Eat Your Christmas Tree! Grow a Live Edible Xmas Tree

This is John Kohler with
Hohoho. Merry Christmas. Hey, Christmas is coming up soon, and if you guys are growing
your own food, I want to encourage you guys to grow some live Christmas trees, especially
edible ones, actually. What many people don’t know is that pine trees are actually edible.
You can eat the pine leaves. So, it would behoove you, and it’d be my recommendation,
you guys, that you guys get a live tree. So, you guys could get live trees and keep it
alive inside your house, use it as your Christmas tree, then plant it outdoors. Now, even better
than just getting a standard live tree that you can eat the pine needles, which I would
call a total famine food, although in Asia sometimes they just juice them for fun, you
want to get a valuable live tree. So, that’s 2 kinds like here. First kind is right here.
Check it out. It’s actually called the Italian stone pine. So, this is the pine tree that
actually makes those little pangolin nuts or pine nuts. Yes. So, if you live in the
right climate, you can grow a pine tree. It’s native to the Mediterranean environment and
you can buy these guys living. Now, if you can’t get the Italian stone pine, everybody
can get one of these. Check it out. This is the rosemary Christmas tree. So, this is a
bigger one, you know. It’s $42 and it’s shaped, you know, just like a little Christmas tree,
and it’s rosemary. So, you know, I would probably grow this out before I just started eating
it but rosemary’s edible, or better yet grow some rosemary and trim it all year ad then
bring it inside for Christmas and then once you’re done with the rosemary tree or herb
for Christmas, plant it outside and then actually you could start, you know, harvesting off
of it to feed you and your family some herbs. Hope you guys enjoyed this quick episode basically
sharing with you guys my take on Christmas tree. You want to get live ones. I mean, minimally
get a rosemary little hedge bush, use that as a Christmas tree or a real pine and plant
it out after you’re done. I think it’s really a waste of resources to just be clear cutting
all kinds of pine trees and other trees every year during Christmas and then basically people
use them and then most of them actually don’t even get composted afterwards. If you do choose
to buy a cut tree, I highly encourage you guys to chip it up and compost it on site
because, you know, most of them do not get composted in the end. I want to encourage
you guys always to, you know, reuse instead of recycle and a live tree makes a lot of
sense, especially one that’s a living tree that’s also edible like the Italian stone
pine or minimally the rosemary, which everybody could grow, and rosemary’s a plant that, you
know, is pretty much going to do well. Just don’t overwater it and you’ll be having a
rosemary hedge outside for life. Hope you guys enjoyed this quick episode. Once again,
my name is John Kohler with We’ll see you next time, and remember; keep
on growing.

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