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hey guys! if you are new to my channel my name is Shawn and i have been in ministry for 11 years. in today’s 2 minute tip i will be giving you three christmas party game ideas for kids, youth, or adults. and make sure you stay to watch through the end of the video where I have a special announcement. bobbing for candy canes. what you will need for this game are lots and lots of candy canes. and each participant will hold a candy cane in their mouth and attempt to hook as many other candy canes as possible in 30 seconds. the winner is the one who hooks the most candy canes. chubby buddy. for this game you will need a bag of the big extra large marshmallows. like this. and this is a twist on the classic chubby bunny game. but instead of saying chubby “bunny” you will say chubby “buddy” like the elf from the elf movie buddy the elf. and the participants will shove as many marshmallows and around as possible and after each marshmallow they have to say chubby buddy. the person who is able to stuff the most marshmallows in their mouth without them falling out is the winner. make sure that you have a trashcan handy and some wet wipes. the best friends game. this is one of my favorite games from The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. in this game you will need a best friend’s box like this one. you will also need some index cards with some questions on them. and also a marker board like this. to play this game pick two participants. have them be either best friends in real life or a couple. have them sit opposite each other and take turns pulling an index card out of the best friends box and asking each other questions. for example: what is my favorite Christmas movie? i have put instructions to each game down in the description box below. it would be so nice if I could have a way of getting a PDF to you all. which leads me into my special announcement. so starting january first i will have my own website! in my blog i will be able to link you to pdfs and free downloads with extra content. i will also have a new blog post for every video going forward so that will have extra content and stuff. and that as well that i hope will be beneficial to you also. stay tuned for that coming january first. I’m so excited! if you like this video please give me a big thumbs up, share it with your friends, and don’t forget to subscribe. it would be an awesome christmas present if i could get my channel to 100 subscribers by christmas day. so if you haven’t yet subscribed and you have been enjoying the content on my channel please hit the subscribe button i would appreciate it very much. thanks so much for watching and I will see you in my next video. Merry Christmas! Bye! Hey guys. like was Christmas sweater? so this is my husband’s Christmas sweater that I’m gonna be wearing to the ugly Christmas sweater party and it’s huge it’s huge on me but I love it. it’s so ugly and festive.

14 thoughts on “Easy Christmas Games for Parties | Last Minute Ideas”

  1. Great games and I'm looking forward to your website! I tried doing that last year and it just didn't happen! 😩 Maybe you'll inspire me to try again!

  2. these are some awesome games i could play around with my family as well although im not a child anymore hahaha
    the marshmellow one was insane!! i stuffed soo much and when i giggled i had to spit it out; disgusting but funny and made a big laugh hahaha

  3. The marshmallow game is dangerous. It's been known that the marshmallows melt, slide down your throat and choke you. Please don't promote this game.

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