Dollar Store Toy Unboxing | Summer Edition | Kamri Noel

100 thoughts on “Dollar Store Toy Unboxing | Summer Edition | Kamri Noel”

  1. this was a realy good video in Scotland we ave something like a dollar store but it is called poundland love your vids xx

  2. You can get these in dollar stores? In pound shops in England you can never get ANYTHING like this that cheap.

  3. OMG I have been looking for those ballooni things for the past 5 years!! I can't believe they have them at the dollar store

  4. K amri u r beautiful A mazind is the word to describe uM agical is ur personality R unning further than we can reachI love u KamriXx

  5. I'm from Florida and we don't have those things from the dollar tree! All we have that I know of was that Woopy cushion!

  6. Kamari you are Amazing I love were the first person I saw on YouTube and I watched only you for a year! Love you😘

  7. I love you Kamri you give me so much inspiration! I am just wondering if you can give me a shout out in your next video!

  8. I just founded out about ur Channel and I LOVE IT KAMRI!!!! Keep up the amazing vids ! If u luv the McKnight family LIKE ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  9. The B'loonies. We have that here in the Philippines and it's called "Plastic Balloon" and I get upset when someone pops mine.

  10. Why is it called a whooPEE cushion if it makes a fart noise not a pee sound it should be called whooFART cushion

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