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– Hi guys, it’s Jordan, and
today we are with my brother. – Ty from Jake and Ty! – And I have the hiccups. And today we are going to be doing the Christmas don’t choose
the wrong door challenge. So basically how this
challenge works is that there’s gonna be 10 doors in the
house that we can open. Behind five of the doors,
there’s good Christmas things, and behind the other five,
there’s bad Christmas things. So, you obviously want to
get the most good things. So we’re going to be going head to head to see who can get the
most good Christmas things. – So are we gonna be
like me, you, me, you? – Rock paper scissors to
see who goes first, ready? One two three go! No! Do you wanna go first or
do you want me to go first? – You go first. – Okay. I don’t know about this door. Actually I think this is
a good door because look, this is like a Christmas cheer door. We’ve got this right here. This is a little Christmas
tradition that we have. It’s a magical key because
sometimes Santa don’t wanna go through the chimney. And it also has bells, so. – Yeah, but.
– I think this is a good decorative door. – But there was two nutcrackers
that showed up out there, remember? – Oh, on ThatYouTubeFamily’s channel? That’s true, we did have two
nutcrackers show up outside of this door. So maybe it has a curse
on it, I don’t know. All right, let’s open it. I’m kinda nervous. (bells jingling) What is it? Oh! It’s a stocking, wow, okay! So it’s my stocking, look at that! All right, well, let’s
see what I got inside. (items rattling) Ooh, I got a Christmas treat. Aw! I don’t think I got a point ’cause look. This is the only thing
in my stocking, you guys. That’s coal. (Ty chuckles)
Okay so I got coal in my stocking so obviously
that’s a not-so-good Christmas surprise. So I guess zero points for me. (Ty whoops) No points for you either, you haven’t opened up a door yet. – Now who is it?
– It’s your turn, you get to go pick where you want to go, find a door. – No, I’m gonna open that door. – Back door? Ty is going for the back door. (bells jingling)
You got this, Ty. What is it? What is it? Whoa, look at this! Guys, come here! (suspenseful music)
Guys. Okay, we were just
talking about nutcrackers and now here is one, sitting
right outside this door. That’s honestly not a
good Christmas thing. Ty, you also have zero points
but that’s really creepy. You should not have picked that door. Gonna close this door now. (bells jingling)
No! Oh no, that was not very good. Okay, we need to move on. We need some good
Christmas cheer up in here because.
– We have none. – Yeah, we’ve gotten none so far. SO I’m gonna go downstairs because maybe we’ll have
more luck down there. Okay, I’m headed to this
door down the stairs because, I don’t know, I’m really
hoping that maybe the doors in the basement will
have like, I don’t know, some Christmas cheer. So let’s start with this door. Oh no, I’m so nervous. (Jordan gasps)
Oh my gosh! Look, he’s got ribbons! Oh my goodness! It’s Logan! Look, he’s got a bow, a Christmas bow! Oh, we get a puppy for
Christmas, come here! (Jordan giggles) Oh, he doesn’t like the bow. Hey, come here! We got a doggie! Okay, that’s Christmas cheer. Okay, I get one point, finally! Thank you Logan! – I think upstairs is still lucky. – [Jordan] Okay, let’s
keep looking around then. (Grinch growls)
(Ty and Jordan squeal) It’s the Grinch! – Upstairs not lucky. – Upstairs is not lucky, it’s not lucky! You got the Grinch, oh my gosh! – [Grinch] Don’t open my door! (Grinch cackles) – Oh no! Okay, so I have one point, Ty has zero. Oh my goodness, that was crazy. That scared me. – Did we open all the doors upstairs? – I don’t know. Is there gonna be even
one good one upstairs. – There’s possibly one? – Okay, let’s go look around and see. So I could open up this door, this door, not this door, ’cause Ty just opened that. This door, or this door. I kinda wanna go to this one, though, ’cause this one is unique. It slides versus opens. (Jordan gasps) Yes!
– Should’ve stayed upstairs. – Yes, yes, yes!
– Should’ve stayed upstairs. – I got a candy basket! Oh my goodness, look at this! – It’s a chocolate orange.
– Look at that! Candy bars. Oh, M&Ms, croutons? (Jordan laughs)
I love croutons! Ty, let’s share a crouton. Okay, we need to move on. All right, it’s Ty’s turn to choose now. Pick wisely. Have you gotten any points yet? – No. – No points! So you need to pick a good door. – Grinch is in here. – Yeah, you better not
open up that door again, because if you do, you’re
just gonna get the Grinch. (Ty screams)
– Ho ho ho! – Santa!
– Santa, santa! – Ho ho ho!
– Logan, come see Santa! It’s Santa. – Have you been a good boy?
– Mm-hmm. – Ho ho ho! Let me check my list. I think you might be on the naughty one! – What?
(Jordan laughs) – All right, you got a couple
more days to redeem yourself. Ho ho ho! – Wait, do you have anything
in your Santa sack for Ty? – Not yet, it’s not Christmas yet! – Wait, let me see, I
gotta check to make sure. To see if Ty gets a
Christmas point or not. Or are you on the naughty list,
Ty, this is the true test. (Jordan squeals)
– Ho ho ho. – He got a candy cane. He must be on the nice list?
– Have fun and good luck! Ho ho ho.
– Must be on the nice list. Okay, I say you get a point. (Ty whoops) Okay, you wanna open up this candy cane and see what flavor it is?
– Sure. – You know, this is Jordan’s
signature way of opening up candy canes. Are you ready, hold it like this. – Oh no, you’re gonna karate chop it. – Hi-ya! No, Ty, Ty! Lemme do it!
