Elfie Christmas Box

okay so if you went to my website today
this is the project that I’ve shared for week three of the twelve weeks of
Halloween it will hold these little bath and Bodyworks anti-bacterial thingies
it’ll also hold some yummy candy it’s called the slide open box that’s what I
called it so we’re going to be making a holiday version tonight using Elfie and
it’s going to be pretty simple that one was jazzed up a little bit more but
tonight I’m keeping it simple so no special tools just a couple punches
tonight we’re using the thick whisper white cardstock so this measures six by
five and then another piece of the thick whisper white that measures 8 by 3 and
1/8 I love our thick whisper white cardstock so if you haven’t tried it you
should I’ve got a piece of cherry cobbler just to scrap for a punch a
piece of regular whisper white for our image and then the designer series paper
I’m using paper that’s in the annual catalog and not the holiday catalog oh
and I forgot to remind you those of you that need to redeem your coupon codes
don’t forget search your email box and find them okay that piece measures two
and seven eighths by one and three-quarters these two pieces measure
two and seven eighths by one and a quarter and these two measure one and
three-quarters by one and a quarter same measurements on the designer series
paper as the Halloween version okay I’m gonna get the trimmer the retired
trimmer and I’ve got my stylist here so I’m
going to open up the arm here I’m going to score it at 2 and 1/16
so the 1/16 is the teeny tiny mark after the two-inch so if anyone on here
doesn’t know about the sixteenths or is not familiar with it on this trimmer you
have 15 marks in between the 2 and the 3 on in between all of them so but in
between the 1 and the 2 and so on so if you count those lines then that’s how
you know that that’s 1/16 is it’s that one teeny tiny mark and then the bigger
lines are your eighths and so the first big line would be two and 1/8 but work
scoring at two and one sixteenths okay so teeny tiny mark next to the 1 and
then 3 and 9 16 so the 9/16 is the teeny tiny mark after the 3 and a half five
and five-eighths I didn’t even know about 16 until I
started paper crafting in my 30s so if you’re not familiar don’t feel bad
because it took me until I started paper crafting yes I was a terrible student if only my teachers could see me now no
I’m still a terrible student okay I’m gonna take the six by five piece and I’m
going to score it at one and a half inches on all four sides I just tell
everyone I was a late bloomer you know okay there we go so we’re done scoring okay I’m gonna get my bone folder out so
Paula asks do I have a video on eighths and sixteenths Paula I do and I will
send you a link to that I it’s in one of my Stampin basics videos my stamping
basics is a series of ten videos and it needs to be refilled because almost
everything I use in that video is retired but I’m waiting until we get a
new cutting system before I really film it because I want to cover everything
okay so I’m going to start with this one here and I’m going to cut up to the
score line and I will look back on the questions when I’m done assembling or
making the project okay so cut and then now I’m going to take
each of these tabs and cut part of it off and trim the inside edge and I’m
going to do that on all four tabs and I did post the template on my website
today I can’t remember what number it was I think it was box template eight
but don’t hold me to it I’m not sure this one doesn’t require any cutting
okay so we’re gonna place our tearing tape on these four tabs thanks Robyn I
tell everyone that that’s why I’m that’s why I’m good at teaching is because I
was such a poor was such a poor student I think only one teacher I ever had ever
really liked me and that’s okay I was a handful yeah and that was in my first grade
teacher okay so I’m just gonna flatten out that tear and tape and I’m gonna get
the take your pick tool okay and then bring up the walls okay on
this one don’t put your tearing tape on this
skinny side we normally do that but on this thoughts we’re actually going to
put it on the wider side okay and if you if you watch my video earlier
today then I’m basically repeating myself but if you didn’t watch it I’ll
explain why in just a second okay so I’m removing the tear and tape the backing
and then what I want to do is place this over the box fold this and you want to
make sure that you leave enough room so that you can slide this box open and you
know open if you get it too tight then you can’t open your box so you want to
leave about a sixteenth of an inch space okay and even leaving that much it’s
still it’s still pretty tight and look if you have a teeny tiny edge there that
still sticks out you can trim it off like a sliver so that will get in that
will um make it harder to slide as well okay cute right and again this will fit
in there the yummy chocolates will fit in there
lots of candy okay now let’s decorate this thing okay I’m gonna turn all these
over this year I am using granny apple green a lot on my Halloween and my
Christmas projects because I love it it goes really well with the Halloween
colors and it goes really well with Christmas – yeah it’s like a more
