Deathly Hallows And then I took some pine needles, and I glued them onto the wire. You could also use some fake pine needles, but I think this looks much cuter… and I don’t know it just smells so nice, but it’s also really messy As you can see at first I made a circle for the resurrection stone quite big which I really didn’t like because the Deathly Hallows symbol just turned applause shape so I made the circle much smaller and to finish it off I cut out a yellow star out of cardstock paper, and I glued it onto the top of the tree and that’s it. I think it’s very cute if I can say so myself. So the next DIY is an idea on how to spice up your gifts, so I’m gonna call this Nail-polish potions, but you could also do it with some hand sanitizer, or essentially anything that’s colorful What I did was I took some brown paper and I put some coffee on it to make it more vintage looking and then I just wrote the name of the potion on the brown paper. I cut it out and glued it onto the nailpolish That’s it. It’s really easy, but I think it just makes your gift a bit more special So the next craft is probably my favorite. It’s a floating candle So basically I took a toilet roll without the toilet paper of course And I took a fake candle and I measured out how deep the candle is gonna go, and make sure that the toilet roll is short enough for you to put your fingers through and actually reach the candle and turn it on and off because otherwise that would be kind of awkward What I did with this line, I poked holes through it So that’s gonna act as the the holes that we’re gonna put the thread through and then hang it with.. that was a great sentence. great job Since my candle was a bit smaller than that toilet paper roll I cut out this donut shape out of a card stock paper and I glued it on top of the toilet paper roll to hide the gap and Here’s the fun part: You’re gonna take your hot glue gun and you’re gonna create the wax, and you’re gonna want to make it look like it’s falling down and leaking… and you also want to make sure that you cover the top as well, and now you’re gonna paint the whole thing with some white acrylic paint so it looks more like a candle And then you’re gonna take your fake candle and poke it through the hole at the top and then take a string or two strings and thread them through the opposite holes so you can form a cross which will then hold the candle in air and you can also make a lot of these and hang them from the ceiling. I think that’d be really cute Or just make one as an ornament or something, and yeah, that’s it for this DIY So moving onto the next DIY I’m gonna show you how to make a Harry Potter inspried cup which you could give someone as a present or keep as a display item or drink from it, but I’m not sure if it’s actually safe… so the first thing I did was I dotted the Grim at the bottom of the cup with a sharpie… and by the way the cup isn’t dirty it’s just very old so it’s stained from coffee and stuff so yeah and If you want to spice up the cup even more you could also write espresso patronum on the side of the cup with the Harry Potter font… and I don’t know I just think this is very cute After you have done your design you’re gonna bake your cup in the oven at 180 degree Celsius or 350 Fahrenheit for 30 minutes so your design doesn’t smudge afterwards and it’s like fixed into the cup Now I’m gonna show you how to make a flying key ornament, which is very very very easy So first of all you’re gonna trace out the shape of the wings onto a cardboard and paint it with some coffee to make it look a bit more rusty If you’d like to make your key look a bit more rusty as well, what you can do is take some white acrylic paint and paint the key with it, and once it’s a bit tacky you can paint it with coffee. The acrylic paint will make sure that the coffee actually adheres to the key, because otherwise it would not adhere to it whatsoever Then I just went ahead and made the design of the wings and cut it out and just glued it onto the key and finally all you have to do is attach it to a string You can make a bunch of them and hang them together because I think that would be really really cute And the last DIY is a super super easy gift idea So, I just put some socks into a box Then I just wrote a message saying you are free now. Your master. You could also write anything else with a Dobby reference I don’t know I just think it’s super fun, and it takes your gift to another level And I believe a lot of Harry Potter fans would appreciate this So yeah, that’s it for this video Please give it a like if you enjoyed it and let me know which DIY was your favorite, and yeah, Merry Christmas!

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  1. Adela try getting a Cricut machine it is great for cutting intricate patterns like wings etc. Love your Harry Potter DIYs.

  2. Awesome video as always, Adela! If you're taking suggestions…I'd love to see how you go about studying and organising for IB 🙂 – love from Australia

  3. I love you So much ❤❤ Your videos are best in the world 💕🎁⚡ Merry Christmas ❤ #CzechRepublicFansForever 💕

  4. 2:24

    yeah because I would just LOVE to get a bottle of nail polish that’s labeled “Unicorn Blood” …

  5. My theme for the classroom in 5th grade was harry potter and on my first day I was like ew harry potter but then I read the books and going into the class was the only reason I would like school that year. (Also since we rotated classes all the other classes were harry potter) 😀😀⚡

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