Dr. Janet Noel on Managing Pregnancies with Preexisting Conditions | Kaiser Permanente

>>Janet Noel, MD, Pediatric
Endocrinology, Kaiser Permanente:
– My name is Dr. J. Noel
and I’m a specialist in endocrinology with Kaiser Permanente. At Kaiser Permanente we
have an integrated system that is the best environment for a diabetic patient to navigate. We have an electronic medical record where they can contact us, we can contact the patient directly. We have health alerts that pop up regardless of which
department your visiting. If you’re due for an A1C blood test, if you’re due for a blood
pressure check the alert pops up. So no matter where you are, you’ll get the treatment that you need. So often times we have patients come to us thinking that they can’t have children because they have type one
diabetes and that’s not true. If they work with us and
we can get them started on a glucose sensor and
teach them how to use the insulin pump they can
have healthy pregnancies. I had a woman come to me at the age of 27, newly diagnosed with type one. And she had a very difficult time dealing with her diagnosis
because she didn’t expect that she would have to be on insulin injections so quickly. So to get her to engage
and accept her disease was very difficult in the beginning. We scheduled weekly visits, so we were very persistent in making sure we contacted her and she opened up to us. And she basically got pregnant, probably four months after her diagnosis, which is a huge feat. Her daughter is now, I
would say three years old. And, believe it or not, since then she has had another baby, a baby boy. So we have successfully walked her through two pregnancies and her
son is equally as healthy.

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