EBU DG Noel Curran and UNOG Director-General sign Letter of Intent

(Applause) – I’d like to say a couple of words. Can I just welcome
Michael and his team here. This is a really important
relationship for us. I think, in fact the
relationship has deepened since Michael took over and we want to go another step further. And I think that’s what
this is about today. It’s about cooperation on a
range of different things. It’s about cementing that
important relationship for us and we have so many areas in common, I met the Undersecretary Alison Smale in New York, there two weeks ago. And we were just talking about this that, even though there will be differences of emphasis and differences of priorities, what we really share is values and particularly at this moment in time, the plan as Michael has
spoken about extensively, when there is such a
pressure on democracy itself and there are so many different forces pulling us in different directions, I think having that shared set of values, that values system and organizations that have a finding ways of
cooperating even further, I think is really important. So I wanna thank Michael
for all of his cooperation, I wanna thank all of the team and as I say this is just
another step forward for us, in what is a very important
relationship for us.

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