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Hi, I’m Katie with the Hobby Lobby Creative
Studio! If you’re as excited about Christmas as
we are, then you’ll love the hot chocolate bar we’re creating today. It’s festive, inviting, and—best of all—super
easy to make. Let me show you how it all comes together! First, set the scene with a fun sign, like
this felt memo board. For non-permanent board decor, glue ornaments
and other seasonal pieces onto extra or less commonly used letters. That way you can easily change the board’s
look for other occasions! Now spell out a cute phrase that’ll put
people in the holiday spirit … … and top off your sign with a bow made from wire-edged
ribbon. Next, dress up your treat containers with
custom glitter-embossed labels. This year I’m playing on the glossy glittery
theme and embossing my labels. These embossing ink pens make it easy. Just handwrite on your label… …sprinkle
on the embossing powder… …and finish with a heat tool. Once it’s cooled off, combine the labels
with coordinating ribbons and ornaments that match your other Christmas decorations. With the containers done, it’s time to fill
them! One of our favorite ideas starts with wooden
spoons from the Party and Baking Department: Just melt chocolate wafers, and scoop a bit
onto each spoon. For fun flavors and textures, try adding mini
marshmallows, crushed peppermint and more. Functional and beautiful, these spoons really
hit the spot, and they come together in no time. With all the key components arranged, it’s
just a matter of adding the finishing touches. Drape rice lights over the felt memo board
and around the containers to add a warm glow… …and use extra ornaments from your tree
to tie everything together. You’re all set for a truly cheerful holiday
party. Here’s wishing you a very Merry Christmas,
and a New Year full of creativity!

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