Christmas is looking beautiful here in hey guys, welcome to my channel My, name is ido and i’m today i’m going to be showing You, guys are doing for you, guys, christmas party hole so i went to dollar tree to become so few things i’m gonna, be needing for christmas and i decided to make it whole for you, guys um First i’m gonna. Be showing you guys is this table club, that’s right Looks, so beautiful and i like it He has a white green and red colors all mixed together and i think is very perfect for christmas so i got this size Which i know, you’re talkin, my table 1 table centimeters by 176 area so it doesn’t happen to my table The only, thing i got was from? Look, at this flower silver color i go the The gold color, okay? Okay i got the right okay So, like this and just know one it easy for the croatians, oh i don’t know anyhow that they i’m put them to use The other thing, that goes with this Head practice i want to use them to decorate my baby spin My guilts are in our babies, well whatever Yeah, yeah head, so i’m gonna, use this vodka this is honda because and you, look, so beautiful i love i love the color combinations green yellow, white and purple i got another one as, well Look, at this room yeah this one has all the hair pins with it and Also this Hair practice You know i think it looks so beautiful The only thing i got was a? Beautiful tree wait for this Look, at this tree Well i think it’s really, beautiful the shape, and everything the way it is you know I love this tree i’m totally in love with, this tree look at it what do you guys think about this 3d? You, think i want you in there when i’m feeling, about this tree please let, me know in the comment, box below This, race look beautiful i love the shape i love the way the idea and everything And i’m gonna be using it to serve candies Oh, yeah, wanna play love can is on the string on the christmas party night Say i’m gonna be a lazy moment that day i don’t want to wash or clean, oh you know Yeah, i got some disposable plates Okay, and it looks good really look at the snowman, what is candy i? Think, this is really cute You know this snowman, makes me smile because it’s, gonna be this body so i feel like an ally, love just plate That’s like that and The other, thing, goes with, this tree yep Yeah, it’s christmas green white green real, white green red. You know okay Then this tree is beautiful as, well? You, guys, let me know, what you like best? From a box below. I also got some straws i ran out of straw so i try to get this one? and the last one yeah All of these things i bought are from the dollar tree So three dozen about dollar tree dollar tree is taller basically sells It stores for one one dollar so all that they’re not showing. You guys, like, this, tree the place and everything i won $1 Each one dollar each so basically It’s not that What i spent it’s not at me i think spend so much So that’s right it i hope you, guys, enjoyed this video if you, like, this video give us a thumbs up share with Your friends or family and don’t forget to subscribe And if you, want to see more of this video let, me know in the comment, box below Thank you for watching and have a nice day


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  2. Absolutely beautiful…Oh wow and Christmas is around the corner. Lovely video sis..keep them coming!!!😍😍😍😍

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