– No! – Okay, I’ll do it for you
then, I’ll do it for you. (Ty grunts)
(Jordan giggles) Just rip in in half now, hi-ya! That does not work, okay, thank you! – Okay. – Let’s flavor test, what is it? – Blueberry! – It’s probably blueberry,
I was like, cotton candy? Yeah, it’s probably blueberry. So Ty gets a point, and
I have one, two points? I have two?
– You have one. – Two points?
– Wait yeah. – No, ’cause of Logan–
– Two, oh yeah! – I have two, okay. So I’m still in the lead by a little bit. Phew, now it’s my turn. Okay, I need to pick a door. We’ve done these two plus the sliding one, there’s these two left, or I
could venture downstairs again. Let’s see. Let’s do the tap test.
(Jordan knocks on doors) That’s a different tap. (Jordan taps on doors) Okay, I’m going with this
one, this one sounds, I don’t know. This one sounds like it
might have something good, and this one sounds kind of hollow, so I’m gonna go with this one. Please be good, cross your fingers. (Jordan gasps) Yes!
– Wait, what does it say? What does it say? – I got, I’m guessing,
a Christmas wish list, or Santa’s nice list? Let’s see, let’s open up the list! All right, what is it, what’s my prize? (Jordan chuckles) Oh, list of chores. Okay, so, scrub the
toilets, vacuum the house, scrub the dishes, wash the
windows, clean the fridge, make the beds, pick up the
dog toys, mop the kitchen, do the laundry. Phew, that’s a lot. This is not good, so I’m
guessing I do not get a point. So no point for me. Sad face. All right, let’s move on. Ty, it’s your turn,
where are you gonna go? – Downstairs. – [Jordan] Downstairs, okay, let’s go! (Jordan singing “Silver Bells”) ♪ Ding dong dong dong ♪
♪ Ding dong dong dong ♪ ♪ Ding dong dong dong ♪ ♪ Ding dong dong dong ♪ ♪ My little pony with
a ding dong dong dong ♪ (Jordan giggling) – I don’t know the words to that song. Okay, let’s see, there’s
this closet right here, and then there’s a bunch of doors down over there.
– I’m going over here. – Okay, let’s go. Okay, so this is like
an intersection of doors down in the basement so we have a lot of options here. We have this lovely door.
– Well, I pick this one. – You have this lovely door. You have this lovely
closet or this lovely door at the end of the hall. – I choose this one! – You choose this one? What is it? (boy yells)
(Ty squeals) Silly string! – Yes! – Oh, Ty, you’ve just been silly-stringed! All right, that means it’s my turn. That was not a good surprise,
’cause now you’re all messy, you smell like silly string, sorry Ty. – True. – Okay, let’s see. There’s a lot of doors
to choose from down here. All right, so Ty opened up
that door so that’s eliminated. (Jordan buzzes) – [Ty] This one. – Closet door? Well, I would choose
this one, but you see, the problem is, there is no handle. – On this, you just go like this. – No, I’m not choosing this door. There is no handle so that
means it’s not a good sign. I should not open up that door. That’s my room. I don’t know,
I feel like they’d trick me and put something bad in there. – Do Audrey’s room!
– I’m gonna go into Audrey’s room! Let’s see. I’m so nervous, what if
there’s a person in there? – We could do the game closet. – Okay, I think it’s safe. (Jordan screams) (Dad singing) ♪ I’m singing ♪ ♪ I’m making it rain ♪ ♪ I’m singing ♪ ♪ I’m making it rain ♪ ♪ I’m making it rain on Christmas ♪ ♪ Of money ♪ ♪ Whoo ♪ – Thanks Buddy! Hey, Ty, this is my prize! It’s mine. Oh my goodness, that was
definitely a good surprise. There is Buddy the Elf
and he made it rain. Wow, that was a good surprise. Okay, I get a point. Wow. All right, we have one door left. I think it’s just that closet door, right? Okay, so game closet. (soft singing) We’re just
gonna leave Buddy to that. So let’s head this way, that’s
the door you wanna open, right Ty? Okay, let’s go. All right, I have no idea what
the points are looking like right now, so this could be a tiebreaker or this could just be like, I don’t know. – I think, actually, that I won. – You think that you won? I have no idea. Okay, well.
– Because remember you got– – The scores are right here, so. – You had Logan, then you got the candy. Then you, wait! No, you got two because, it was chores! – Okay, anyways, open your final door, Ty. Oh my goodness, you got a present! Oh, this is the perfect final round. Show them what it is. It’s a present, it’s like Christmas! Open up the present, let’s go. – Logan! – Oh, should we get Logan? Logan! He loves opening presents. Logan, wanna help open? Open the present! (Jordan giggles) He’s going at it. Get it Logan, get it get it! What is it? (Jordan gasps) Oh my goodness! Ty, do you know what this is? This, guys. Okay, this is a sneak peek of
some ThatYouTubeFamily merch. (Jordan squeals) Okay, this is definitely
a good Christmas surprise. – Hey, I won it! – No it’s mine, okay fine. I’m gonna have to wait till it
actually releases, aren’t I? To get one?
– Mm-hmm. – Aw man! Anyways, so you got a point. – Wait, we were tied.
– All right. We’re tied? Oh, maybe we’re tied, I dunno. All right, let’s do a
dance party in celebration! (playful dance music) Oh yeah, oh yeah, whoo whoo! Floss contest, three two one, go! Oh, I’m gonna slide. I’m gonna slide, floss it! (kids giggling) – Dab!
– Okay. (Jordan grunts) All right guys, that’s
it for today’s video. Thank you so much for watching. If you enjoyed please
give it a big thumbs up! Subscribe here from red to gray! And we’ll see you all next time. Bye!
– Bye! – Happy holidays!
– Merch! (playful music)

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