contemporary color okay so this one goes on top retro
girl okay now just two more pieces this morning I filmed the video that looks a
little lopsided it well it is a little lopsided but it’ll be okay
this morning I was filming my designer series paper chart video and it was
storming so bad I mean we have never had a pond in our backyard we live in the
city we had a pond in our backyard this
morning it was storming and raining so bad okay so here goes the stamp
Elfi again if anybody just arrived this is the stamp set I’m using available
September 4th I think I’ve shown y’all a lot of different products from the
holiday catalog there’s still a whole lot more yeah there’s a whole lot more I’m gonna use for stamp and blend
markers so this is the light petal pink for his face and hands light daffodil
delight for his hair dark cherry cobbler for the outfit in the Hat and then light
granny apple green okay so I’m gonna start with his hair I’m starting with
the easiest yeah so if y’all watched the designer series paper charts video
tomorrow that rumblin and I never even I never even mentioned it in my video I
just wanted so badly to get it done before we lost power we didn’t lose
power but I did turn off all my computers and unplug them I was so
afraid so his face and his hands with this
color and then I’m going to take the granny apple green and do the parts of
his sleeves and then his color and then dark cherry cobbler when I was in the
hospital around Christmas last year one of the nights that I was in there the
movie Santa Claus was on and so this just kind of made me think about made me
think about Santa Claus then I came home from the hospital and the other versions
were on so like the first and the third I think I don’t I don’t think that I
thought the third one was kind of not very good but maybe it was another one I
don’t know they all kind of run together okay I’m gonna be very careful about his
sleeve and this one okay I got it now we’re gonna cut this
out with the two inch circle punch oops and then we’re gonna add the snowfall
accents puff paint so I’m gonna get this little piece this white piece out again
when you first open this and I’ve used this now like four times and every time
I’ve done it when I initially go to use it like a bigger glob of it pops out it
didn’t that time so anyway just have a piece of scrap paper beside you and when
you go to use it just get started on a piece of scrap paper yeah so now I’m
gonna do the area well I just went out of the line that’s okay how’s that look mishap right there okay did I just get
it on his ear I don’t think so I’m gonna take the heat tool now okay so
my Dana my nail pot won’t let me finish heat setting this phone hold on one
second okay I’ll hold it up for you guys to see it okay so Dana my nail polish is
called peace and love and OPI and then they added the rainbow powder to the top
so they it’s jail so they did the gel polish and then they did the unicorn the
unicorn powder on the top it’s pretty isn’t it it’s different I figured it
would go with Christmas and Halloween okay so now we’re gonna take the cherry
cobbler with the starburst punch and then we’re gonna take this is again I
chose my colors because I had not used this ribbon and like a week and I’m like
I got to use this ribbon again people have got to know they got to order it on
September 4th because it’s so soft and beautiful so I’m going to tie a bow
and yes I could have used cherry cobbler paper I could have used the let it snow
designer series paper but I just wanted to use like different colors not in well
actually Green is traditional right okay there’s that bow so I’m gonna take my
liquid glue and add some to the back of this now I want to take wink of Stella
and add some shine to hopefully you can see that okay he’s gonna get popped up
isn’t it so cute it’s the stamps you know and the colors
I love the colors okay so this is gonna go just right on top and then we’ll add
that one with a glue dot I didn’t add any embellishments because of the pipe I
didn’t wanted well okay let’s see if I can tie this in a bow again with this
little short piece let’s see heck no that’s what happens sometimes
when you pick up the glue dot with with the ribbon it
um it comes undone that’s why sometimes I pick it up with my take your pick tool
that was a perfect example okay let’s try that again okay there we go okay we got glue right there
so again here’s how it opens and here’s the one I made this morning they look
identical pretty cute right so here’s the Halloween version that I made
earlier or I shared earlier today on my 12 weeks of Halloween so all I did was
change stamps ink and paper same project I actually really am enjoying making two
of the same project using I think I might have to do this again cuz it’s
been a lot of fun of course this is just week three maybe by week ten I might be
tired of it but not right now you guys have a great night and thank you

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  1. I'm happy that you are showing different Holiday version of the same holiday box!
    It helps in learning the process in making this box! Thanks

  2. Hi Angie, do you think this little Christmas box would be large enough to fit a gift card plus some candy. 💐

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