DOLLAR TREE Christmas Gift Basket Ideas | BEST TIPS + Budget Friendly

100 thoughts on “DOLLAR TREE Christmas Gift Basket Ideas | BEST TIPS + Budget Friendly”

  1. Who doesn't love a Christmas basket?! These are gorgeous ideas and I bet anyone would be happy to receive one of these 🎄💗💗💗

  2. the hot cocoa was my fav i thinking making one for my great aunt as i haven't got her present just realised go when not raining tommrow after appoitment with babies to look for stuff

  3. great ideas. for the hot cocoa basket I would add mini chocolate chips or mint chips. I bought 2 sets of glass salt/pepper shakers at DT and filled them with 2 different sprinkles, cocoa powder and cinnamon. I placed these on my hot cocoa bar. you do have to take the shaker tops off the sprinkle ones but they look cute and work really great for sprinkling cinnamon or cocoa on top of your hot chocolate.

  4. I built a movie box for the family I nanny for. But instead of adding movies, I put in an amazon gift card because they do not have a DVD player.

  5. I love every one of these! I think the one i would love to receive the most would be the cozy basket .i also love the spa one!

  6. Yay early again can you do my lunch name : Aimee country : Malaysia main course : Mac and cheese drink : chocolate milk treat : chocolate chip cookies fruit : mango vegetables : broccoli and cauliflower

  7. Yahhh…kinda waiting for this gift idea video ..u r so talented n u n ur lovely family 😘😘👍stay blessed, healthy and happy.

  8. I did a basket for my sister and her family. I put Uno, Scrabble, and other games. A few gift cards and candy: it was about $50 total but their is 5 of them so it ended up being a $10/person gift!

  9. The soup basket will be perfect for my friend who rarely has time to take a lunch and the spa basket will definitely please my 12 year old who is into this.

  10. Adorable baskets! I might add some small packages of cookies to the cocoa basket! My fave candies are anything Reese’s! Here’s
    a little tip I saw on another channel. Is

  11. I love these baskets and dollar tree!! I’ve been a little stumped on what to do for gifts for some people and I think I know now! 😊 Thank you!

  12. I liked the movie themed basket that would be great for my 6 kids for Christmas but what do I do for my 2 girls living far away? You can't ship gift baskets like that do you have any suggestions.

  13. I like the spa day basket the best, but I feel like the dollar stores would have just about anything that someone could mix and match to tailor a specific person. Will definitely be keeping this in mind for future gift ideas!

  14. My favorite basket was the cozy one.💜💜💜
    My kids loves the movie one (obviously)😋.
    Thanks for share!!
    XOXO from Guadalajara, Jalisco, México 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  15. I'm mid-video, so I apologize if you've covered this, but take a look at the amount of wrapping paper per roll before you purchase! Some only have 15 sq ft ranging up to 50 sq ft and of course, it's all the same price. 🙂 The 50 sq ft options in my local stores (Orlando) say 'bonus buy' on the outside. Happy wrapping!

  16. Love your videos, Jennifer! I almost never go to a movie without picking up some M&Ms! I’m a chocolate lover! M&Ms are great for all Candy lovers because of the amount of flavors they come in. And they’re great for someone like me who loves chocolate, but is not a big fan of the mint flavor. I also enjoy the crunchy shell. But sometimes I just like to suck on them until they melt in your mouth. I love the versatility of M&Ms! They are my go tocandy for movies and beyond. 🙂

  17. You did a wonderful job on all of the basket's! I just love all of them can't pick just one. Happy Holidays! Love from Maryland.

  18. At 4:36 she says that she will remove all the stuff that screams dollar tree and just imagine the person she gives it to watching this video 😂

  19. You shouldn’t use makeup or lotion products from dollar tree. They found rat feces in the Chinese factories it is made in.

  20. I LOVED the Cozy one! Those socks…LOVE LOVE LOVE those socks! Totally have ideas going for teacher gift baskets! THANKS Jennifer!! 🙂

  21. I have a lunch idea! Main meal- chicken fries, with ranch obviously. Vegetable- carrots with Italian dressing as a dip. ITS AMAZING. Fruit- strawberries and fruit dip. It’s just cream cheese, brown sugar and vanilla. You can find it on Pinterest easily if you wanna real recipe. For the sweet treat- mini cheese cake. My favorite is the turtle. for the snack, chicken in a biscuit crackers. For a drink- Apple juice! I love cats and am 19 am from Minnesota! I really hope you use my idea in an upcoming subscriber Sunday!! I love your videos

  22. Some of my favorite movie candy is M&M's, Skittles, and Whoppers. As for my favorite basket, honestly I can't choose one. They're all wonderful.

  23. I loved them all! I got some ideas now but I think my favourite was the spa day one, definitely gonna make one for my sister

  24. hey, bunches of lunches I would love if I could do a subscriber lunch one day just in case her are the things that I would love thank you I would have capsicum= veggie, mac and cheese= main course, Cheeto puffs = snack Oreos = treat sprite= drink fruit = watermelon. Please pick me I am also 11 and from Australia xx

  25. I think you should pack your kids lunch
    My 17 years old ,6yrs , 11 yrs , 9 yrs likes to eat for school lunch and my 17 year old is autisic

    Main meal: turkey sandwich ( turkey and bread and cheese)
    Vegetables: cup of green beans
    Fruit: peaches
    Snack: cracker

    Main meal: chicken Nuggets with BQQ
    Vegetables: Broccoli with ranch
    Fruit: oranges
    Snack: fruit snack

    Main meal: lunch able (cheese and ham and crackers)
    Vegetables: carrots with peanut butter
    Fruit: grapes
    Snack: yogurt

    Main meal: chicken patty sandwich
    Vegetables: tomatoes with ranch
    Fruit: pine apples
    Snack: free choice ( normal peanut butter cookies)

    Main meal : tortilla pizza with ( cheese,ham,pine apples)
    Vegetables: carrots with ranch
    Fruit: grapes with peanut butter
    Snack :yogurt

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